Innovation Week 2018 Hackathon Challenges Wanted

As part of Innovation Week I will be hosting an environment hackathon, in which students are divided into small groups and set a challenge based on a current challenge or issue in environmental science. The idea is to offer students a fairly broad challenge and then help to guide them to develop their own solutions based on the skill sets and interests they have.

Topic Areas

As our students cover the entire remit of NERC science, I am looking for a diverse set of challenges. The research themes our students are studying in are as follows:

  • Biodiversity & Ecology
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Evolution & Adaptation
  • Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes
  • Natural & Biological Hazards
  • Past Lives and Environments
  • Solid Earth Dynamics

What I am looking for:

  • Projects that allow the students to apply skills and ideas they are learning during Innovation Week (Entrepreneurship, Influencing Policy, Sustainability in Business, Research Impact Agenda)
  • Challenges that are current and real
  • Tasks that can be completed within ~2 days full-time work for a group of 4 – 5 students

Help during the week:

I am also looking for people available to join us during Innovation Week for the following jobs:

  • First group brainstorming session – I’m looking for one AP per group to help guide the students as they develop their ideas.
  • Free group session – I’m looking for one AP per group to help the students as they continue working on their projects.
  • Hackathon presentations – I’m looking for several APs to form a judges panel who will hear the group presentations on the Friday afternoon and help choose a winning project.

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