Our Research

Title PhD Student Institution 1st Supervisor Theme:
Understanding the dynamics of vegetation: delineating drivers of change within periods of abrupt sub-millennial climatic variability Ashley Abrook [1516] Ian Matthews Past Life and Environments
Cultural change and sustainability of subsistence hunting of long beaked echidnas and other large vertebrates in Papua Paul Barnes [1516] Katherine Homewood Biodiversity and Ecology
Using an Ecosystem Model to evaluate harvesting strategies and identify optimal use scenarios Tatsiana Barychka [1516] Georgina Mace Biodiversity and Ecology
Empirical and mechanistic approaches to understanding and projecting change in coastal marine communities Dan Bayley [1516] Andy Purvis Biodiversity and Ecology
Conservation of the White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in the face of invasive non-native species pressures Daniel Chadwick [1516] Carl Sayer Biodiversity and Ecology
Ectotherm diversity through time: the interplay of sampling biases, environmental drivers and macroevolution Terri Cleary [1516] Paul Barrett Past Life and Environments
Developing novel monitoring mechanisms to achieve adaptive management for enhanced environmental decision-making at multiple scales Anthony Dancer [1516] Kate Jones Biodiversity and Ecology
A mechanistic approach to understanding phenology and spatial redistribution of marine organisms Lowri Evans [1516] Andrew Hirst Biodiversity and Ecology
Space Invaders: Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Alien Species Thomas Evans [1516] Tim Blackburn Biodiversity and Ecology
Integrating GIS approaches with Geographic Profiling as a novel conservation tool Sally Faulkner [1516] Biodiversity and Ecology
A multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of crocodylian phylogeny, diversity and biogeographic history in Deep Time Sebastian Groh [1516] Paul Upchurch Past Life and Environments
Mapping the role of green natural infrastructure in flood mitigation to the world’s cities under climate change. Kelly Gunnell [1516] Rob Francis Biodiversity and Ecology
Ecosystem resilience to abrupt climatic and environmental change in Southern Siberia during the Late Quaternary Poppy Harding [1516] Anson Mackay Past Life and Environments
The palaeodietary and morphometric responses of Pleistocene spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta Erxleben, 1777) to environmental changes in Europe Angharad Jones [1516] Danielle Schreve Biodiversity and Ecology
Evolution and extinction in Miocene planktonic foraminiferal genus Paragloborotalia David King [1516] Bridget Wade Past Life and Environments
A interdisciplinary modelling approach to estimate the impact of the Columbian depopulation on climate and atmospheric CO2 Alexander Koch [1516] Chris Brierley Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Examining ecosystem function across urban London rivers to determine the success of restoration Anna Lavelle [1516] Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Coexistence with large carnivores in Spain Agnese Marino [1516] Sarah Durant Biodiversity and Ecology
Ecohydrology of temporary ponds: implications for conservation Sara Martins [1516] Helene Burningham Biodiversity and Ecology
Development of a novel model to quantify nitrous oxide emissions in the biological nutrient removal process of wastewater treatment plants Theoni Massara [1516] Evina Katsou Environmental Pollution
Exploring the effects of environmental contaminants on the epigenome and breast cancer development Phoebe Maund [1516] Elisabete Silva Environmental Pollution
The quality of the early hominin fossil record: implications for evolutionary analyses Simon Maxwell [1516] Philip Hopley Past Life and Environments
Quantifying rates of active extension and seismic hazard in the upper plate of subduction zones Marco Meschis [1516] Gerald Roberts Solid Earth Dynamics
The Ecological Impacts and Environmental Challenges of a New Invasive Species in UK Rivers: The Quagga Mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis). Daniel Mills [1516] Michael Chadwick Environmental Pollution
Identifying key threats and conservation priorities for the Critically Endangered Yangtze finless porpoise Lisa Mogensen [1516] Samuel Turvey Biodiversity and Ecology
Stable isotopes in small mammal dental carbonate: investigating their applications for reconstructing Quaternary climate variability in the UK Elizabeth Peneycad [1516] Ian Candy Past Life and Environments
Projecting climate change impacts for a tropical carnivore: from individual to species Daniella Rabaiotti [1516] Rosie Woodroffe Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating the ecological impacts of salinity change in coastal lakes & wetlands using lake sediments Lucy Roberts [1516] David Horne Past Life and Environments
Beyond Drosophila Melanogaster: a comparative approach to unravelling the genomic architecture of intralocus sexual conflict Filip Ruzicka [1516] Max Reuter Evolution and Adaptation
Assessing human impacts on groundwater resources in sub-saharan Africa David Seddon [1516] Richard Taylor Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Overcoming dry spells through low cost adaptations among small holder farmers in the Volta, assessing biophysical and social viability David Smedley [1516] Mark Mulligan Pan-disciplinary
Conduits of Invasive Aquatic Species into the UK: The Angling Route? Emily Smith [1516] Helen Bennion Biodiversity and Ecology
Using observed population trends to improve forecasts of the future impacts of environmental change on biodiversity Fiona Spooner [1516] Richard Pearson Biodiversity and Ecology
Forecasting Unrest and Eruption at Large Volcanic Calderas Alexander Steele [1516] Chris Kilburn Natural and Biological Hazards
Conservation planning for the recovery of the critically endangered Australian Regent honey eater Gemma Taylor [1516] John Ewen Biodiversity and Ecology
Human-wildlife co-occurrence: understanding the causes of vulnerability and resilience to human populations in the Anthropocene Judith Ament [1516] Chris Carbone Biodiversity and Ecology
Assessing the extent of semi-arid environments in Late Quaternary Eurasia using mammalian evidence: implications for understanding ecological and human responses to abrupt climate change. David Arnold [1516] Simon Blockley Past Life and Environments
Dimorphic fruits, seeds and seedlings in Aethionema arabicum as adaptation mechanisms to abiotic stress in unpredictable environments Waheed Arshad [1516] Gerhard Leubner Evolution and Adaptation
Evaluating transport of African mineral dust to the Amazon Basin Natalie Bakker [1516] Nick Drake Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Assessing the effects of habitat management practices on vocalizing animals using passive acoustic monitoring Richard Beason [1516] Julia Koricheva Biodiversity and Ecology
Designing Silvopastoral Systems For The Amazon: A Framework For The Evaluation Of Native Species Lucy Dablin [1516] Simon Lewis Biodiversity and Ecology
Using annually-resolved records to assess how the Baltic Ice Lake influences North Atlantic climate during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition. Rachel Devine [1516] Adrian Palmer Past Life and Environments
Anthropogenic impacts on African tropical lake benthic communities Christopher Doble [1516] Julia Day Biodiversity and Ecology
One or multiple ant queens? The genetic architectures underlying convergent evolution of a fundamental social trait Emeline Favreau [1516] Yannick Wurm Evolution and Adaptation
Sexual selection as a defence against meiotic drive in stalk-eyed flies Sam Finnegan [1516] Andrew Pomiankowski Evolution and Adaptation
Protecting the ocean’s meadows by increasing the protection of seagrass habitats through diversification of incentives Alix Green [1516] Peter Jones Pan-disciplinary
A model for human evolution in Europe Michael Hanks [1516] Maria Martinon-Torres Evolution and Adaptation
Using Bayesian Networks to investigate the role of Arctic change in the rise of extreme weather at mid-latitudes Nathanael Harwood [1516] Andrew Russell Past Life and Environments
Characterising the catchment effect on physical habitats in UK rivers Eleanore Heasley [1516] James Millington Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
The effect of strain-rate and fault curvature variability on seismic hazard: a comparison between high and low strain-rate rifts Francesco Iezzi [1516] Gerald Roberts Solid Earth Dynamics
A laboratory and field based study into the deformation of sandstone under hydrothermal conditions: implications for fluid flow within the crust Mark Jefferd [1516] Nicolas Brantut Solid Earth Dynamics
Exploring the roles and consequences of physiological tolerance and interspecific aggression in avian species replacement in tropical mountains. Samuel Jones [1516] Steve Portugal Biodiversity and Ecology
Prokaryotic dissolution of sulfide minerals Sarah Jones [1516] Karen Hudson-Edwards Pan-disciplinary
Waveform modelling of global seismic anisotropy and geodynamical implications Elodie Kendall [1516] Ana Ferreira Solid Earth Dynamics
Sexual selection and macroevolution Andrew Knapp [1516] David Hone Evolution and Adaptation
Towards improving thickness retrievals from CryoSat Isobel Lawrence [1516] Julienne Stroeve Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Automating geological hazard identification, magnitude and timing in New Zealand through 3D landscape reconstruction of high resolution satellite imagery. Niall Lehane [1516] James Brasington Natural and Biological Hazards
The contribution of managed ponds to avian diversity and abundance on farms in lowland England Jonathan Lewis [1516] Steve Brooks Biodiversity and Ecology
Habitat use and the consequences of variable environments on the endangered loggerhead sea turtles Emma Lockley [1516] Christophe Eizaguirre Environmental Pollution
Modelling complexity in coupled human natural systems. Mattia Ciro Mancini [1516] James Millington Pan-disciplinary
The role of gene expression in defining colony phenotypes in social insects Carlos Martinez Ruiz [1516] Richard Nichols Evolution and Adaptation
Constraining the influence of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies on the past, present and future behaviour of the Monte San Lorenzo Glaciers, Patagonia Julian Martin [1516] Bethan Davies Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Evolution and significance of fault damage structures on plate boundary faults: the southern San Andreas fault system Giles Ostermeijer [1516] Tom Mitchell Solid Earth Dynamics
Ecological correlates of reputation based systems of cooperation Sarah Peacey [1516] Ruth Mace Past Life and Environments
Nature of the link between tectonics and volcanism in the Centra and Southern Andes Rebecca Pearce [1516] Phil Meredith Solid Earth Dynamics
Burrowing snake evolution Filipa Sampaio [1516] David Gower Evolution and Adaptation
The Role of the Hydrothermal System in Unrest at Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy Lara Smale [1516] Stephen Edwards Natural and Biological Hazards
Eel fisheries from local to global: drivers of exploitation and prospects for sustainability Kristen Steele [1516] Caroline Garaway Biodiversity and Ecology
Ground-truthing the assumptions of climate change impacts on small island states by cross-referencing multiple methods Rory Walshe [1516] George Adamson Natural and Biological Hazards
Archaeological Human Remains from the River Thames and its London Deposits Nichola Arthur [1516] Heather Bonney Past Life and Environments
Sahara Dune Sands: Quantifying Celerity, Dust Production, and Provenance Thomas Baird [1516] Pieter Vermeesch Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Species integrity and gene flow in anthropomorphic Orchis species (Orchidaceae) Leif Bersweden [1516] Mike Fay Biodiversity and Ecology
The effects of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) on hydrology and nutrient dynamics in UK headwater streams Olly van Biervliet [1516] Julian Thompson Environmental Pollution
Auto-Sexual Behaviours in Primates: Evolution and Functions Matilda Brindle [1516] Volker Sommer Evolution and Adaptation
Understanding the impacts of environmental change on bat populations using acoustic monitoring methods Ella Browning [1516] Kate Jones Biodiversity and Ecology
Paleoceanographic context of organic matter deposition on the Yangtze Craton, South China during the Ediacaran Period Fuen Canadas [1516] Graham Shields Solid Earth Dynamics
Investigating the drivers and responses of climatic complexity during the Younger Dryas. Alice CarterChampion [1516] Ian Matthews Past Life and Environments
Chronologies and palaeoenvironments of humid phases in the western Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia over the past 0.5 Ma Richard ClarkWilson [1516] Simon Armitage Past Life and Environments
How does climate effect cetacean diversity? Evidence from the past and present Ellen Coombs [1516] Anjali Goswami Evolution and Adaptation
Abrupt climate changes during the last deglaciation and Holocene: pollen & biomarker analyses from the Portuguese Margin Anna Cutmore [1516] Chronis Tzedakis Past Life and Environments
Ecology of vector-borne disease threats to Galapagos avifauna Liam Fitzpatrick [1516] Andrew Cunningham Natural and Biological Hazards
Dynamic modelling of vector-borne disease transmission under current and future scenarios of global change. Lydia Franklinos [1516] Ibrahim Abubakar Natural and Biological Hazards
A sampled approach to assessing the spatial distribution of plant species traits across the continent of Africa and their interpretation using remotely sensed variables Tim Harris [1516] Mark Mulligan Biodiversity and Ecology
Trajectories of land cover change in semi-arid regions of East Africa and its impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Sarah Johnson [1516] Emma Tebbs Biodiversity and Ecology
Host-microbe interactions in wild vertebrate populations Adrienne Kerley [1516] China Hanson Evolution and Adaptation
Evolutionary biomechanics of the dinosaur hand Joao Leite [1516] Paul Barrett Evolution and Adaptation
Climate Change and Biomass Dynamics: Novel Methods in Extracting Forest Biophysical Properties. Harry Owen [1516] Emily Lines Pan-disciplinary
Contemporary Evolution of a Tropical Ectotherm in Response to Environmental Change Daniel Nicholson [1516] Rob Knell Evolution and Adaptation
Late Middle Miocene climatic and biotic evolution: a high resolution record from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1338 Paul Minton [1516] Bridget Wade Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Quantifying utility of conservation interventions for threatened species recovery: the future of seabird management Thalassa McMurdo Hamilton [1516] John Ewen Biodiversity and Ecology
Homo erectus behavioural and cognitive evolution at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania). A technological approach. Carmen Martin Ramos [1516] Sylvia Bello Past Life and Environments
Connecting science with policy for sustainable development of urban ecosystems Mikaël J. A. Maes [1516] Ben Milligan Biodiversity and Ecology
Sustainable fishing in Greenland: impact of deep-sea trawling on benthic ecosystems Stephen Long [1516] Chris Yesson Biodiversity and Ecology
Impacts of Climate Change induced displacement on Health and Social Indicators: a case study in sub-Saharan Africa Rebecca Parrish [1516] Ariana Zeka Natural and Biological Hazards
Plankton evolution and the Paleogene/Neogene transition Claire Marie Routledge [1516] Paul Bown Past Life and Environments
Understanding the tectono-magmatic relevance of transverse crustal faults in the Andes, Chile from seismicity and seismic imaging Almudena Sanchez de la Muela Garzon [1516] James Hammond Solid Earth Dynamics
Spatial and Temporal Modeling of Ecology and Disease Michael Stevens [1516] Biodiversity and Ecology
Structural controls on fluid pathways and alteration in the seismic cycle of economic deposits Rebecca Strachan [1516] Tom Mitchell Solid Earth Dynamics
Spatialising the interactions between people, animals, volcanic hazard and local perceptions and responses in Mexico – are there context-specific differences between urban and rural sites at risk from Popocatepetl volcano? Mihaiela Swift [1516] Amy Donovan Natural and Biological Hazards
Mechanisms and evolution of caste plasticity in a simple eusocial wasp Benjamin Taylor [1516] Seirian Sumner Evolution and Adaptation
The Late Pleistocene Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus, Linnaeus, 1758) of Britain and Western Europe: Past migrations, Seasonality and Palaeodiet Emily Wiesendanger [1516] Danielle Schreve Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating the Efficacy of Riparian Reserves for Maintaining Invertebrate Biodiversity in a Fragmented Tropical Landscape Joseph Williamson [1516] Stephen Rossiter Biodiversity and Ecology
Persistent Organic Pollutants: assessing the threat to cetaceans Rosie Williams [1516] Susan Jobling Biodiversity and Ecology
Can ocean bubbles help spread diseases? Bryn Saunders [1516] Beth Okamura Environmental Pollution
The utilisation of a sensory ecology approach to understand and address the problem of bird bycatch in fishing nets Jenny Cantlay [1516] Steve Portugal Biodiversity and Ecology
Reconstructing the evolution of extinct sloths from continental America and the Caribbean using ancient DNA Maria Zicos [1516] Laurent Frantz Past Life and Environments
Lacustrine oxygen-isotopes as tracers of past climate change in NW Europe. Joanna Tindall [1516] Jonathan Holmes Past Life and Environments
Linking Feeding Ecology and Population Dynamics in Sea Turtles: From Genes to Ecosystems Leila Fouda [1516] Christophe Eizaguirre Biodiversity and Ecology
Using Comparative Socio-Genomics to investigate the evolution of Sociality in the African Mole-rats James Gilbert [1516] Chris Faulkes Evolution and Adaptation
The genetics and evolution of sexual antagonism Michael Jardine [1516] Max Reuter Evolution and Adaptation
Using a mixed methods approach to determine status and threats to the Critically Endangered Philippine pangolin and inform conservation action in Palawan, Philippines. Lucy Archer [1516] Samuel Turvey Pan-disciplinary
Temporal and spatial distribution of microplastics in the sediments of UK rural and urban lakes Chiara Enrica Paola Bancone [1516] Neil Rose Environmental Pollution
Using GPR to investigate and characterise Tsunami Deposits. Lucy Buck [1516] Charlie Bristow Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Opportunities and challenges for managing European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus); a threatened UK species Georgina Fauconier (Collins) [1516] Alice Baynes Biodiversity and Ecology
Acoustic tracking of ocean wanderers: revealing behavioural context on the wing Aline da Silva Cerqueira [1516] Terry Dawson Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating climatic gradients across Britain during the Lateglacial Interstadial (GI-1) using chironomids and oxygen isotopes Chris Francis [1516] Ian Candy Past Life and Environments
Assessing impact of residential air purification on ambient living environments utilising enhanced optical particle sensors Stefan Gillot [1516] Benjamin Barratt Environmental Pollution
Machine learning tools for pattern recognition in polar climate science Will Gregory [1516] Michel Tsamados Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Application of eDNA approaches for surveying riverine communities: an assessment of the River Thames Jane Hallam [1516] Elizabeth Clare Biodiversity and Ecology
Facial morphology of Australopithecus afaransis: exploring intraspecific variation in human evolution Hester Hanegraef [1516] Fred Spoor Evolution and Adaptation
The influence of spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility: A case study in the East-Sikkim and Uttarakhand regions of India Renee Heijenk [1516] Bruce Malamud Natural and Biological Hazards
Elucidating Timescales of magma recharge and movement for the 2013 – present eruption at Colima Volcano, Mexico Gerallt Hughes [1516] Hilary Downes Solid Earth Dynamics
Monitoring degassing behaviour and eruption precursors at Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania Kate Laxton [1516] Adrian Jones Natural and Biological Hazards
Chambers, crystals and charges: quantifying crystallisation dynamics in lower crystal magma chambers Zoe Matthews [1516] Christina Manning Solid Earth Dynamics
Evolution of embryonic development in brood parasites Stephanie McClelland [1516] Franscisco Ubeda Evolution and Adaptation
The potential for trophic transfer of micro-plastics in Thames Estuary food chains Alexandra McGoran [1516] David Morritt Environmental Pollution
Optical properties of atmospheric aerosol using laser tweezers Megan McGrory [1516] Martin King Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Causes and consequences of global pollinator biodiversity change in the Anthropocene Joseph Millard [1516] Tim Newbold Biodiversity and Ecology
Understanding the socio-ecological impacts of banning trophy hunting in Botswana Helen Muller [1516] Marcus Rowcliffe Pan-disciplinary
Improving predictions of sea level rise under climate change, through modelling of the Pliocene Antarctic ice sheet Jamie O’Neill [1516] Tamsin Edwards Natural and Biological Hazards
Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi in crop protection Tara O’Neill [1516] Alan Gange Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating the mechanisms of viral evolution in a lethal wildlife pathogen Chris Owen [1516] Francois Balloux Natural and Biological Hazards
Extending the varve record for Central Patagonia: Assessing glacier dynamics and responses during the last deglaciation Josh Pike [1516] Adrian Palmer Past Life and Environments
The effects of the invasive Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) on native fish communities in the UK Eleri Pritchard [1516] Jan Axmacher Biodiversity and Ecology
Interpreting the ice dynamics and palaeogeography of the Ediacaran to Cambrian Luoquan Formation of North China Thomas Matthew Vandyk [1516] Bethan Davies Past Life and Environments
Intra-and inter-specific variation of skull morphology in Hominoidea Anna Westland [1516] Christophe Soligo Past Life and Environments
The environmental drivers influencing the movement networks and ecology of reef sharks in the British Indian Ocean Territory Michael J Williamson [1516] Emma Tebbs Biodiversity and Ecology
Protecting the unknown: Streamlining the Sampled Red List Index approach to assess trends of extinction risk in megadiverse groups Sergio Henriques [1516] Robin Freeman Biodiversity and Ecology
4-dimensional Evolution of Fault Zones Lucia Andreuttiova [1516] Pieter Vermeesch Solid Earth Dynamics
The Future of Alien Invasions: modelling the impact of rates of introduction, and introduction bias, on the richness and composition of alien assemblages. Angela Bartlett [1516] Jane Catford Pan-disciplinary
Environmental monitoring of medically and veterinary important freshwater snails and their trematode parasites Zikmund Bartonicek [1516] Bonnie Webster Natural and Biological Hazards
How environmentally-induced adaptation and migration events have shaped the DNA of worldwide human populations. Nancy Bird [1516] Garrett Hellenthal Evolution and Adaptation
Quantifying marine redox across the Triassic-Jurassic Mass extinction Andrew Bond [1516] Alex Dickson Past Life and Environments
The Genetic Architecture of Colour and the Evolution of Marine Colour Polymorphisms Hugh Carter [1516] Suzanne Williams Evolution and Adaptation
Comparing effects of tree species and tree genetic diversity on forest structure and ecosystem functions in Boreal Forests Amanda Cooper [1516] Julia Koricheva Biodiversity and Ecology
Comparative Ecology of African Tropical Forests Declan Cooper [1516] Simon Lewis Biodiversity and Ecology
Patagonian Ice Sheet deglaciation and palaeolake evolution in the Rio Cisnes-Ñirehuao-Toqui basins Chile (44-45°S) Emma-Louise Cooper [1516] Varyl Thorndycraft Past Life and Environments
Mechanisms and Evolution of Post- Reproductive Lifespan Owen Corbett [1516] Seirian Sumner Evolution and Adaptation
Variations in fault parameters and seismic hazard in the Central and Southern Italian Apennines Claudia Sgambato [1516] Joanna Faure Walker Solid Earth Dynamics
Bobby Elsigood [1516] Phil Meredith Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Molecular evolution and adaptation of ranavirus Charlotte Ford [1516] Richard Nichols Natural and Biological Hazards
Investigating shifts in magma dynamics of the Atitlán volcanic centre, Guatemala Finley Gilchrist [1516] Chiara Maria Petrone Solid Earth Dynamics
Uncovering how interactions between genome size, macronutrients and land use change contribute to shaping species distributions and ecology of the UK flora Marie C Henniges [1516] Ilia J Leitch Biodiversity and Ecology
The evolution of plant-associated lifestyles in the Ascomycota Rowena Hill [1516] Richard Buggs Evolution and Adaptation
Aotearoa New Zealand’s Tsunami Warning System: Considerations for Enhancing Hazard Communication and Response Rachel Hunt [1516] Mark Maslin Natural and Biological Hazards
The composition, structure and evolution of Mars’ core – Thermoelastic properties of the [Fe,Ni]3Si system Andrew Jamieson [1516] Lidunka Vočadlo Solid Earth Dynamics
Hydrological Impacts of Agricultural Land Abandonment in Nepal and Colombia Stefanie Kaupa [1516] Mark Mulligan Pan-disciplinary
Plio-Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy and biochronology Marcin Latas [1516] Bridget Wade Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Modelling and Measuring Snow on Arctic Sea-Ice Robbie Mallett [1516] Julienne Stroeve Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Why Do Eggs Fail? An investigation into hatching failure in managed wild and captive bird populations. Ashleigh Marshall [1516] Patricia Brekke Biodiversity and Ecology
Vulnerability to hydro-meteorological hazards: interactive mapping solutions and enhanced data analysis and visualisation. Jonathan Mille [1516] Stephen Edwards Natural and Biological Hazards
Spatiotemporal patterns of aquatic insect emergence and its impact on terrestrial communities across multiple spatial scales in tropical and temperate forests Liam Nash [1516] Pavel Kratina Biodiversity and Ecology
Pore Scale Characterisation and Assessment of Potential Subsurface Carbon Storage Reservoirs: A Digital Approach Ryan Payton [1516] Domenico Chiarella Environmental Pollution
Climate variability and human evolution: A perspective from palaeo-lake Naivasha, Kenya Cecile Porchier [1516] Mark Maslin Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
The evolutionary pathway and molecular mechanisms underpinning the evolution of social complexity in termites. Lewis Revely [1516] Paul Eggleton Evolution and Adaptation
Character of climate instability during warm periods: Investigations from Central Italy Carole Roberts [1516] Chronis Tzedakis Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Geospatial estimation of non-exhaust emissions using remote earth observation Annalisa Sheehan [1516] David Green Environmental Pollution
What are the environmental and biological factors conditioning current and historic changes in the aquatic plant communities of upland waterbodies in the United Kingdom? Ewan Shilland [1516] Iwan Jones Environmental Pollution
Evaluating the effect of temporal and spatial change in a species with temperature dependent sex determination: from primary to operational sex ratio Laura Sivess [1516] Gail Schofield Biodiversity and Ecology
Can boron isotopes be used as a palaeodietary proxy? Joe Sumesar-Rai [1516] Philip Hopley Past Life and Environments
Ultraviolet and Infrared absorption by the Ozone molecule Apoorva Upadhyay [1516] Jonathan Tennyson Environmental Pollution
Understanding lake ecosystem responses to natural and human stressors through the Holocene: a palaeolimnological approach Amy Walsh [1516] Alice Milner Past Life and Environments
Thermal structure of the northwest Atlantic during the Quaternary Jack Wharton [1516] David Thornalley Past Life and Environments
A Deep Learning Model for Global Camera Trap Labelling Benjamin Evans [1516] Allan Tucker Biodiversity and Ecology
Understanding melt distribution beneath volcanoes using experimental and seismic techniques Lauren Cox [1516] James Hammond Natural and Biological Hazards
Pathways for habitat restoration in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil: seeking co-benefits for biodiversity and local livelihoods Yara Shennan-Farpón [1516] Ken Norris Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Global seismic tomography using seismic wave amplitudes and resolvability of Earth structure using 3D geodynamic modelling Will Sturgeon [1516] Ana Ferreira Solid Earth Dynamics
Phylogeny, form and function of primate tarsal bones Nicole Barber [1516] Christophe Soligo Evolution and Adaptation
Understanding ecosystem wide behavioural responses to anthropogenic pressure Peggy Bevan [1516] Kate Jones Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
A comprehensive assessment of volcanic hazard and mitigation strategies at remote volcanoes: Manam, Papua New Guinea Adam Cotterill [1516] Emma Liu Natural and Biological Hazards
Using remote sensing tools to determine the drivers of foraging behaviour in marine predators, and predict shifts in habitat distribution under different climate scenarios Hannah Wood [1516] Emma Tebbs Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Layered alkaline igneous rocks and element enrichment processes Todd Downing [1516] Emma Humphreys-Williams Solid Earth Dynamics
Molecular diagnostics for pollinator health Alicja Witwicka [1516] Yannick Wurm Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Hedgehogs in greater London: Viability of fragmented populations in urban environments Jessica Turner [1516] Chris Carbone Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
The origins of the genetic code in protocells Aaron Halpern [1516] Nick Lane Past Life and Environments
High Pressure and Temperature Crystallography of Mantle Silicates Evangelia K. Tripoliti [1516] Andrew Thomson Solid Earth Dynamics
Extending coupled crypototephra and paleoclimatic analysis of marine cores to the Eastern Mediterranean over the last ~200ka Naima Harman [1516] Simon Blockley Past Life and Environments
What controls phenotypic and genetic diversity? Case studies with amphibians Miranda Sherlock [1516] Mark Wilkinson Evolution and Adaptation
Challenges and Opportunities for Transboundary Conservation of Amur tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in North-East Asia Joshua Elves-Powell [1516] Sarah Durant Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Paleoecological Approach to assist conservation at the Catchment Scale Tahir Khanzada [1516] Helen Bennion Past Life and Environments
Genetic adaptation and demography of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Harrison Ostridge [1516] Aida Andres Evolution and Adaptation
Plant conservation in Colombia: Integrating ecological approaches and local knowledge for the protection of useful plant species Laura Kor [1516] Terry Dawson Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Marine community dynamics of megafauna species across space and time Stuart Negus [1516] Gail Schofield Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
A socio-ecological approach to understanding the footprint on tropical coral reef biodiversity Jason Lynch [1516] Peter Jones Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Investigating the cause and the structure of abrupt climate change events in Marina Oxygen Isotope stage 11 Daniel Parkes [1516] Ian Candy Past Life and Environments
Assessing the Risk of Insecticide Formulations to Wild Bees: Are Co-Formulants “Inert” or Threat Amplifiers? Guy Mercer [1516] Peter Thorpe Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Novel High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Mapping of Vegetation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Structure from Motion Photogrammetry (SfM). Will Flynn [1516] Alex Henshaw Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Investigating key parameters and magnatic interaction in volcanic flank collapse Lily Moore [1516] Hilary Downes Solid Earth Dynamics
Protected areas Chloë Alexia Metcalfe [1516] Tim Newbold Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Inter- and intra-specific plasticity in response to local and induced environments in Bathyergid mole-rats Hana Merchant [1516] Steve Portugal Evolution and Adaptation
Evaluating ecological assembly rules for aquatic-terrestrial transition zones. Luis Moliner Cachazo [1516] Michael Chadwick Past Life and Environments
The behaviour of the economically important elements during crustal processes and volcanic degassing in a continental arc setting. Clara Matthews Torres [1516] Eleanor Jennings Solid Earth Dynamics
The response of the Antarctic ice sheet to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal Mira Adhikari [1516] Tamsin Edwards Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Sex, success, and resisting extinction: the genetic basis and fitness effects of meiotic drive in two species of the Malaysian stalk-eyed fly. Sasha Bradshaw [1516] Andrew Pomiankowski Evolution and Adaptation
The drivers and impacts of water resource changes across the East African Rift System Aidan Byrne [1516] Ken Norris Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Assessing Antillean manatee trophic ecology, habitat and survival status in Northern Brazil Emma Deeks [1516] Pavel Kratina Evolution and Adaptation
Enhancing overland flow tsunami modelling across urban topography with novel statistical emulation Jack Dignan [1516] Serge Guillas Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Structure and function of insect communities in Congolese peat swamp forest Charlie Hackforth [1516] Jan Axmacher Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Dietary flexibility, niche differentiation and ecological resilience in the Quaternary Cervidae Laura Hemmingham [1516] Danielle Schreve Past Life and Environments
A shifting jet stream in a changing climate. Exploring the response of the polar jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere to various climate futures. Thomas Keel [1516] Chris Brierley Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
The evolution of culture in heterogenous social networks. Simon Kenworthy [1516] Alecia Carter Evolution and Adaptation
The importance of urban burial grounds for biodiversity Zosia Ladds [1516] Rob Francis Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Dinosaur biogeography and the implications of fossil record bias Robert I. Mansergh [1516] Paul Upchurch Past Life and Environments
The spatial ecology of the Critically Endangered Angelshark (Squatina squatina) and implications for conservation Lucy Mead [1516] Adam Piper Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Integrating fossils and genomes to rebuild the mammal phylogenetic tree Joseph Minus [1516] Mario dos Reis Past Life and Environments
CryoSat-2 radar penetration over Arctic sea ice Carmen Nab [1516] Michel Tsamados Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Investigating Biological Insurance: Identifying the use of bet-hedging as an evolutionary strategy to adapt to unpredictable and rapidly fluctuating environmental conditions. Michael O’Leary [1516] Duncan Greig Evolution and Adaptation
Kinetic instabilities and turbulence in the solar wind and magnetosheath: Space-weather impact on magnetosphere – ionosphere – thermosphere coupling Simon Opie [1516] Daniel Verscharen Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Bringing back the burbot via hydrological rewildling Reagan Pearce [1516] Carl Sayer Environmental Hazards and Pollution
The impact of plastic pollution in the Indian Ocean on filter-feeding megafauna, particularly reef manta rays (Mobula alfredi) Jessica Savage [1516] David Morritt Biodiversity and Ecology
Predicting the response of endangered sea turtles to a changing climate Samuel Shrimpton [1516] Axel Rossberg Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
The Influence of Surface Processes on Continental Deformation: Extension and Erosion in the Basin and Range Adam Smith [1516] Andrew Carter Solid Earth Dynamics
Investigating the Density of a Chondritic Melt Under High Pressure, and Implications for Earth Formation Isaac Taschimowitz [1516] John Brodholt Solid Earth Dynamics
An eDNA toolkit for the surveillance of wildlife pathogens in traded and wild amphibians Joseph Trafford [1516] Trent Garner Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Morphological and functional evolution of the tetrapod jaw: a 3D perspective Emily Watt [1516] Anjali Goswami Past Life and Environments
Using genomics to investigate the adaptive potential of sea turtles in a warming world Eugenie (Charley) Yen [1516] Christophe Eizaguirre Evolution and Adaptation
Hyperspectral and Thermal Remote Sensing of Landscape Fire Properties Farrer Owsley-Brown [1516] Martin Wooster Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Effects of environmental pollution on Molluscan endocrinology Konstantinos Panagiotidis [1516] Alice Baynes Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Multiproxy reconstruction of NE Irish Ice Sheet dynamics during the Late Glacial Alex Clark [1516] Bethan Davies Past Life and Environments
Understanding generalism and specialism in parasitoid wasps: an evolutionary, genomic and behavioural perspective Iona Cunningham-Eurich [1516] Gavin Broad Evolution and Adaptation
The Impact of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation on Intermediate and Deep Ocean Circulation Friso De Graaf [1516] Heather Ford Past Life and Environments
Could high-latitude solar geoengineering refreeze the Arctic? Alistair Duffey [1516] Peter Irvine Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Environmental Assessment of Chemical Contamination from Abandoned Coal and Mineral Mines: A multidisciplinary approach Ushemegbe Rita Ekhareafo [1516] Rakesh Kanda Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Dynamics of flocking in birds: the role of individual recognition and social learning Robin Mehlhausen-Franks [1516] Steve Portugal Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Investigating the chronic impacts of urban air quality on the brain using wild grey squirrels as sentinels for urban wildlife Cheryl Heard [1516] Patricia Brekke Environmental Hazards and Pollution
The role of tectonics and environment on the distribution of dinosaur diversity Joel Heath [1516] Philip Mannion Evolution and Adaptation
Geographic profiling the invasion of alpine newts and the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Rachel Hester [1516] Jim Labisko Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
The AMOC and past abrupt climate change: new views on an old paradigm. Zarina Hewett [1516] David Thornalley Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
How do anthropogenic threats reorganise insect communities? Justin Isip [1516] Andy Purvis Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Novel ecosystems and the ecology of recovery; investigating community dynamics in introduced populations Emily Jordan [1516] David Murrell Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Influence of environmental change on water quality and the risks of toxic algal blooms to wildlife in Africa Davide Lomeo [1516] Emma Tebbs Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Rewilding Scotland: Reconciling biodiversity conservation with ecosystem services provision Connor Lovell [1516] Terry Dawson Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Using modern and fossil distribution data of the Dhole (Cuon alpinus, Pallas 1811) to assess niche variation, distribution dynamics and future conservation actions Mollie Mills [1516] Simon Blockley Past Life and Environments
Understanding the consequences of population bottlenecks and long-term captivity on the phenotype and recovery potential of extinct-in-the-wild and translocated bird species. Matthew Mitchell [1516] Ryan Felice Evolution and Adaptation
Improving the Understanding of Fault Mechanics A Seismic Study in Central Greece Sam Mitchell [1516] Gerald Roberts Solid Earth Dynamics
Investigating the Arctic sea ice snowpack and modelling its interaction with microwave radiation Connor Nelson [1516] Julienne Stroeve Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Microbial life and activity in Arctic endolithic habitats Sonia Papadaki [1516] James Bradley Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Dynamics of Endosymbiosis Aidan Pierce [1516] Nick Lane Evolution and Adaptation
Comparative Conservation Genomics of an Endangered Cooperative Breeder: The African Wild Dog Amelia Ramage [1516] Rosie Woodroffe Evolution and Adaptation
Towards an understanding of the Proterozoic seawater carbon isotope curve. Elias Rugen [1516] Graham Shields Past Life and Environments
Assessing Sediment Budgets in the UK through Remote Sensing Analysis and Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Sediment Flux Owen James [1516] Daniel Schillereff Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Ecological baselines, biodiversity conservation and human-wildlife co-existence – opportunities and insights from natural history collections Elizabeth Downey [1516] Lauren Hughes Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
A systems thinking approach to investigating the environmental sustainability and finding solutions for single-use plastic and polystyrene waste from fishers in Indonesia. Larisha Apete [1516] Eleni Iacovidou Environmental Hazards and Pollution
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Testing the interactions between chemical weathering and glaciation cycles using novel isotope tracers. Katie Brown [1516] David Wilson Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
From Earth to Europa: An Investigation into Sulphur-Ice Environments. Jessica Caughtry [1516] Louisa Preston Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Glacier and Hydrological Response to Climate Change in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal Benjamin Graves [1516] Tom Matthews Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
How mitonuclear co-evolution impacts population adaptation in admixing and introgressing populations through time. Finley Grover-Thomas [1516] Florencia Camus Evolution and Adaptation
Evaluating the role of microplastics as a vector in metal cycling within the Thames Estuary Ashraf Khan [1516] Susan Little Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Diatoms in microbial mats from Signy Island Shajeda Khanom [1516] Helen Bennion Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Early evolutionary history of the Dinosauria. Jack Lovegrove [1516] Paul Barrett Past Life and Environments
Humpback Whales of the Pitcairn Islands Katherine McCoy [1516] Michael Chadwick Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Evolutionary ecology of guppies (Poecilia reticulata) in oil-polluted waters in Trinidad. Hannah McGovern [1516] Rüdiger Riesch Evolution and Adaptation
Evolution to the rescue? Understanding the evolution of plant behaviour in response to rapid environmental change. Hayley McMechan [1516] Jon Bridle Evolution and Adaptation
Animals as geomorphic agents in landscape rewilding. Grace Moore [1516] Gemma Harvey Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Implications of variable initial water content for mobilising magmatic metals in arc volcanoes Wasim Mustafa [1516] Emma Liu Solid Earth Dynamics
Investigating the role of AMOC in intra-interglacial climate variability Eirini Papachristopoulou [1516] Chronis Tzedakis Past Life and Environments
Air Quality Monitoring on the London Underground: Developing new Understanding of Particulate Matter Variability and Supporting Mitigation Strategies. Johanna Rehbein [1516] Andrew Russell Environmental Hazards and Pollution
High Latitude Peatland Fires and their Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Luke Richardson-foulger [1516] Martin Wooster Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Understanding and predicting the consequences of pollinator and predatory insect declines for global agriculture. Daan Scheepens [1516] Tim Newbold Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Extending coexistence theory to predict impact of plant invasions on biodiversity. Jonathan Sutton [1516] Jane Catford Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Exploring genomic history and adaptive selection in a post-medieval population from Spitalfields, London, using ancient DNA. Alexandra Strang [1516] Selina Brace Past Life and Environments
Investigating the role of larval behavioural ecology in the conservation of an endangered amphibian Eleanor Tinsley [1516] Trent Garner Evolution and Adaptation
Identifying factors affecting the distributions of large marine vertebrates in coastal areas to predict current and future distributions. Frederick Wilkinson [1516] Gail Schofield Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Atmospheric modelling of tidally-locked exoplanets Hannah Woodward [1516] Andrew Rushby Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Idris Adams [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Alice Lily Armstrong [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Alessia Barbieri [1516] Solid Earth Dynamics
Alexander Davidson [1516] Evolution and Adaptation
Eleanor Gascoyne [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Philippa Goh [1516] Past Life and Environments
Harry Grosvenor [1516] Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Amelia Hankinson-Wake [1516] Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Thomas Hoseason [1516] Solid Earth Dynamics
Nikolet Kostur [1516] Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Ruohan Liu [1516] Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Sachin Bhardwaj Lock [1516] Past Life and Environments
Richard Lowther [1516] Past Life and Environments
Vikram Malhi [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
James McDermott [1516] Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling
Robyn Mottram [1516] Solid Earth Dynamics
Emma Murphy [1516] Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Siri Olsen [1516] Evolution and Adaptation
Jennifer Panitz [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Anna Pazola [1516] Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Alastair Pickering [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Brittany Pugh [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Amara Reed [1516] Past Life and Environments
Abigail Robinson [1516] Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Bethany Stacey [1516] Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Jennifer Stewart [1516] Evolution and Adaptation
Rachel Timbs [1516] Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
William Webb [1516] Past Life and Environments
Cameron White-Spunner [1516] Evolution and Adaptation
Guilherme Castro [1516] Cristina Garcia Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Wendy Areiza [1516] Environmental Hazards and Pollution

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