Student Award Awarding Organisation Year
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Best Conference Poster Prize Joint DTP Conference 2022
Reagan Pearce Postgraduate Writing Award ECOS 2023
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Travel grant The Malacological Society of London 2023
Konstantinos Panagiotidis 3-Minute-Thesis (2nd Prize) Brunel University London 2023
Jack Dignan Student Travel Award Society of Industrial and Applied Mathemetics 2023
Adam Cotterill Geoff Brown Prize Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group 2021
Eleanor Tinsley Best First Year Talk GEE 2023
Jessica Savage Best First Year Talk of Ecology, Evolution and Biology group at the Royal Holloway Postgraduate Symposium Royal Holloway University of London 2022
Samuel Shrimpton Centre for Public Engagement Large Grants Queen Marys University of London 2021
Aaron Halpern UCL GEE Science communication prize 2021
Harrison Ostridge Best Twitter Flash Talk Popgroup 55 conference – the genetics society 2022
Konstantinos Panagiotidis 1st prize (Poster category) Brunel University London 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell BES Public Engagement and Science Communication Awards 2021 – Highly Commended British Ecological Society 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Capturing Ecology 2021 – Ecology in Action, Student Winner British Ecological Society 2021
Tara O’Neill Royal Holloway Doctoral School Virtual Conference Third Place Poster Competition Royal Holloway Doctoral School 2021
Laura Kor Plant Science Story Global Plant Council 2021
Ashleigh Marshall GEE PGR Summer Event – Heat 1 Prize UCL 2021
Sebastian Groh MAPS Faculty Award for Excellency in Teaching UCL Maps Faculty 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell The Explorers Club 50 The Explorers 50 2021
Thomas Baird MAPS Education Award MAPS – University College London 2020
Thomas Baird PGTA Faculty Education Award MAPS – University College London 2019
Hester Hanegraef 1st place judges vote for best Pecha Kucha student presentation ESHE Conference 2020
Hester Hanegraef 1st place judges vote for best oral presentation NHM Student Conference 2020
Hester Hanegraef 3rd place public vote for best poster Dynamic Earth: The Joint DTP Conference 2019
Tara O’Neill Royal Holloway Doctoral School Virtual Conference Best Poster Royal Holloway Doctoral School 2020
Michael J Williamson DTP Conference Student Presentation NERC DTP 2019
Liam Nash Runner Up Best Talk ZSL IOZ Student Conference ZSL 2019
Ryan Payton Best Second Year RHUL Earth Sciences Annual Seminar Presentation RHUL 2020
Alexandra McGoran 1st Place NHM student conference Sci Art NHM 2020
Stephen Long Outreach and Engagement Award – New Researcher Royal Society of Biology 2019
Josh Pike EPICA Descartes Prize European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) 2019
Josh Pike INQUA Dublin 2019 conference grant Quaternary Research Association 2019
Adrienne Kerley 2nd Place Public Choice Talk Dynamic Earth Conference 2019
Thomas Baird Best Student Presentation 10th International Conference of Aeolian Research (ICARX) 2018
Alexandra McGoran NHM Student Conference best oral presentation NHM 2019
Alexandra McGoran Linnean Society Student Conference – Judge’s vote for best oral presentation Linnean Society 2019
Alexandra McGoran Dynamic Earth – 3rd place oral presentation day 2 – judges NERC – Dynamic Earth Joint DTP Conference 2019 2019
Tara O’Neill Best poster NERC Doctoral Training programme 2018
Tara O’Neill Best student poster Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2018
Tara O’Neill Best talk Royal Holloway 2019
Tara O’Neill 3 Minute Thesis Royal Holloway 2019
Liam Fitzpatrick Best poster award – second place Dynamic Earth Conference committee 2019
Kate Laxton Poster Prize – Popular Vote Dynamic Earth DTP Committee 2019
Annalisa Sheehan Judges 1st Poster Prize Dynamic Earth The Joint DTP Conference 2019
Rowena Hill Engaging Sustainability – Joint DTP Conference 2020 2020
Georgina Fauconier (Collins) Third Prize Poster Winner Brunel University London 2018
Stephen Long Dynamic Earth: The Joint DTP Conference – Photo Competition Dynamic Earth Conference Committee 2019
Ryan Payton Best First Year RHUL Earth Sciences Annual Seminar Presentation RHUL 2019
Stephen Long Institute of Zoology Annual Student Conference, award for oral presentation Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London 2018
Josh Pike INTIMATE Example Summer School Attendance grant INTIMATE 2018

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