CASE Studentships

Title PhD Student Institution CASE Partner Theme:
Using an Ecosystem Model to evaluate harvesting strategies and identify optimal use scenarios Tatsiana Barychka UCL Microsoft Research Biodiversity and Ecology
Empirical and mechanistic approaches to understanding and projecting change in coastal marine communities Dan Bayley NHM Zoological Society of London Biodiversity and Ecology
Mapping the role of green natural infrastructure in flood mitigation to the world’s cities under climate change. Kelly Gunnell KCL Conservation International Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating the ecological impacts of salinity change in coastal lakes & wetlands using lake sediments Lucy Roberts QMUL Broads Authority Past Life and Environments
Conduits of Invasive Aquatic Species into the UK: The Angling Route? Emily Smith UCL The Angling Trust Biodiversity and Ecology
Protecting the ocean’s meadows by increasing the protection of seagrass habitats through diversification of incentives Alix Green UCL Natural England Pan-disciplinary
The contribution of managed ponds to avian diversity and abundance on farms in lowland England Jonathan Lewis NHM Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Biodiversity and Ecology
The effects of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) on hydrology and nutrient dynamics in UK headwater streams Olly van Biervliet UCL Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Environmental Pollution
Trajectories of land cover change in semi-arid regions of East Africa and its impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Sarah Johnson KCL Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International Biodiversity and Ecology
Structural controls on fluid pathways and alteration in the seismic cycle of economic deposits Rebecca Strachan UCL Anglo American Services UK Solid Earth Dynamics
The utilisation of a sensory ecology approach to understand and address the problem of bird bycatch in fishing nets Jenny Cantlay RHUL The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Biodiversity and Ecology
Using a mixed methods approach to determine status and threats to the Critically Endangered Philippine pangolin and inform conservation action in Palawan, Philippines. Lucy Archer IOZ ZSL Philippines Pan-disciplinary
Assessing impact of residential air purification on ambient living environments utilising enhanced optical particle sensors Stefan Gillot KCL Dyson Technology Ltd Environmental Pollution
The influence of spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility: A case study in the East-Sikkim and Uttarakhand regions of India Renee Heijenk KCL British Geological Survey Natural and Biological Hazards
The potential for trophic transfer of micro-plastics in Thames Estuary food chains Alexandra McGoran RHUL Fishmongers’ Company Environmental Pollution
Optical properties of atmospheric aerosol using laser tweezers Megan McGrory RHUL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Causes and consequences of global pollinator biodiversity change in the Anthropocene Joseph Millard UCL The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Biodiversity and Ecology
Understanding the socio-ecological impacts of banning trophy hunting in Botswana Helen Muller IOZ International Institute for Environment and Development Pan-disciplinary
Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi in crop protection Tara O’Neill RHUL Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International Biodiversity and Ecology
Investigating the mechanisms of viral evolution in a lethal wildlife pathogen Chris Owen UCL Zoological Society of London Natural and Biological Hazards
Why Do Eggs Fail? An investigation into hatching failure in managed wild and captive bird populations. Ashleigh Marshall IOZ ZSL Bird Collection Biodiversity and Ecology
Pore Scale Characterisation and Assessment of Potential Subsurface Carbon Storage Reservoirs: A Digital Approach Ryan Payton RHUL British Geological Survey Environmental Pollution
What are the environmental and biological factors conditioning current and historic changes in the aquatic plant communities of upland waterbodies in the United Kingdom? Ewan Shilland QMUL NatureScot Environmental Pollution
Pathways for habitat restoration in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil: seeking co-benefits for biodiversity and local livelihoods Yara Shennan-Farpón IOZ International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Protected areas Chloë Alexia Metcalfe UCL World Conservation Monitoring Center Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Data assimilation of satellite snow thickness products in the Arctic Ocean Carmen Nab UCL Met Office Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Bringing back the burbot via hydrological rewildling Reagan Pearce UCL Norfolk Rivers Trust Environmental Hazards and Pollution
The impact of plastic pollution in the Indian Ocean on filter-feeding megafauna, particularly reef manta rays (Mobula alfredi) Jessica Savage RHUL Zoological Society of London Biodiversity and Ecology
Effects of environmental pollution on Molluscan endocrinology Konstantinos Panagiotidis Brunel Scymaris Environmental Hazards and Pollution
Multiproxy reconstruction of NE Irish Ice Sheet dynamics during the Late Glacial Alex Clark RHUL British Geological Survey Past Life and Environments
Influence of environmental change on water quality and the risks of toxic algal blooms to wildlife in Africa Davide Lomeo KCL Plymouth Marine Laboratory Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes
Rewilding Scotland: Reconciling biodiversity conservation with ecosystem services provision Connor Lovell KCL The British Deer Society Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

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