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Name PhD Title Theme Start Year
Ashley Abrook Understanding the dynamics of vegetation: delineating drivers of change within periods of abrupt sub-millennial climatic variability Past Life and Environments [1506]
Paul Barnes Cultural change and sustainability of subsistence hunting of long beaked echidnas and other large vertebrates in Papua Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Tatsiana Barychka Using an Ecosystem Model to evaluate harvesting strategies and identify optimal use scenarios Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Dan Bayley Empirical and mechanistic approaches to understanding and projecting change in coastal marine communities Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Daniel Chadwick Conservation of the White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in the face of invasive non-native species pressures Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Terri Cleary Ectotherm diversity through time: the interplay of sampling biases, environmental drivers and macroevolution Past Life and Environments [1506]
Anthony Dancer Developing novel monitoring mechanisms to achieve adaptive management for enhanced environmental decision-making at multiple scales Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Lowri Evans A mechanistic approach to understanding phenology and spatial redistribution of marine organisms Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Thomas Evans Space Invaders: Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Alien Species Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sally Faulkner Integrating GIS approaches with Geographic Profiling as a novel conservation tool Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sebastian Groh A multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of crocodylian phylogeny, diversity and biogeographic history in Deep Time Past Life and Environments [1506]
Kelly Gunnell Mapping the role of green natural infrastructure in flood mitigation to the world’s cities under climate change. Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Poppy Harding Ecosystem resilience to abrupt climatic and environmental change in Southern Siberia during the Late Quaternary Past Life and Environments [1506]
Angharad Jones The palaeodietary and morphometric responses of Pleistocene spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta Erxleben, 1777) to environmental changes in Europe Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
David King Evolution and extinction in Miocene planktonic foraminiferal genus Paragloborotalia Past Life and Environments [1506]
Alexander Koch A interdisciplinary modelling approach to estimate the impact of the Columbian depopulation on climate and atmospheric CO2 Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Anna Lavelle Examining ecosystem function across urban London rivers to determine the success of restoration Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Agnese Marino Coexistence with large carnivores in Spain Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sara Martins Ecohydrology of temporary ponds: implications for conservation Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Theoni Massara Development of a novel model to quantify nitrous oxide emissions in the biological nutrient removal process of wastewater treatment plants Environmental Pollution [1506]
Phoebe Maund Exploring the effects of environmental contaminants on the epigenome and breast cancer development Environmental Pollution [1506]
Simon Maxwell The quality of the early hominin fossil record: implications for evolutionary analyses Past Life and Environments [1506]
Marco Meschis Quantifying rates of active extension and seismic hazard in the upper plate of subduction zones Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Daniel Mills The Ecological Impacts and Environmental Challenges of a New Invasive Species in UK Rivers: The Quagga Mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis). Environmental Pollution [1506]
Lisa Mogensen Identifying key threats and conservation priorities for the Critically Endangered Yangtze finless porpoise Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Elizabeth Peneycad Stable isotopes in small mammal dental carbonate: investigating their applications for reconstructing Quaternary climate variability in the UK Past Life and Environments [1506]
Daniella Rabaiotti Projecting climate change impacts for a tropical carnivore: from individual to species Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Lucy Roberts Investigating the ecological impacts of salinity change in coastal lakes & wetlands using lake sediments Past Life and Environments [1506]
Filip Ruzicka Beyond Drosophila Melanogaster: a comparative approach to unravelling the genomic architecture of intralocus sexual conflict Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
David Seddon Assessing human impacts on groundwater resources in sub-saharan Africa Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
David Smedley Overcoming dry spells through low cost adaptations among small holder farmers in the Volta, assessing biophysical and social viability Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Emily Smith Conduits of Invasive Aquatic Species into the UK: The Angling Route? Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Fiona Spooner Using observed population trends to improve forecasts of the future impacts of environmental change on biodiversity Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Alexander Steele Forecasting Unrest and Eruption at Large Volcanic Calderas Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Gemma Taylor Conservation planning for the recovery of the critically endangered Australian Regent honey eater Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Judith Ament Human-wildlife co-occurrence: understanding the causes of vulnerability and resilience to human populations in the Anthropocene Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
David Arnold Assessing the extent of semi-arid environments in Late Quaternary Eurasia using mammalian evidence: implications for understanding ecological and human responses to abrupt climate change. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Waheed Arshad Dimorphic fruits, seeds and seedlings in Aethionema arabicum as adaptation mechanisms to abiotic stress in unpredictable environments Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Natalie Bakker Evaluating transport of African mineral dust to the Amazon Basin Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Richard Beason Assessing the effects of habitat management practices on vocalizing animals using passive acoustic monitoring Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Lucy Dablin Designing Silvopastoral Systems For The Amazon: A Framework For The Evaluation Of Native Species Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rachel Devine Using annually-resolved records to assess how the Baltic Ice Lake influences North Atlantic climate during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Christopher Doble Anthropogenic impacts on African tropical lake benthic communities Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Emeline Favreau One or multiple ant queens? The genetic architectures underlying convergent evolution of a fundamental social trait Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Sam Finnegan Sexual selection as a defence against meiotic drive in stalk-eyed flies Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Alix Green Protecting the ocean’s meadows by increasing the protection of seagrass habitats through diversification of incentives Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Michael Hanks A model for human evolution in Europe Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Nathanael Harwood Using Bayesian Networks to investigate the role of Arctic change in the rise of extreme weather at mid-latitudes Past Life and Environments [1506]
Eleanore Heasley Characterising the catchment effect on physical habitats in UK rivers Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Francesco Iezzi The effect of strain-rate and fault curvature variability on seismic hazard: a comparison between high and low strain-rate rifts Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Mark Jefferd A laboratory and field based study into the deformation of sandstone under hydrothermal conditions: implications for fluid flow within the crust Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Samuel Jones Exploring the roles and consequences of physiological tolerance and interspecific aggression in avian species replacement in tropical mountains. Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sarah Jones Prokaryotic dissolution of sulfide minerals Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Elodie Kendall Waveform modelling of global seismic anisotropy and geodynamical implications Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Andrew Knapp Sexual selection and macroevolution Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Isobel Lawrence Towards improving thickness retrievals from CryoSat Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Niall Lehane Automating geological hazard identification, magnitude and timing in New Zealand through 3D landscape reconstruction of high resolution satellite imagery. Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Jonathan Lewis The contribution of managed ponds to avian diversity and abundance on farms in lowland England Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Emma Lockley Habitat use and the consequences of variable environments on the endangered loggerhead sea turtles Environmental Pollution [1506]
Mattia Ciro Mancini Modelling complexity in coupled human natural systems. Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Carlos Martinez Ruiz The role of gene expression in defining colony phenotypes in social insects Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Julian Martin Constraining the influence of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies on the past, present and future behaviour of the Monte San Lorenzo Glaciers, Patagonia Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Giles Ostermeijer Evolution and significance of fault damage structures on plate boundary faults: the southern San Andreas fault system Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Sarah Peacey Ecological correlates of reputation based systems of cooperation Past Life and Environments [1506]
Rebecca Pearce Nature of the link between tectonics and volcanism in the Centra and Southern Andes Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Filipa Sampaio Burrowing snake evolution Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Lara Smale The Role of the Hydrothermal System in Unrest at Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Kristen Steele Eel fisheries from local to global: drivers of exploitation and prospects for sustainability Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rory Walshe Ground-truthing the assumptions of climate change impacts on small island states by cross-referencing multiple methods Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Nichola Arthur Archaeological Human Remains from the River Thames and its London Deposits Past Life and Environments [1506]
Thomas Baird Sahara Dune Sands: Quantifying Celerity, Dust Production, and Provenance Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Leif Bersweden Species integrity and gene flow in anthropomorphic Orchis species (Orchidaceae) Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Olly van Biervliet The effects of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) on hydrology and nutrient dynamics in UK headwater streams Environmental Pollution [1506]
Matilda Brindle Auto-Sexual Behaviours in Primates: Evolution and Functions Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Ella Browning Understanding the impacts of environmental change on bat populations using acoustic monitoring methods Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Fuen Canadas Paleoceanographic context of organic matter deposition on the Yangtze Craton, South China during the Ediacaran Period Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Alice CarterChampion Investigating the drivers and responses of climatic complexity during the Younger Dryas. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Richard ClarkWilson Chronologies and palaeoenvironments of humid phases in the western Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia over the past 0.5 Ma Past Life and Environments [1506]
Ellen Coombs How does climate effect cetacean diversity? Evidence from the past and present Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Anna Cutmore Abrupt climate changes during the last deglaciation and Holocene: pollen & biomarker analyses from the Portuguese Margin Past Life and Environments [1506]
Liam Fitzpatrick Ecology of vector-borne disease threats to Galapagos avifauna Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Lydia Franklinos Dynamic modelling of vector-borne disease transmission under current and future scenarios of global change. Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Tim Harris A sampled approach to assessing the spatial distribution of plant species traits across the continent of Africa and their interpretation using remotely sensed variables Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sarah Johnson Trajectories of land cover change in semi-arid regions of East Africa and its impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Adrienne Kerley Host-microbe interactions in wild vertebrate populations Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Joao Leite Evolutionary biomechanics of the dinosaur hand Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Harry Owen Climate Change and Biomass Dynamics: Novel Methods in Extracting Forest Biophysical Properties. Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Daniel Nicholson Contemporary Evolution of a Tropical Ectotherm in Response to Environmental Change Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Paul Minton Late Middle Miocene climatic and biotic evolution: a high resolution record from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1338 Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Thalassa McMurdo Hamilton Quantifying utility of conservation interventions for threatened species recovery: the future of seabird management Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Carmen Martin Ramos Homo erectus behavioural and cognitive evolution at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania). A technological approach. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Mikaël J. A. Maes Connecting science with policy for sustainable development of urban ecosystems Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Stephen Long Sustainable fishing in Greenland: impact of deep-sea trawling on benthic ecosystems Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rebecca Parrish Impacts of Climate Change induced displacement on Health and Social Indicators: a case study in sub-Saharan Africa Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Claire Marie Routledge Plankton evolution and the Paleogene/Neogene transition Past Life and Environments [1506]
Almudena Sanchez de la Muela Garzon Understanding the tectono-magmatic relevance of transverse crustal faults in the Andes, Chile from seismicity and seismic imaging Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Michael Stevens Spatial and Temporal Modeling of Ecology and Disease Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rebecca Strachan Structural controls on fluid pathways and alteration in the seismic cycle of economic deposits Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Mihaiela Swift Spatialising the interactions between people, animals, volcanic hazard and local perceptions and responses in Mexico – are there context-specific differences between urban and rural sites at risk from Popocatepetl volcano? Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Benjamin Taylor Mechanisms and evolution of caste plasticity in a simple eusocial wasp Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Emily Wiesendanger The Late Pleistocene Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus, Linnaeus, 1758) of Britain and Western Europe: Past migrations, Seasonality and Palaeodiet Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Joseph Williamson Investigating the Efficacy of Riparian Reserves for Maintaining Invertebrate Biodiversity in a Fragmented Tropical Landscape Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rosie Williams Persistent Organic Pollutants: assessing the threat to cetaceans Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Bryn Saunders Can ocean bubbles help spread diseases? Environmental Pollution [1506]
Jenny Cantlay The utilisation of a sensory ecology approach to understand and address the problem of bird bycatch in fishing nets Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Maria Zicos Reconstructing the evolution of extinct sloths from continental America and the Caribbean using ancient DNA Past Life and Environments [1506]
Joanna Tindall Lacustrine oxygen-isotopes as tracers of past climate change in NW Europe. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Leila Fouda Linking Feeding Ecology and Population Dynamics in Sea Turtles: From Genes to Ecosystems Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
James Gilbert Using Comparative Socio-Genomics to investigate the evolution of Sociality in the African Mole-rats Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Michael Jardine The genetics and evolution of sexual antagonism Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Lucy Archer Using a mixed methods approach to determine status and threats to the Critically Endangered Philippine pangolin and inform conservation action in Palawan, Philippines. Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Chiara Enrica Paola Bancone Temporal and spatial distribution of microplastics in the sediments of UK rural and urban lakes Environmental Pollution [1506]
Lucy Buck Using GPR to investigate and characterise Tsunami Deposits. Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Georgina Fauconier (Collins) Opportunities and challenges for managing European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus); a threatened UK species Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Aline da Silva Cerqueira Acoustic tracking of ocean wanderers: revealing behavioural context on the wing Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Chris Francis Investigating climatic gradients across Britain during the Lateglacial Interstadial (GI-1) using chironomids and oxygen isotopes Past Life and Environments [1506]
Stefan Gillot Assessing impact of residential air purification on ambient living environments utilising enhanced optical particle sensors Environmental Pollution [1506]
Will Gregory Machine learning tools for pattern recognition in polar climate science Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Jane Hallam Application of eDNA approaches for surveying riverine communities: an assessment of the River Thames Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Hester Hanegraef Facial morphology of Australopithecus afaransis: exploring intraspecific variation in human evolution Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Renee Heijenk The influence of spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility: A case study in the East-Sikkim and Uttarakhand regions of India Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Gerallt Hughes Elucidating Timescales of magma recharge and movement for the 2013 – present eruption at Colima Volcano, Mexico Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Kate Laxton Monitoring degassing behaviour and eruption precursors at Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Zoe Matthews Chambers, crystals and charges: quantifying crystallisation dynamics in lower crystal magma chambers Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Stephanie McClelland Evolution of embryonic development in brood parasites Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Alexandra McGoran The potential for trophic transfer of micro-plastics in Thames Estuary food chains Environmental Pollution [1506]
Megan McGrory Optical properties of atmospheric aerosol using laser tweezers Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Joseph Millard Causes and consequences of global pollinator biodiversity change in the Anthropocene Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Helen Muller Understanding the socio-ecological impacts of banning trophy hunting in Botswana Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Jamie O’Neill Improving predictions of sea level rise under climate change, through modelling of the Pliocene Antarctic ice sheet Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Tara O’Neill Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi in crop protection Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Chris Owen Investigating the mechanisms of viral evolution in a lethal wildlife pathogen Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Josh Pike Extending the varve record for Central Patagonia: Assessing glacier dynamics and responses during the last deglaciation Past Life and Environments [1506]
Eleri Pritchard The effects of the invasive Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) on native fish communities in the UK Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Interpreting the ice dynamics and palaeogeography of the Ediacaran to Cambrian Luoquan Formation of North China Past Life and Environments [1506]
Anna Westland Intra-and inter-specific variation of skull morphology in Hominoidea Past Life and Environments [1506]
Michael J Williamson The environmental drivers influencing the movement networks and ecology of reef sharks in the British Indian Ocean Territory Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Sergio Henriques Protecting the unknown: Streamlining the Sampled Red List Index approach to assess trends of extinction risk in megadiverse groups Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Lucia Andreuttiova 4-dimensional Evolution of Fault Zones Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Angela Bartlett The Future of Alien Invasions: modelling the impact of rates of introduction, and introduction bias, on the richness and composition of alien assemblages. Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Zikmund Bartonicek Environmental monitoring of medically and veterinary important freshwater snails and their trematode parasites Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Nancy Bird How environmentally-induced adaptation and migration events have shaped the DNA of worldwide human populations. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Andrew Bond Quantifying marine redox across the Triassic-Jurassic Mass extinction Past Life and Environments [1506]
Hugh Carter The Genetic Architecture of Colour and the Evolution of Marine Colour Polymorphisms Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Amanda Cooper Comparing effects of tree species and tree genetic diversity on forest structure and ecosystem functions in Boreal Forests Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Declan Cooper Comparative Ecology of African Tropical Forests Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Emma-Louise Cooper Patagonian Ice Sheet deglaciation and palaeolake evolution in the Rio Cisnes-Ñirehuao-Toqui basins Chile (44-45°S) Past Life and Environments [1506]
Owen Corbett Mechanisms and Evolution of Post- Reproductive Lifespan Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Claudia Sgambato Variations in fault parameters and seismic hazard in the Central and Southern Italian Apennines Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Bobby Elsigood Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Charlotte Ford Molecular evolution and adaptation of ranavirus Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Finley Gilchrist Investigating shifts in magma dynamics of the Atitlán volcanic centre, Guatemala Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Marie C Henniges Uncovering how interactions between genome size, macronutrients and land use change contribute to shaping species distributions and ecology of the UK flora Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Rowena Hill The evolution of plant-associated lifestyles in the Ascomycota Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Rachel Hunt Aotearoa New Zealand’s Tsunami Warning System: Considerations for Enhancing Hazard Communication and Response Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Andrew Jamieson The composition, structure and evolution of Mars’ core – Thermoelastic properties of the [Fe,Ni]3Si system Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Stefanie Kaupa Hydrological Impacts of Agricultural Land Abandonment in Nepal and Colombia Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Marcin Latas Plio-Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy and biochronology Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Robbie Mallett Modelling and Measuring Snow on Arctic Sea-Ice Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Ashleigh Marshall Why Do Eggs Fail? An investigation into hatching failure in managed wild and captive bird populations. Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Jonathan Mille Vulnerability to hydro-meteorological hazards: interactive mapping solutions and enhanced data analysis and visualisation. Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Liam Nash Spatiotemporal patterns of aquatic insect emergence and its impact on terrestrial communities across multiple spatial scales in tropical and temperate forests Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Ryan Payton Pore Scale Characterisation and Assessment of Potential Subsurface Carbon Storage Reservoirs: A Digital Approach Environmental Pollution [1506]
Cecile Porchier Climate variability and human evolution: A perspective from palaeo-lake Naivasha, Kenya Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Lewis Revely The evolutionary pathway and molecular mechanisms underpinning the evolution of social complexity in termites. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Carole Roberts Character of climate instability during warm periods: Investigations from Central Italy Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Annalisa Sheehan Geospatial estimation of non-exhaust emissions using remote earth observation Environmental Pollution [1506]
Ewan Shilland What are the environmental and biological factors conditioning current and historic changes in the aquatic plant communities of upland waterbodies in the United Kingdom? Environmental Pollution [1506]
Laura Sivess Evaluating the effect of temporal and spatial change in a species with temperature dependent sex determination: from primary to operational sex ratio Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Joe Sumesar-Rai Can boron isotopes be used as a palaeodietary proxy? Past Life and Environments [1506]
Apoorva Upadhyay Ultraviolet and Infrared absorption by the Ozone molecule Environmental Pollution [1506]
Amy Walsh Understanding lake ecosystem responses to natural and human stressors through the Holocene: a palaeolimnological approach Past Life and Environments [1506]
Jack Wharton Thermal structure of the northwest Atlantic during the Quaternary Past Life and Environments [1506]
Benjamin Evans A Deep Learning Model for Global Camera Trap Labelling Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Lauren Cox Understanding melt distribution beneath volcanoes using experimental and seismic techniques Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Yara Shennan-Farpón Pathways for habitat restoration in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil: seeking co-benefits for biodiversity and local livelihoods Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Will Sturgeon Global seismic tomography using seismic wave amplitudes and resolvability of Earth structure using 3D geodynamic modelling Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Nicole Barber Phylogeny, form and function of primate tarsal bones Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Peggy Bevan Understanding ecosystem wide behavioural responses to anthropogenic pressure Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Adam Cotterill A comprehensive assessment of volcanic hazard and mitigation strategies at remote volcanoes: Manam, Papua New Guinea Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Hannah Wood Using remote sensing tools to determine the drivers of foraging behaviour in marine predators, and predict shifts in habitat distribution under different climate scenarios Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Todd Downing Layered alkaline igneous rocks and element enrichment processes Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Alicja Witwicka Molecular diagnostics for pollinator health Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Jessica Turner Hedgehogs in greater London: Viability of fragmented populations in urban environments Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Aaron Halpern The origins of the genetic code in protocells Past Life and Environments [1506]
Evangelia K. Tripoliti High Pressure and Temperature Crystallography of Mantle Silicates Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Naima Harman Extending coupled crypototephra and paleoclimatic analysis of marine cores to the Eastern Mediterranean over the last ~200ka Past Life and Environments [1506]
Miranda Sherlock What controls phenotypic and genetic diversity? Case studies with amphibians Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Joshua Elves-Powell Challenges and Opportunities for Transboundary Conservation of Amur tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in North-East Asia Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Tahir Khanzada Paleoecological Approach to assist conservation at the Catchment Scale Past Life and Environments [1506]
Harrison Ostridge Genetic adaptation and demography of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Laura Kor Plant conservation in Colombia: Integrating ecological approaches and local knowledge for the protection of useful plant species Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Stuart Negus Marine community dynamics of megafauna species across space and time Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Jason Lynch A socio-ecological approach to understanding the footprint on tropical coral reef biodiversity Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Daniel Parkes Investigating the cause and the structure of abrupt climate change events in Marina Oxygen Isotope stage 11 Past Life and Environments [1506]
Guy Mercer Assessing the Risk of Insecticide Formulations to Wild Bees: Are Co-Formulants “Inert” or Threat Amplifiers? Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Will Flynn Novel High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Mapping of Vegetation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Structure from Motion Photogrammetry (SfM). Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Lily Moore Investigating key parameters and magnatic interaction in volcanic flank collapse Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Chloë Alexia Metcalfe Protected areas Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Hana Merchant Inter- and intra-specific plasticity in response to local and induced environments in Bathyergid mole-rats Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Luis Moliner Cachazo Evaluating ecological assembly rules for aquatic-terrestrial transition zones. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Clara Matthews Torres The behaviour of the economically important elements during crustal processes and volcanic degassing in a continental arc setting. Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Mira Adhikari The response of the Antarctic ice sheet to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Sasha Bradshaw Sex, success, and resisting extinction: the genetic basis and fitness effects of meiotic drive in two species of the Malaysian stalk-eyed fly. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Aidan Byrne The drivers and impacts of water resource changes across the East African Rift System Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Emma Deeks Assessing Antillean manatee trophic ecology, habitat and survival status in Northern Brazil Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Jack Dignan Enhancing overland flow tsunami modelling across urban topography with novel statistical emulation Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Charlie Hackforth Structure and function of insect communities in Congolese peat swamp forest Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Laura Hemmingham Dietary flexibility, niche differentiation and ecological resilience in the Quaternary Cervidae Past Life and Environments [1506]
Thomas Keel A shifting jet stream in a changing climate. Exploring the response of the polar jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere to various climate futures. Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Simon Kenworthy The evolution of culture in heterogenous social networks. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Zosia Ladds The importance of urban burial grounds for biodiversity Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Robert I. Mansergh Dinosaur biogeography and the implications of fossil record bias Past Life and Environments [1506]
Lucy Mead The spatial ecology of the Critically Endangered Angelshark (Squatina squatina) and implications for conservation Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Joseph Minus Integrating fossils and genomes to rebuild the mammal phylogenetic tree Past Life and Environments [1506]
Carmen Nab CryoSat-2 radar penetration over Arctic sea ice Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Michael O’Leary Investigating Biological Insurance: Identifying the use of bet-hedging as an evolutionary strategy to adapt to unpredictable and rapidly fluctuating environmental conditions. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Simon Opie Kinetic instabilities and turbulence in the solar wind and magnetosheath: Space-weather impact on magnetosphere – ionosphere – thermosphere coupling Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Reagan Pearce Bringing back the burbot via hydrological rewildling Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Jessica Savage The impact of plastic pollution in the Indian Ocean on filter-feeding megafauna, particularly reef manta rays (Mobula alfredi) Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Samuel Shrimpton Predicting the response of endangered sea turtles to a changing climate Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Adam Smith The Influence of Surface Processes on Continental Deformation: Extension and Erosion in the Basin and Range Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Isaac Taschimowitz Investigating the Density of a Chondritic Melt Under High Pressure, and Implications for Earth Formation Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Joseph Trafford An eDNA toolkit for the surveillance of wildlife pathogens in traded and wild amphibians Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Emily Watt Morphological and functional evolution of the tetrapod jaw: a 3D perspective Past Life and Environments [1506]
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Using genomics to investigate the adaptive potential of sea turtles in a warming world Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Farrer Owsley-Brown Hyperspectral and Thermal Remote Sensing of Landscape Fire Properties Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Effects of environmental pollution on Molluscan endocrinology Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Alex Clark Multiproxy reconstruction of NE Irish Ice Sheet dynamics during the Late Glacial Past Life and Environments [1506]
Iona Cunningham-Eurich Understanding generalism and specialism in parasitoid wasps: an evolutionary, genomic and behavioural perspective Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Friso De Graaf The Impact of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation on Intermediate and Deep Ocean Circulation Past Life and Environments [1506]
Alistair Duffey Could high-latitude solar geoengineering refreeze the Arctic? Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Ushemegbe Rita Ekhareafo Environmental Assessment of Chemical Contamination from Abandoned Coal and Mineral Mines: A multidisciplinary approach Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Robin Mehlhausen-Franks Dynamics of flocking in birds: the role of individual recognition and social learning Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Cheryl Heard Investigating the chronic impacts of urban air quality on the brain using wild grey squirrels as sentinels for urban wildlife Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Joel Heath The role of tectonics and environment on the distribution of dinosaur diversity Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Rachel Hester Geographic profiling the invasion of alpine newts and the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Zarina Hewett The AMOC and past abrupt climate change: new views on an old paradigm. Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Justin Isip How do anthropogenic threats reorganise insect communities? Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Emily Jordan Novel ecosystems and the ecology of recovery; investigating community dynamics in introduced populations Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Davide Lomeo Influence of environmental change on water quality and the risks of toxic algal blooms to wildlife in Africa Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Connor Lovell Rewilding Scotland: Reconciling biodiversity conservation with ecosystem services provision Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Mollie Mills Using modern and fossil distribution data of the Dhole (Cuon alpinus, Pallas 1811) to assess niche variation, distribution dynamics and future conservation actions Past Life and Environments [1506]
Matthew Mitchell Understanding the consequences of population bottlenecks and long-term captivity on the phenotype and recovery potential of extinct-in-the-wild and translocated bird species. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Sam Mitchell Improving the Understanding of Fault Mechanics A Seismic Study in Central Greece Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Connor Nelson Investigating the Arctic sea ice snowpack and modelling its interaction with microwave radiation Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Sonia Papadaki Microbial life and activity in Arctic endolithic habitats Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Aidan Pierce Dynamics of Endosymbiosis Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Amelia Ramage Comparative Conservation Genomics of an Endangered Cooperative Breeder: The African Wild Dog Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Elias Rugen Towards an understanding of the Proterozoic seawater carbon isotope curve. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Owen James Assessing Sediment Budgets in the UK through Remote Sensing Analysis and Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Sediment Flux Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Elizabeth Downey Ecological baselines, biodiversity conservation and human-wildlife co-existence – opportunities and insights from natural history collections Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Larisha Apete A systems thinking approach to investigating the environmental sustainability and finding solutions for single-use plastic and polystyrene waste from fishers in Indonesia. Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Jonathan Barnsley Antarctica’s contribution to long-term future sea level rise: constraining uncertainty using the Mid-Pliocene Warm Period Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Anna Beckett Developing annually-resolved chronologies of abrupt climate events during the Last Glacial Interglacial Transition (LGIT) Past Life and Environments [1506]
Katriona Blomberg Modelling the predicted impact of climate and land use change on coastal ecosystems and spatial distribution of UK seabirds. Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Ewan Bodenham Ecomorphological Diversification of Crocodile-Line Archosaurs Across the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary Past Life and Environments [1506]
Katie Brown Testing the interactions between chemical weathering and glaciation cycles using novel isotope tracers. Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Jessica Caughtry From Earth to Europa: An Investigation into Sulphur-Ice Environments. Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Benjamin Graves Glacier and Hydrological Response to Climate Change in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Finley Grover-Thomas How mitonuclear co-evolution impacts population adaptation in admixing and introgressing populations through time. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Ashraf Khan Evaluating the role of microplastics as a vector in metal cycling within the Thames Estuary Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Shajeda Khanom Diatoms in microbial mats from Signy Island Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Jack Lovegrove Early evolutionary history of the Dinosauria. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Katherine McCoy Humpback Whales of the Pitcairn Islands Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Hannah McGovern Evolutionary ecology of guppies (Poecilia reticulata) in oil-polluted waters in Trinidad. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Hayley McMechan Evolution to the rescue? Understanding the evolution of plant behaviour in response to rapid environmental change. Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Grace Moore Animals as geomorphic agents in landscape rewilding. Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Wasim Mustafa Implications of variable initial water content for mobilising magmatic metals in arc volcanoes Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Eirini Papachristopoulou Investigating the role of AMOC in intra-interglacial climate variability Past Life and Environments [1506]
Johanna Rehbein Air Quality Monitoring on the London Underground: Developing new Understanding of Particulate Matter Variability and Supporting Mitigation Strategies. Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Luke Richardson-foulger High Latitude Peatland Fires and their Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Daan Scheepens Understanding and predicting the consequences of pollinator and predatory insect declines for global agriculture. Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Jonathan Sutton Extending coexistence theory to predict impact of plant invasions on biodiversity. Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Alexandra Strang Exploring genomic history and adaptive selection in a post-medieval population from Spitalfields, London, using ancient DNA. Past Life and Environments [1506]
Eleanor Tinsley Investigating the role of larval behavioural ecology in the conservation of an endangered amphibian Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Frederick Wilkinson Identifying factors affecting the distributions of large marine vertebrates in coastal areas to predict current and future distributions. Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Hannah Woodward Atmospheric modelling of tidally-locked exoplanets Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Idris Adams Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Alice Lily Armstrong Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Alessia Barbieri Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Alexander Davidson Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Eleanor Gascoyne Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Philippa Goh Past Life and Environments [1506]
Harry Grosvenor Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Amelia Hankinson-Wake Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Thomas Hoseason Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Nikolet Kostur Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Ruohan Liu Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Sachin Bhardwaj Lock Past Life and Environments [1506]
Richard Lowther Past Life and Environments [1506]
Vikram Malhi Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
James McDermott Environmental Physics and Mathematical Modelling [1506]
Robyn Mottram Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]
Emma Murphy Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Siri Olsen Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Jennifer Panitz Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Anna Pazola Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Alastair Pickering Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Brittany Pugh Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Amara Reed Past Life and Environments [1506]
Abigail Robinson Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]
Bethany Stacey Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Jennifer Stewart Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Rachel Timbs Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
William Webb Past Life and Environments [1506]
Cameron White-Spunner Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Guilherme Castro Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation [1506]
Wendy Areiza Environmental Hazards and Pollution [1506]

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