Name: Kevin Gulati
Phone Number: +447577723713
Degree: BSc Statistics
Department: Statistical Science
Institution: UCL
Year of Study in September 2018: [788] Expected Grade: [797]

Please outline why you wish to be considered for this placement:

As a Statistics student at UCL, I’ve developed a strong foundation in data analysis, probability theory, and statistical modeling.

The REP scheme project “A study of kinetic plasma physics with spacecraft observations of the solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere” particularly captivates me due to its interdisciplinary nature, mixing space science with statistical analysis. It presents a unique opportunity to apply my statistical skills in an unique context.

The project also offers a chance to work with large, complex datasets – a challenge I find thrilling. Not only would this opportunity deepen my understanding of statistical methods and data manipulation, but it would also broaden my abilities in a real-world scientific setting. This fusion of my interests in statistics and space physics makes this project a perfect match for me.

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