Phd Projects Table

1st Supervisor Inst. Project Title Theme 2nd Supervisor Inst.
Riesch, Rüdiger RHUL Examining the processes that generate, maintain, and threaten biological diversity Evolution & Adaptation Brown, Mark RHUL
Sammonds, Peter UCL High temperature fracture and flow in volcanic systems Environmental Hazards & Pollution
Routledge, Edwin Brunel Control and Prevention of S. mansoni transmission to Humans Natural & Biological Hazards Emery, Aidan NHM
Wade, Bridget UCL Quantifying temperature changes in the Oligocene icehouse Past Life & Environments
Wade, Bridget UCL Size control on extinction dynamics in Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera Evolution & Adaptation Purvis, Andy NHM
Routledge, Edwin Brunel Prevalence and Ecotoxicological Risk of Retinoids in the Environment Environmental Hazards & Pollution Kanda, Rakesh Brunel
Upchurch, Paul UCL The Evolutionary and biogeographic impact of the break up of Gondwana during the Cretaceous and Cenozoic Past Life & Environments Day, Julia UCL
Alexander, David UCL Evaluating earthquake information in the light of public needs Environmental Hazards & Pollution Kelman, Ilan UCL
Henry, Lee QMUL Symbiosis as an adaptation to changing environments Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation
Hurd, Paul QMUL The Honey Bee: An Emerging Model Organism for Epigenetics. Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Lowe, Rob QMUL
Rossberg, Axel QMUL Spatio-temporal modelling of planktonic biodiversity to resolve the paradox of the plankton Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Hanson, China QMUL
Tebbs, Emma KCL Satellite remote sensing for investigating the ecology of Lesser Flamingos and cyanobacterial bloom dynamics in East African Rift Valley lakes Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Wooster, Martin KCL
Song, Teh-Ru Alex UCL Illuminate intra-crustal magma/gas transport beneath active volcanoes with very long-period tremors (VLP) Solid Earth Dynamics Kilburn, Chris UCL
Shields, Graham UCL The Cambrian explosion: causes and consequences Past Life & Environments Lane, Nick UCL
Papineau, Dominic UCL Signs of life in Paleoarchean chemical sedimentary rocks: a strategy to search for extra-terrestrial life Past Life & Environments Powner, Matthew UCL
Brierley, Chris UCL Constraining future climate projections Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Chandler, Richard UCL
Sumner, Seirian UCL Why should the world care about wasps? Ecological and economic importance of wasps Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation
Brekke, Patricia IOZ Ageing in the wild and how to manage it Evolution & Adaptation Balloux, Francois UCL
Eggleton, Paul NHM Functional diversity of termites across the tropics: linking pattern and process Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Sumner, Seirian UCL
Wurm, Yannick QMUL Big data evolutionary genomics of social insects. Evolution & Adaptation Rossiter, Stephen QMUL
Axmacher, Jan UCL Nocturnal pollinators in agro-ecosystems Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Sayer, Carl UCL
Chatterjee, Helen UCL Predicting human impacts and environmental change on Southeast Asian biodiversity: past, present and future Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Turvey, Samuel IOZ
Brown, Mark RHUL Evolutionary ecology of social insects and their parasites Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation
Di Tommaso, Devis QMUL Fundamental Studies of Mineral Carbonation with Application to CO2 Sequestration Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes
Johnson, Edward UCL Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves Natural & Biological Hazards Eames, Ian UCL
Lane, Nick UCL The origin of metabolism and heredity Past Life & Environments Ward, John UCL
Scrimshaw, Mark Brunel Evaluating the performance of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems using Enfield as a Case Study Environmental Hazards & Pollution Spencer, Kate QMUL
Vocadlo, Lidunka UCL The structure, dynamics and composition of the Earth’s core Solid Earth Dynamics Wood, Ian UCL
Ubeda, Franscisco RHUL The common interest of mother and child: the evolution of genomic imprinting Evolution & Adaptation Pomiankowski, Andrew UCL
Sturzenbaum, Stephen KCL Assessment of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the nematode: an invertebrate model for a complex discipline Environmental Hazards & Pollution Arlt, Volker KCL
Pickering, Kevin UCL Timing and controls on evolution of deep-marine lobe and related deposits, Eocene Hecho Group, Jaca basin, Spanish Pyrenees Past Life & Environments Bown, Paul UCL
Pettorelli, Nathalie IOZ Assessing climate change vulnerability of arid ecosystems using satellite information: the Khar Us protected area as a case study Environmental Physics & Mathematical Modelling Disney, Mathias UCL
Pearson, Richard UCL Stability of complex ecological networks under climate change Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Severini, Simone UCL
Murrell, David UCL Linking patterns and processes in tropical forests Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Olhede, Sofia UCL
Henry, Lee QMUL Do microbial mutualisms explain habitat specialisation in ants? Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Wurm, Yannick QMUL
Frantz, Laurent QMUL Developing the Role of Museum Collections in Mammalian Conservation Genomics: SE Asia as a Case Study Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Barnes, Ian NHM
Disney, Mathias UCL 3D measurements to explain forest structure and function Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Lewis, Philip UCL
Letessier, Tom IOZ Where are the last strongholds of marine predators in the pelagic realm? Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Eizaguirre, Christophe QMUL
Bähler, Jürg UCL The evolution of environmental plasticity Evolution & Adaptation Reuter, Max UCL
Tsamados, Michel UCL Data fusion of 20 years of polar remote sensing data: emerging climate trends? Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Stroeve, Julienne UCL
Tennyson, Jonathan UCL Molecular absorptions in the atmosphere of the early Earth Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Yurchenko, Sergey UCL
Jones, Kate UCL Understanding the response of disease vectors to land-use change Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Newbold, Tim UCL
Versace, Elisabetta QMUL Bees and the Morse code Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Wurm, Yannick QMUL
Sumner, Seirian UCL Social wasps as agents of sustainable biocontrol Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Pearson, Richard UCL
Brierley, Chris UCL Climate variability, past and future Past Life & Environments Thornalley, David UCL
Burningham, Helene UCL Vulnerability of coastal habitats to climate change and anthropogenic intervention Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Thompson, Julian UCL
Vocadlo, Lidunka UCL The viscosity of the Earth’s inner core Solid Earth Dynamics Brodholt, John UCL
Portugal, Steve RHUL Evolution of eggshell surface structure and physiology Evolution & Adaptation Russell, Douglas NHM
Jones, Kate UCL Biome Health – Tracking the response of wildlife across gradients of human pressure Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Carbone, Chris IOZ
Engels, Stefan BBK Reconstructing long-term trends in NW European insect biodiversity using subfossil chironomids Past Life & Environments Bennion, Helen UCL
Cunningham, Andrew IOZ Informing Critically Endangered giant salamander conservation in China Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Frantz, Laurent QMUL
Reuter, Max UCL Identifying the targets of balancing selection in wild populations Evolution & Adaptation Andres, Aida UCL
Catford, Jane KCL The Future of Alien Invasions: the impact of rates of introduction, and introduction bias, on the richness and composition of alien assemblages Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Blackburn, Tim UCL
Disney, Mathias UCL New approaches to measuring and valuing urban forests Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Lewis, Philip UCL
Taylor, Richard UCL Groundwater recharge and the intensification of precipitation under climate change Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Brierley, Chris UCL
Koelemeijer, Paula UCL Imaging the multi-scale landscape of the core-mantle boundary Solid Earth Dynamics Ferreira, Ana UCL
Nichols, Richard QMUL Genomic analysis of adaptation to environmental change Evolution & Adaptation Buggs, Richard QMUL
Bradley, James QMUL Microbial life and activity on glaciers and in Arctic soils Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Jungblut, Anne D. NHM
Bradley, James QMUL Microbial survival in the energy-limited deep biosphere Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Spencer, Kate QMUL
Song, Teh-Ru Alex UCL Mapping Core-mantle boundary anisotropy with core-reflected P waves Solid Earth Dynamics
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