Frequently Asked Questions – Academics

How do I advertise an exemplar PhD project on the website?

If you are an academic eligible to supervise DTP students and you would like to advertise an exemplar project, please complete our project submission form. Your project proposal will be approved by your head of department before being advertised on the site.

My project isn’t listed on the website yet, although I know it has been approved. Where is it?

We aim to have new exemplar projects listed on the site within two weeks of approval. Please be patient with the administration team, especially at busy times of year. If more than two weeks have passed and your project still doesn’t not appear, please contact the DTP admin team.

My project is no longer visible on the DTP site. Where did it go?

Your project may no longer be visible on the website because you are not eligible to supervise a student in the current cohort – please read our eligibility guidelines for more information. If you believe you are still eligible and cannot see your project listed, please contact the DTP Admin Team. Please note – if your project has recently been approved, it may take up to 3 weeks for it to appear on the site. After this time, if the project is still not listed, please get in touch with the admin team.

Can I sign two PhD project proposals as primary supervisor for two students in the latest cohort?

Academics are only eligible to act as primary supervisor to one student in every two cohorts. You may only sign a PhD project proposal as primary supervisor if you are eligible to supervise a PhD student in the current cohort, and you may only sign ONE project proposal as primary supervisor. You may act as secondary supervisor to as many PhD students as you like.

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