Annual Report Form

Dear DTP Students and Supervisors,

We would be very grateful if you could complete the short form below and provide details of all the outputs and impact of your PhD project so far, no later than the 31st July. This is a great opportunity to take stock of your achievements, as well as to plan ahead.

Please get back to us even if only to confirm you have nothing to report.

Thank you!

Annual Report - Student Impact and Research Outputs (Old, no longer in use)

Collaborations and co-funding

Please provide information on collaborative activities being undertaken as part of this PhD Project. Please include the name and sector of the collaborating partner, and explain the nature of the collaboration and the amount of financial or in-kind support being provided This should include any organisation you collaborate with that involves the exchange of knowledge, expertise, data, equipment or financial support. This includes CASE partnerships as well as internships, industry placements, overseas studies, grants and funding awards, and informal collaborations.
(e.g. public, private or third-sector, HEI’s or other Research Councils)
(Please provide details of the amount and duration of any financial support received, or details of in-kind support provided to date)

Research outputs

Please provide details of any significant research outputs from your PhD project. This includes publications, conference contributions, software, research datasets, external reports, digital or visual media and public engagement activities.
(Please do not include papers in preparation, only those in press or fully published with a DOI number)
(e.g. publication, conference contribution, software, dataset, report, media, activity)
(if applicable)

Training and professional development

Please provide details of any training or professional development courses attended during the current academic year. This can include DTP-/CDT-specific training activities, shared training opportunities across DTPs, externally funded short courses/training opportunities, conference participation and other cohort-building activities.

Multidisciplinary activities

Please provide details of any multidisciplinary activities or opportunities undertaken during the current academic year. These could, for example, be cross-discipline training courses, networking opportunities, placements in multidisciplinary research teams, etc. (Max. 500 words)

Success stories and impact

Please use the space below to provide any success stories relating to your research outputs and impact arising in the current reporting year. Impact can refer to any research output, from publications and conference presentations to popular writing and public engagement.

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