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Reference For: Bex McKie

Referee Prof Joseph Tobias
Position Professor of Biodiversity & Ecosystems
Department Life Sciences
Institution Imperial College London
Institution/Organisation website
Email Address

How long have you known the applicant?

1 year

In what capacity do you know the applicant?

Supervised masters project

Please indicate the cohort against which you are assessing the applicant (e.g. number of students/all students in current year/all students you have ever taught).

all (>500) masters students I have interacted with at Imperial/Oxford over 10 years

If the applicant has not yet graduated, what classification or grade do you predict that they will obtain?

If the candidate was/is employed by your organisation, please give a brief outline of their duties and standard of work:

This programme covers a wide array of research areas and methods in environmental science. Given their background and experience, what is your assessment of the applicant’s understanding of, and ability to complete, a research programme in their chosen discipline:

Bex is a very gifted biologist with wide-ranging interests and skills in biological sciences. She will complete a PhD-level research programme with ease and is highly suited to academic research.


Please assess the applicant for the following criteria. For the evidence/reason section, short phrases can be used e.g., Dissertation. If you are unable/do not wish to complete these sections, please select ‘unable to comment’ and type N/A into the free text box.

Academic Performance: Top 5%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Excellent writing and technical skills

Motivation for PhD Study: Top 5%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Very diligent worker

Ability to Organise Workload: Top 5%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Highly organised

Engagement with Constructive Feedback: Top 10%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Very good at responding appropriately and positively to feedback, even when critical

Capacity for Creative Thinking: Top 10%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Good level of independent creative thinking

Ability to Overcome Challenges: Top 5%
Evidence/reason for selection (up to 30 words): Excellent problem-solving


If the candidate’s first language is not English, do you consider their ability to read, write, speak and comprehend English adequate for the chosen programme of study:

Any other relevant information: 

Overall Assessment: Strongly recommend

Digital Signature: Joe Tobias

Date: 06/11/2023

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