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Please select the studentship opportunity you are interested in applying to: Air Pollution and Transport Emissions at King’s College London

Title Dr
First Name Najib
Last Name Altawell
Email topnumber@outlook.com
Mobile 07563301205
DOB 17/10/1972
5 Burton Close
Chessington – Surrey
United Kingdom

Nationality British
Country of Birth United Kingdom
Contry of Ordinary Residence United Kingdom
Is ENGLISH your first language? YES


Undergraduate Degree Type BSc Computer Science + MRes Nanotechnology
Course Title Environmental Engineering
Institution Nottingham University
Date Awarded/Expected 02/11/2010

Masters Level Degree Type
Degree Award
Course Title Nanotechnology
Institution Surrey University
Start Date 22/10/2002
Date Awarded/Expected 06/08/2004
Source of Funding

Have you completed another master’s level course? NO

Are you currently registered for an MPhil/PhD? NO

Have you ever registered for an MPhil/PhD course before? YES

MPhil/PhD Title Environmental engineering
Institution Nottingham University
Start Date 22/11/2005
Date Awarded/Expected 22/08/2009
Source of Funding EPSRC
If you did not complete your MPhil/PhD course please provide details below


Please provide details of any relevant Prizes or Awards

Various prizes and wards mainly related to project management and research ideas.

Do you have any relevant work experience to your chosen field of study? YES
If Yes, how many years? 12 years

Organisation GSM London
Job Title Senior lecturer & Researcher
Brief description of duties (50 words max) In addition to my own research projects, I do supervise undergraduate and postgraduate projects, in addition to lecturing.
Start Date 22/09/2014
End Date 05/10/2018

Any other relevant jobs? NO

Please provide a brief description of your academic and professional record (250 words max)

Research and lecturing (plus tutorials) and supervision (for undergraduate and postgraduate students) as well as providing guidelines and support to members of the staff (especially those who are recently appointed and teaching fellows/post doc).

Do you have any publications resulting from your work? Other dissemination activities

If other dissemination activities, please provide details below


1.The selection Process of Biomass Materials for Co-firing and for the Production of Bio-fuels
ISBN: 978-1-118-85246-0 Wiley-IEEE Press
2.Bio-Fuels: Technical Issues, Production, Policies, Regulations and commercial aspects – Pending

1. Technical Options for Off-Grid Electricity Supply.
Advanced Materials Research (volumes 463 – 454) Volume: Advanced Materials Research ll ISBN 978-3-03785-363-4 Date: 12 February 2012
2. Introduction to India’s Energy and Proposed Rural Solar-PV Electrification.
Mathematical Models and Methods in Modern Science. WSEAS Press ISBN 978-1-61804-055-8 Date: 10 December 2011
3. MCDM for Off-Grid Rural Electrification Projects: Application of Renewable Energy Analyser Two (REA2). Recent Research in Automatic Control and Electronics.
WSEAS Press ISBN 978-61804-080-0 Date: 4 April 2012
4. Rural Electrification Cooperative Model (Solar-PV) in Madhya Pradesh.
Mathematical Models and Methods in Modern Science. WSEAS Press ISBN 978-1-61804-055-8 Date: 10 December 2011
5. Financing for Rural Electrification.
IEEE Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics (CIFEr), IEEE Press. ISBN 978-1-4673-1803-7 Date: 30 March 2012
6. Renewable Energy Analyser One (REA1) Methodology Appraisal of the Business Factors (BF).
Recent Researches in Environment and Biomedicine – wseas.us
Published by WSEAS Press ISBN: 978-1-61804-075-6 Date: 9 March 2012
7. Energy Crops Optimisation Selection Process for the Commercial Production of Bio-Fuels. GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology, June 2012, Volume 1, Number 1. ISSN: 2251-3701
8. Projects and Financing Issues for Rural Electrification in the Developing Countries. GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology, June 2012, Volume 1, Number 1. ISSN: 2251-3701
9. Risk and Privacy Issues of Digital Oil Fields in the Cloud H. Jahankhani, Najib Altawell, A. Hessami Volume 534 of the series, pp 275-284 – 04 September 2015

What attracts you to this opportunity? (200 words max)

firstly, I am interested to research projects such as this project, at the same time, I have done research in this field for a number of years, and presently I am teaching similar materials and supervising students working directly or indirectly related to the above..

Please explain why you believe you are a strong candidate for this opportunity (300 words max)

As I already have a PhD in environmental engineering (in addition to my first degree and second degree (Computer science and nanotechnology), I believe that the above is a good indication that my application can be considered as “a strong candidate/application” for this position.

Do you also intend to apply for the Birkbeck studentship? Yes


Title Dr
Last Name Reynolds
First Name Michael
Institution/Organisation GSM London
Institution/Organisation website
Relationship to you Colleague
Email Address of Referee Michael.Reynolds@gsmlondon.ac.uk

Title Dr
Last Name Cignacco
First Name Bruno
Institution/Organisation GSM London
Institution/Organisation Website/URL
Relationship to you Colleague
Email Address of Referee Bruno.Cignacco@gsmlondon.ac.uk

To the best of my knowledge, the information provided by me in this application is accurate and complete.
Signed Altawell
Date 20/06/2018

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