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No projects awaiting publication at this time.

Below are lists of the PhD projects currently waiting for approval by their local organiser. The first table shows projects that have not yet been approved by the local organiser at the primary institution; the second table shows those that have received overall project approval but are awaiting approval for the second supervisor.

Projects awaiting approval by the local organiser:

Ref Title 1st Supervisor 2nd Supervisor Approver(s)
15837 Modelling Ecological Interactions, bBiodiversity and Stability Vincent Jansen Axel Rossberg Danielle Schreve, Mark Trimmer | Edit |

Projects awaiting second supervisor approval:

No projects for approval at this time.

Projects on hold:

No projects for approval at this time.

Below is a list of all projects currently published on the website, with those most recently updated appearing first. Click ‘Edit’ to modify the project or ‘Delete’ to erase it permanently.

Ref Title 1st Supervisor 2nd Supervisor
15717 Understanding zoonotic disease emergence in the context of global change David Redding (IOZ) Kate Jones (UCL) Edit |
15818 Comparative genomics of Gnathifera, an enigmatic clade of spiralian worms with significance to early animal evolution Christopher Laumer (NHM) Ferdinand Marletaz (UCL) Edit |
15617 Bees and the Morse code Elisabetta Versace (QMUL) Yannick Wurm (QMUL) Edit |
15832 Can we recreate microrefugia to reduce the impact of climate change on threatened birds? Patricia Brekke (IOZ) David Murrell (UCL) Edit |
15821 The morphological and functional impacts of natural selection and domestication Philip Cox (UCL) Anjali Goswami (NHM) Edit |
10019 Symbiosis as an adaptation to changing environments Lee Henry (QMUL) Edit |
15555 Do microbial mutualisms explain habitat specialisation in ants? Lee Henry (QMUL) Yannick Wurm (QMUL) Edit |
15750 Genetic adaptations to virus and the environment in wild chimpanzees. Aida Andres (UCL) Ziheng Yang (UCL) Edit |
15787 Natural selection during recent phenotypic evolution in domesticated species Matteo Fumagalli (QMUL) Laurent Frantz (QMUL) Edit |
15828 Forecasting how forest communities will respond to climate change and invasive species Daniel Maynard (UCL) Tim Newbold (UCL) Edit |
15473 The effects of stress on functioning and dynamics of bee colonies Vincent Jansen (RHUL) Mark Brown (RHUL) Edit |
15737 Combining movement and population ecology to inform conservation of a threatened species Malcolm Nicoll (IOZ) David Murrell (UCL) Edit |
15738 Multi-species demographic modelling to examine competition and environmental drivers in Mauritian seabird dynamics Malcolm Nicoll (IOZ) Catharine Horswill (UCL) Edit |
15836 Conservation Genomics of Insect Pollinators Ian Barnes (NHM) Mark Thomas (UCL) Edit |
15452 Dynamics of Plio-Pleistocene environments in East Africa through the study of clay sediments Javier Cuadros (NHM) Ignacio de la Torre (UCL) Edit |
15454 Resolving Deep Animal Phylogenies Through Genome-wide Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic Inference Christophe Dessimoz (UCL) Max Telford (UCL) Edit |
15519 Microplastic sources and interactions from catchment to coast Kate Spencer (QMUL) Geraldene Wharton (QMUL) Edit |
15553 Reconstructing multiple high sea level events in the Channel – the records from southwest England and south Wales Rebecca Briant (BBK) Gerald Roberts (BBK) Edit |
15554 Giants and dwarfs: body size, climate and extinction Richard Twitchett (NHM) Bridget Wade (UCL) Edit |
15620 The meconium as a unique source of eDNA for determining the diet of social wasps Alfried Vogler (NHM) Seirian Sumner (UCL) Edit |
15622 What’s happened to our social wasps and why? A genomic study of the UK common yellow jacket wasps Jinliang Wang (IOZ) Seirian Sumner (UCL) Edit |
15624 Identifying systematic biases in citizen science and crowdsourced geographic information Muki Hacklay (UCL) Ana Basiri (UCL) Edit |
15638 The earthworm and microplastics: defining intrinsic and extrinsic modifiers of biodegradation Stephen Sturzenbaum (KCL) Stephanie Wright (KCL) Edit |
15681 The future role of Citizen Science in catchment management Kate Heppell (QMUL) Muki Haklay (UCL) Edit |
15711 Identifying topographic signatures of ancient and modern Martian surface processes Stuart Grieve (QMUL) Peter Grindrod (NHM) Edit |
15712 Quantifying interactions between topographic variability and forest structure Stuart Grieve (QMUL) Geraldene Wharton (QMUL) Edit |
15835 Skull shape, function and evolution in the earliest dinosaurs Laura Porro (UCL) Paul Barrett (NHM) Edit |
15834 Detecting cryptic infection to understand the spread of an invasive wildlife disease Richard Nichols (QMUL) Trenton Garner (IOZ) Edit |
15833 How do current insect dispersal dynamics compare to natural rates-of-change? Stefan Engels (BBK) Ian Matthews (RHUL) Edit |
10060 Control and Prevention of S. mansoni transmission to Humans Edwin Routledge (Brunel) Aidan Emery (NHM) Edit |
10059 Prevalence and Ecotoxicological Risk of Retinoids in the Environment Edwin Routledge (Brunel) Rakesh Kanda (Brunel) Edit |
10052 Signs of life in Paleoarchean chemical sedimentary rocks: a strategy to search for extra-terrestrial life Dominic Papineau (UCL) Matthew Powner (UCL) Edit |
15447 Predicting human impacts and environmental change on Southeast Asian biodiversity: past, present and future Helen Chatterjee (UCL) Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Edit |
15476 Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves Edward Johnson (UCL) Ian Eames (UCL) Edit |
15533 Stability of complex ecological networks under climate change Richard Pearson (UCL) Simone Severini (UCL) Edit |
15536 Linking patterns and processes in tropical forests David Murrell (UCL) Sofia Olhede (UCL) Edit |
15570 3D measurements to explain forest structure and function Mathias Disney (UCL) Philip Lewis (UCL) Edit |
15609 Molecular absorptions in the atmosphere of the early Earth Jonathan Tennyson (UCL) Sergey Yurchenko (UCL) Edit |
15623 Climate variability, past and future Chris Brierley (UCL) David Thornalley (UCL) Edit |
15637 Reconstructing long-term trends in NW European insect biodiversity using subfossil chironomids Stefan Engels (BBK) Helen Bennion (UCL) Edit |
15661 Mapping Core-mantle boundary anisotropy with core-reflected P waves Teh-Ru Alex Song (UCL) Edit |
15664 Profiling the venomous defense system of sea urchins Ronald Jenner (NHM) Paola Oliveri (UCL) Edit |
15670 Towards net Zero Carbon Wastewater Service Evina Katsou (Brunel) Ardo Van den Hout (UCL) Edit |
15685 Raised fields of Amapá, Northern Brazil – an investigation of a pre-Columbian agricultural system Manuel Arroyo-Kalin (UCL) Dorian Fuller (UCL) Edit |
15687 The initial condition for the long-term evolution of terrestrial planets Maxim Ballmer (UCL) John Brodholt (UCL) Edit |
15688 The seismic signals of the heterogeneous Earth mantle Maxim Ballmer (UCL) Paula Koelemeijer (UCL) Edit |
15689 The dynamics of mantle plumes, and their geophysical and geochemical expressions Maxim Ballmer (UCL) Ana Ferreira (UCL) Edit |
15692 Saving a higher buzz: research-driven conservation of the shrill carder bumblebee Mark Brown (RHUL) Paul Williams (NHM) Edit |
15695 Environmental resistance: a novel approach for predicting the spread of invasive alien species Alex Pigot (UCL) Tim Blackburn (UCL) Edit |
15702 Evolutionary genomics of a major transition in evolution Seirian Sumner (UCL) Yannick Wurm (QMUL) Edit |
15729 Rates of drainage network evolution measured with detrital data and inverse methods Matthew Fox (UCL) Pieter Vermeesch (UCL) Edit |
15730 Effects of forest diversity on aquatic-terrestrial linkages and processes Julia Koricheva (RHUL) Pavel Kratina (QMUL) Edit |
15734 Role of fluids during faulting Nicolas Brantut (UCL) Phil Meredith (UCL) Edit |
15743 Biodiversity and the resilience of nature’s benefits to people in agricultural landscapes Richard Pearson (UCL) Owen Nicholas (UCL) Edit |
15744 How do greenbeard kin recognition signals evolve? Chris Thompson (UCL) David Murrell (UCL) Edit |
15745 Three-dimensional analysis of englacial channels in Alpine valley glaciers Charlie Bristow (BBK) Bethan Davies (RHUL) Edit |
15748 Using eDNA to investigate the biodiversity and genetics of tropical reef fishes Julia Day (UCL) Chris Yesson (IOZ) Edit |
15766 High Northern latitude ecosystem dynamics of the Permian and through the Permian-Triassic mass extinction Stephen Stukins (NHM) Julia Koricheva (RHUL) Edit |
15768 Stable Isotope Dietary Ecology of African Carnivores: Past and Present Philip Hopley (BBK) Chris Carbone (IOZ) Edit |
15770 Understanding the Earth’s cores: benchmarking the ELASTIC toolkit for core-forming materials Lidunka Vočadlo (UCL) John Brodholt (UCL) Edit |
15774 How do environmental filtering and competition vary with spatial scale in ecological communities? Tom Fayle (QMUL) Paul Eggleton (NHM) Edit |
15778 The Origin of Partially Molten Domains in the Lowermost Mantle through Coupled Seismic-Geodynamic Modeling Maxim Ballmer (UCL) John Brodholt (UCL) Edit |
15779 AutoID: Combining XyloTron and DART-TOFMS data for improved illegal timber identification Allan Tucker (Brunel) Richard Buggs (QMUL) Edit |
15784 Exploring hunter-gatherer human resilience in Armenia using a novel proxy for climate change, the population dynamics of small mammals from ancient DNA Selina Brace (NHM) Mark Thomas (UCL) Edit |
15797 Understanding the resilience of tropical insect communities: how do Amazonian butterflies adapt to natural seasonal cycles, and how will this help them cope with rapid anthropogenic climate change? Vicencio Oostra (QMUL) Jon Bridle (UCL) Edit |
15798 Regional climate and water sustainability in Southern Africa: tracking hydroclimate using water isotopes Jonathan Holmes (UCL) Richard Taylor (UCL) Edit |
15802 The duration, extent, demographic impact and ecological consequences of hybridisation in a multi-species, seabird hybrid complex. Malcolm Nicoll (IOZ) Richard Nichols (QMUL) Edit |
15809 Development of Sustainable Organic Waste Management Strategies for England Kok Siew Ng (Brunel) Eleni Iacovidou (Brunel) Edit |
15831 Quantifying forest structure and function over successional time Daniel Maynard (UCL) Jane Catford (KCL) Edit |
15785 Major evolutionary transitions to obligate symbioses Lee Henry (QMUL) Chema Martin-Duran (QMUL) Edit |
15790 Understanding population dynamics of threatened Caribbean mammals across space and time Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Mark Thomas (UCL) Edit |
15829 Giant rats in a changing world Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Sarah Papworth (RHUL) Edit |
15830 Asian wild bovids in a social-ecological landscape: understanding human dimensions of tamaraw conservation in Mindoro Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Emily Woodhouse (UCL) Edit |
15658 Seismically Imaging beneath Paektu/Changbaishan Volcano James Hammond (BBK) Maxim Ballmer (UCL) Edit |
15827 Imaging magma storage beneath the Canary Islands James Hammond (BBK) Chiara Maria Petrone (NHM) Edit |
15826 The genetic basis of adaptation to rapid environmental changes across species Matteo Fumagalli (QMUL) Aida Andres (UCL) Edit |
15825 The energetics and impact of plasma instabilities in the near-Earth geospace environment Daniel Verscharen (UCL) Christopher Chen (QMUL) Edit |
15813 Forecasts and Warnings of Volcanic Eruptions Chris Kilburn (UCL) Phil Meredith (UCL) Edit |
15529 Timing and controls on evolution of deep-marine lobe and related deposits, Eocene Hecho Group, Jaca basin, Spanish Pyrenees Kevin Pickering (UCL) Paul Bown (UCL) Edit |
15824 Evolution of the honeybee waggle dance Elli Leadbeater (RHUL) Vincent Jansen (RHUL) Edit |
15823 Environmental impacts of artificial lawns Rob Francis (KCL) Michael Chadwick (KCL) Edit |
15771 Neuroactive drugs in the aquatic environment – understanding their mixture effects in fish using network biology approaches Luigi Margiotta-Casaluci (KCL) Stephen Sturzenbaum (KCL) Edit |
15822 The impact of captivity and mating on the functional morphology of the carnivoran baculum Philip Cox (UCL) Ryan Felice (UCL) Edit |
15820 Predation and competition impacts on a key rodent disease host in rural Nigeria David Redding (IOZ) Kate Jones (UCL) Edit |
15819 Accessing nuclear genome data from invertebrate natural history collections, with applications in deep metazoan phylogenetics and comparative genomics Christopher Laumer (NHM) Ferdinand Marletaz (UCL) Edit |
15817 Neuroanatomical insights into the early evolution and biogeographic history of alligatoroid crocodylians Philip Mannion (UCL) Paul Upchurch (UCL) Edit |
10064 Illuminate intra-crustal magma/gas transport beneath active volcanoes with very long-period tremors (VLP) Teh-Ru Alex Song (UCL) Chris Kilburn (UCL) Edit |
15448 Evolutionary ecology of social insects and their parasites Mark Brown (RHUL) Edit |
15597 The evolution of environmental plasticity Jürg Bähler (UCL) Max Reuter (UCL) Edit |
15600 Data fusion of 20 years of polar remote sensing data: emerging climate trends? Michel Tsamados (UCL) Julienne Stroeve (UCL) Edit |
15656 Microbial life and activity on glaciers and in Arctic soils James Bradley (QMUL) Anne D. Jungblut (NHM) Edit |
15662 Late-Holocene coastal change in northwest Europe Helene Burningham (UCL) Simon Turner (UCL) Edit |
15691 Glacial erosion in the tropics: The Santa Marta Range, southern Caribbean Matthew Fox (UCL) Andrew Carter (BBK) Edit |
15709 The effect of mass extinction events on marine predators- shark extinction and recovery at the ends of the Permian and Cretaceous Richard Twitchett (NHM) Charlie Underwood (BBK) Edit |
15719 The Influence of Burned Landscapes on Wild Chimpanzee Behaviour and Forest Ecology Alexander Piel (UCL) Christophe Soligo (UCL) Edit |
15722 Understanding the robustness of a cooperative community during evolution Wenying Shou (UCL) Duncan Greig (UCL) Edit |
15725 Apes, Acoustics, and Algorithms: Machine Learning to Identify Chimpanzee Callers Alexander Piel (UCL) Christophe Soligo (UCL) Edit |
15727 Hypervariable genomes, regulation and conservation in sea urchins Ferdinand Marletaz (UCL) Paola Oliveri (UCL) Edit |
15739 Enhancing the accuracy, precision, and usefulness of ENSO forecasts for disaster risk reduction Aideen Foley (BBK) Ilan Kelman (UCL) Edit |
15763 Evolution of communication: decoding the honeybee tremble dance Elli Leadbeater (RHUL) Steve Portugal (RHUL) Edit |
15777 Deep Learning for radar altimetry echo classification and sea ice surface image recognition Michel Tsamados (UCL) Julienne Stroeve (UCL) Edit |
15795 Extreme heatwaves and responses in ecosystem climate gases Mark Trimmer (QMUL) Ozge Eyice (QMUL) Edit |
15816 Integrating past archives of crocodylians into diversity baselines and future projections Philip Mannion (UCL) Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Edit |
15815 De-risking tailings from copper mining: mineralogical and geochemical controls on environmental impacts and resource potential under different climate conditions. Katie McFall (UCL) Richard Herrington (NHM) Edit |
15814 Tracking the topographic evolution of the Sierra Nevada, California Frances Cooper (UCL) Byron Adams (UCL) Edit |
15811 Unearthing how intermixing has driven adaption in human populations Garrett Hellenthal (UCL) Aida Andres (UCL) Edit |
15810 Reservoirs of resistance: the effect of ecological shifts on the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens Gemma Murray (UCL) Jon Bridle (UCL) Edit |
15500 Evaluating the performance of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems using Enfield as a Case Study Mark Scrimshaw (Brunel) Kate Spencer (QMUL) Edit |
15573 Where are the last strongholds of marine predators in the pelagic realm? Tom Letessier (IOZ) Christophe Eizaguirre (QMUL) Edit |
15627 Vulnerability of coastal habitats to climate change and anthropogenic intervention Helene Burningham (UCL) Julian Thompson (UCL) Edit |
15634 Identifying the targets of balancing selection in wild populations Max Reuter (UCL) Aida Andres (UCL) Edit |
15675 How do species interactions and the environment combine to shape wildlife communities in the English countryside? Marcus Rowcliffe (IOZ) Allan Tucker (Brunel) Edit |
15752 Ecological niche filling by Mesozoic sharks and rays Charlie Underwood (BBK) Richard Twitchett (NHM) Edit |
15807 The evolution of morning sickness: evidence for prophylaxis hypothesis? Alecia Carter (UCL) Guy Cowlishaw (IOZ) Edit |
15806 Understanding the scope and future of global plant adaptation to herbivore attack Matt Clark (NHM) Jon Bridle (UCL) Edit |
15805 Sensory ecology of vespine wasps: a technology-led solution to understanding the honeybees of the wasp world Seirian Sumner (UCL) Lars Chittka (QMUL) Edit |
15803 The origin of Paektu volcano and associated magmatism in N Korea Eleanor Jennings (BBK) James Hammond (BBK) Edit |
15653 Genomic analysis of adaptation to environmental change Richard Nichols (QMUL) Richard Buggs (QMUL) Edit |
15663 Hominin brain evolution in a comparative context Aida Gomez-Robles (UCL) Christophe Soligo (UCL) Edit |
10061 Spatio-temporal modelling of planktonic biodiversity to resolve the paradox of the plankton Axel Rossberg (QMUL) China Hanson (QMUL) Edit |
15801 Establishing historical biodiversity baselines to guide UK wetland rewilding Danielle Schreve (RHUL) Samuel Turvey (IOZ) Edit |
15799 Modelling Species’ Movements and Interactions Using Camera Traps and AI Allan Tucker (Brunel) Chris Carbone (IOZ) Edit |
15800 Developing AI methods to Automate Species Labelling from Camera Trap Images Allan Tucker (Brunel) Chris Carbone (IOZ) Edit |
15772 Mechanisms and evolution of behavioural plasticity in solitary wasps Seirian Sumner (UCL) Elli Leadbeater (RHUL) Edit |
15794 Mapping the dynamic health of Sundarbans mangrove forests in the Bengal delta using satellite remote sensing and in-situ sensor data Mohammad Shamsudduha (UCL) Emma Tebbs (KCL) Edit |
15788 Microplastics on Sandy Beaches and Coastal Dunes Andreas Baas (KCL) Neil Rose (UCL) Edit |
15789 Impacts of Climate Change on Desert Dunes Andreas Baas (KCL) Emma Tebbs (KCL) Edit |
15642 New approaches to measuring and valuing urban forests Mathias Disney (UCL) Philip Lewis (UCL) Edit |
15657 Microbial survival in the energy-limited deep biosphere James Bradley (QMUL) Kate Spencer (QMUL) Edit |
15783 The roots of animal epigenetic regulation: insights from sponge epigenomes Alexandre de Mendoza Soler (QMUL) Ferdinand Marletaz (UCL) Edit |
15751 Fire-adapted seed and fruit traits in Cerrado species: adaptation to smoke and heat generated by wild-fires in the Brazilian biodiversity hotspot Gerhard Leubner (RHUL) Cristina Garcia (RHUL) Edit |
15780 Detrital mineral records of magmatism and fertility in porphyry copper districts Jamie Wilkinson (NHM) Pieter Vermeesch (UCL) Edit |
15755 Creating a tephrochronological framework for linking climate, environmental change and human colonisation of the South Pacific. Anna Bourne (QMUL) Simon George Lewis (QMUL) Edit |
15753 Testing the impact of abrupt climate change on prehistoric societies Ian Candy (RHUL) Ian Matthews (RHUL) Edit |
10063 High temperature fracture and flow in volcanic systems Peter Sammonds (UCL) Edit |
10004 Evaluating earthquake information in the light of public needs David Alexander (UCL) Ilan Kelman (UCL) Edit |
10036 The Honey Bee: An Emerging Model Organism for Epigenetics. Paul Hurd (QMUL) Rob Lowe (QMUL) Edit |
15455 Fundamental Studies of Mineral Carbonation with Application to CO2 Sequestration Devis Di Tommaso (QMUL) Edit |
15518 Assessment of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the nematode: an invertebrate model for a complex discipline Stephen Sturzenbaum (KCL) Volker Arlt (KCL) Edit |
15561 Developing the Role of Museum Collections in Mammalian Conservation Genomics: SE Asia as a Case Study Laurent Frantz (QMUL) Ian Barnes (NHM) Edit |
15586 Informing Critically Endangered giant salamander conservation in China Andrew Cunningham (IOZ) Laurent Frantz (QMUL) Edit |
15648 Imaging the multi-scale landscape of the core-mantle boundary Paula Koelemeijer (UCL) Ana Ferreira (UCL) Edit |
15667 Extending the Holocene tephrochronological framework for palaeoclimate and palaeoecological records into southern Europe Celia Martin-Puertas (RHUL) Simon Blockley (RHUL) Edit |
15668 Evaluating the impact of North Atlantic atmospheric circulation modes on the limnological evolution of Diss Mere, Norfolk Celia Martin-Puertas (RHUL) Chris Brierley (UCL) Edit |
15676 When the cat is away, the mouse will play: maximising effectiveness of marine enforcement and monitoring in the 21st century Tom Letessier (IOZ) Kate Jones (UCL) Edit |
15683 Big data and mobile technology for health emergencies in Brazil and LMIC countries Patty Kostkova (UCL) Kate Jones (UCL) Edit |
15724 Plants and their traits: major axes of specialization Neil Brummitt (NHM) Jane Catford (KCL) Edit |
15726 Can ecological biomes be defined by the traits of the plants found there? Neil Brummitt (NHM) Mark Mulligan (KCL) Edit |
15736 Understanding health impacts for aquatic wildlife exposed to neonicotinoid pesticides Thomas Miller (Brunel) Edwin Routledge (Brunel) Edit |

Below are lists of the PhD projects that currently have edits waiting for approval.

Ref Title Edits for Admin Check Edits for Local Approver Check Approval Status Date Submitted
15704 Rediscovering the forgotten forests: evaluating the potential of wet woodlands as nature-based solutions at a landscape scale 2 2

Awaiting response from Danielle Schreve, awaiting response from Jason Dittmer

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