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Elves-Powell, J., Dobson, C.R., Axmacher, J.C. and Durant, S.M. Records of climbing by Asian Badger Meles leucurus from the Republic of Korea. Small Carnivore Conservation. 2024
Ken G. Drouillard, Linda Campbell, Dennis Otieno, James Achiya, Albert Getabu, Job Mwamburi, Lewis Sitoki, Reuben Omondi, Anakalo Shitandi, Bethwell Owuor, James Njiru, George Bullerjahn, R. Michael Mckay, Kefa M. Otiso, Emma Tebbs, Katelyn Barker, Max Beal, Katelyn Brown, Aidan Byrne, Linet I. Kiteresi, Davide Lomeo, Samantha Mohney, Kaela Natwora, Omondi A. Owino, Jordyn Stoll, Mariam N. Swaleh, Emily Varga, Ryan Wagner, Brittany Zepernick Increasing mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification rates of Nile perch (Lates niloticus L.) in Winam Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya Science of The Total Environment 2024
Adam G.G. Smith, Matthew Fox, Jeffrey R. Moore, Scott R. Miller, Liran Goren, Matthew C. Morriss, Andrew Carter One Million Years of Climate-Driven Rock Uplift Rate Variation on the Wasatch Fault Revealed by Fluvial Topography American Journal of Science 2024
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Luis Moliner Cachazo, Kaelo Makati, Michael A. Chadwick, Jane A. Catford, Benjamin W. Price, Anson W. Mackay, Michael D. Guiry, Michael Murray-Hudson & Frances Murray-Hudson review of the freshwater diversity in the Okavango Delta and Lake Ngami (Botswana): taxonomic composition, ecology, comparison with similar systems and conservation status Aquatic Sciences 2023
Aaron Halpern, Lilly R. Bartsch, Kaan Ibrahim, Stuart A. Harrison, Minkoo Ahn, John Christodoulou, Nick Lane Biophysical Interactions Underpin the Emergence of Information in the Genetic Code MDPI Life 2023
Jack Dignan, Matthew Hayward, Dimitra Salmanidou, Mohammad Heidarzadeh, Serge Guillas Probabilistic landslide tsunami estimation in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia, using statistical emulation AGU Earth and Space Sciences 2023
Chris Brierley, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Edward Grindrod, and Jonathan Barnsley Indian Ocean variability changes in the Palaeoclimate Model Intercomparison Project Climate of the Past 2023
Laura Kor, Mauricio Diazgranados Identifying important plant areas for useful plant species in Colombia Biological Conservation 2023
Marcin Latas, Paul N. Pearson, Christopher R. Poole, Alessio Fabbrini, Bridget S. Wade Globigerinoides rublobatus – a new species of Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera Journal of Micropalaeontology 2023
Monteith, Donald T. Henrys, Peter A. Hruška, Jakub de Wit, Heleen A. Krám, Pavel Moldan, Filip Posch, Maximilian Räike, Antti Stoddard, John L. Shilland, Ewan M. Pereira, M. Gloria Evans, Chris D. Long-term rise in riverine dissolved organic carbon concentration is predicted by electrolyte solubility theory Science Advances 2023
Coutinho CD, Ford CE, Trafford JD, Duarte A, Rebelo R, Rosa GM Non-Lethal Detection of Ranavirus in Fish Viruses 15, no. 2: 471. 2023
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Carmen Nab, Robbie Mallett, William Gregory, Jack Landy, Isobel Lawrence, Rosemary Willatt, Julienne Stroeve, Michel Tsamados Synoptic variability in satellite altimeter-derived radar freeboard of Arctic sea ice Geophysical Research Letters 2023
Marshall, A. F., Balloux, F., Hemmings, N., Brekke, P. Systematic review of avian hatching failure and implications for conservation Biological Reviews 2023
Elves-Powell, J., Neo, X., Park, S., Woodroffe, R., Lee, H., Axmacher, J.C. and Durant. S.M. A preliminary assessment of the wildlife trade in badgers (Meles leucurus and Arctonyx spp.) (Carnivora: Mustelidae) in South Korea. Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity. 2023
Ryan L Payton, Yizhuo Sun, Domenico Chiarella, Andrew Kingdon Pore Scale Numerical Modelling of Geological Carbon Storage Through Mineral Trapping Using True Pore Geometries Transport in Porous Media 2022
Stuart A Harrison, Raquel Nunes Palmeira, Aaron Halpern, Nick Lane A biophysical basis for the emergence of the genetic code in protocells BBA Bioenergetics 2022
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Connor Lovell, Shiya Li, Jessica Turner, Chris Carbone The effect of habitat and human disturbance on the spatiotemporal activity of two urban carnivores: The results of an intensive camera trap study Ecology and Evolution 2022
Elias J. Rugen, Jon R. Ineson, Robert Frei Low oxygen seawater and major shifts in the paleoenvironment towards the terminal Ediacaran: Insights from the Portfjeld Formation, North Greenland Precambrian Research 2022
Liam CD Dickson, Stuart RB Negus, Christophe Eizaguirre, Kostas Katselidas Gail Schofield Aerial Drone Surveys Reveal the Efficacy of a Protected Area Network for Marine Megafauna and the Value of Sea Turtles as Umbrella Species Drones 2022
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Harvinder Pawar, Harrison J. Ostridge, Joshua M. Schmidt, Aida M. Andrés Genetic adaptations to SIV across chimpanzee populations PLOS Gentics 2022
L Kor, B O’Hickey, M Hanson, M Coroi Assessing habitat connectivity in environmental impact assessment: a case-study in the UK context Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 2022
Rowena Hill, Richard Buggs, Dang Toan Vu, Ester Gaya Lifestyle transitions of fusarioid fungi are frequent and lack clear genomic signatures Molecular Biology and Evolution 2022
Li, Y., Powell, J., Jin, A., Ryoo, H.K., Li, H., Pandey, P., Zhu, W., Li, D. and Lee, H. Community attitudes towards Amur tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) and their prey species in Yanbian, Jilin province, a region of northeast China where tigers are returning. PLoS One. 2022
Adam G.G. Smith, Matthew Fox, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Andrew Carter Comparing methods for calculating channel steepness index Earth-Science Reviews 2022
Groh S, Upchurch P, Barrett, Day JJ How to date a crocodile: estimation of neosuchian clade ages and a comparison of four time-scaling methods Palaeontology 2022
JE Isip, MEH Jones, N Cooper Clade-wide variation in bite-force performance is determined primarily by size, not ecology Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2022
Powell, J. Arctic Expedition Tourism: Participant Perspectives. Exploration Revealed. 2022
Powell, J. and Choi, T. Bear Farms in South Korea: An End to Policy Deadlock in Sight? International Bear News. 2022
Lomeo D., Singh M. Cloud-Based Monitoring and Evaluation of the Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Southeast Asia’s Mangroves Using Deep Learning Remote Sensing 2022
Ryan L. Payton, Domenico Chiarella, Andrew Kingdon The influence of grain shape and size on the relationship between porosity and permeability in sandstone: a digital approach Scientific Reports 2022
Ryan L. Payton, Domenico Chiarella, Andrew Kingdon The upper percolation threshold and porosity–permeability relationship in sandstone reservoirs using digital image analysis Scientific Reports 2022
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Robbie DC Mallett, Julienne C Stroeve, Michel Tsamados, Jack C Landy, Rosemary Willatt, Vishnu Nandan, Glen E Liston Faster decline and higher variability in the sea ice thickness of the marginal Arctic seas when accounting for dynamic snow cover The Cryosphere 2021
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Blogs & Popular Science Articles



Student Award Awarding Organisation Year
Alex Clark QRA New Research Workers Award Quaternary Research Association 2024
Alex Clark IQUA Bill Watts Award Irish Quaternary Association 2023
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Best Conference Poster Prize Joint DTP Conference 2022
Reagan Pearce Postgraduate Writing Award ECOS 2023
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Travel grant The Malacological Society of London 2023
Konstantinos Panagiotidis 3-Minute-Thesis (2nd Prize) Brunel University London 2023
Jack Dignan Student Travel Award Society of Industrial and Applied Mathemetics 2023
Adam Cotterill Geoff Brown Prize Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group 2021
Eleanor Tinsley Best First Year Talk GEE 2023
Jessica Savage Best First Year Talk of Ecology, Evolution and Biology group at the Royal Holloway Postgraduate Symposium Royal Holloway University of London 2022
Samuel Shrimpton Centre for Public Engagement Large Grants Queen Marys University of London 2021
Aaron Halpern UCL GEE Science communication prize 2021
Harrison Ostridge Best Twitter Flash Talk Popgroup 55 conference – the genetics society 2022
Konstantinos Panagiotidis 1st prize (Poster category) Brunel University London 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell BES Public Engagement and Science Communication Awards 2021 – Highly Commended British Ecological Society 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Capturing Ecology 2021 – Ecology in Action, Student Winner British Ecological Society 2021
Tara O'Neill Royal Holloway Doctoral School Virtual Conference Third Place Poster Competition Royal Holloway Doctoral School 2021
Laura Kor Plant Science Story Global Plant Council 2021
Ashleigh Marshall GEE PGR Summer Event – Heat 1 Prize UCL 2021
Sebastian Groh MAPS Faculty Award for Excellency in Teaching UCL Maps Faculty 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell The Explorers Club 50 The Explorers 50 2021
Thomas Baird MAPS Education Award MAPS – University College London 2020
Thomas Baird PGTA Faculty Education Award MAPS – University College London 2019
Hester Hanegraef 1st place judges vote for best Pecha Kucha student presentation ESHE Conference 2020
Hester Hanegraef 1st place judges vote for best oral presentation NHM Student Conference 2020
Hester Hanegraef 3rd place public vote for best poster Dynamic Earth: The Joint DTP Conference 2019
Tara O'Neill Royal Holloway Doctoral School Virtual Conference Best Poster Royal Holloway Doctoral School 2020
Michael J Williamson DTP Conference Student Presentation NERC DTP 2019
Liam Nash Runner Up Best Talk ZSL IOZ Student Conference ZSL 2019
Ryan Payton Best Second Year RHUL Earth Sciences Annual Seminar Presentation RHUL 2020
Alexandra McGoran 1st Place NHM student conference Sci Art NHM 2020
Stephen Long Outreach and Engagement Award – New Researcher Royal Society of Biology 2019
Josh Pike EPICA Descartes Prize European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) 2019
Josh Pike INQUA Dublin 2019 conference grant Quaternary Research Association 2019
Adrienne Kerley 2nd Place Public Choice Talk Dynamic Earth Conference 2019
Thomas Baird Best Student Presentation 10th International Conference of Aeolian Research (ICARX) 2018
Alexandra McGoran NHM Student Conference best oral presentation NHM 2019
Alexandra McGoran Linnean Society Student Conference – Judge’s vote for best oral presentation Linnean Society 2019
Alexandra McGoran Dynamic Earth – 3rd place oral presentation day 2 – judges NERC – Dynamic Earth Joint DTP Conference 2019 2019
Tara O'Neill Best poster NERC Doctoral Training programme 2018
Tara O'Neill Best student poster Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2018
Tara O'Neill Best talk Royal Holloway 2019
Tara O'Neill 3 Minute Thesis Royal Holloway 2019
Liam Fitzpatrick Best poster award – second place Dynamic Earth Conference committee 2019
Kate Laxton Poster Prize – Popular Vote Dynamic Earth DTP Committee 2019
Annalisa Sheehan Judges 1st Poster Prize Dynamic Earth The Joint DTP Conference 2019
Rowena Hill Engaging Sustainability – Joint DTP Conference 2020 2020
Georgina Fauconier (Collins) Third Prize Poster Winner Brunel University London 2018
Stephen Long Dynamic Earth: The Joint DTP Conference – Photo Competition Dynamic Earth Conference Committee 2019
Ryan Payton Best First Year RHUL Earth Sciences Annual Seminar Presentation RHUL 2019
Stephen Long Institute of Zoology Annual Student Conference, award for oral presentation Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London 2018
Josh Pike INTIMATE Example Summer School Attendance grant INTIMATE 2018


Student Grant Awarding Organisation Value Year
Joanna Tindall Access and Widening Participation Summer Challenge Award UCL £1280 2019
Stephen Long Frank Carter Travel Award 2019
Joanna Tindall INQUA 2019 Travel Fund QRA £275 2019
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Postgraduate Grant International Association of Sedimentologists £1000 2019
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Postgraduate Research Grant British Society for Geomorphology £1000 2019
Stephen Long Mead Travel Fund 2018
Joanna Tindall NIGL Grant-in-Kind for Stable Isotope Work NERC Stable Isotope Facility (BGS) £30000 2018
Joanna Tindall NIGL Grant-in-Kind for Stable Isotope Work NERC Stable Isotope Facility (BGS) £28000 2018
Stephen Long Daisy Balogh Fund 2017
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Ian Gass Bursary Open University £2000 2017
Angharad Jones Jackson School of Geosciences Student Member Travel Grant Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 2017
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Kirsty Brown Memorial Fund administered by Royal Holloway £1000 2017
Angharad Jones Quaternary Conference Fund Quaternary Research Association £400 2017
Angharad Jones Travel and Subsistence Grant for visit to Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain SYNTHESYS 2017
Angharad Jones Travel and Subsistence Grant for visit to Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany SYNTHESYS 2017
Angharad Jones Travel and Subsistence Grant for visit to Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Austria SYNTHESYS 2017
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Crowther Fund Open University £300 2016
Thomas Matthew Vandyk Robert Scott Memorial Award CASP, administered by Geological Society of London £1000 2016
Charlie Hackforth ATBC Seed Research Grant Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation £1000 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell BES Regional Fund (Public Engagement) British Ecological Society £1000 2020
James Gilbert Bioscientifica Standard Grant Bioscientifica Trust £1700 2021
Emily Watt Bogue Research Fellowship Bogue Research Fellowship Committee, UCL £5445 2022
Laura Kor BSBI Training Grant Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland £85 2021
Stuart Negus Centre of Public Engagement Large Grant – Dronespot Queen Mary, University of London Centre for Public Engagement £9800 2021
Emeline Favreau Conference Participation Fund The Royal Entomological Society £450
Liam Fitzpatrick Daisy Balogh Travel Award Zoological Society of London £1000 2018
Kate Laxton DCO VMSG 2019 ECR Bursary Deep Carbon Observatory £400 2018
Luis Moliner Cachazo Department of Geography Small Grants Fund, Round 2 King’s College London £300 2021
Hannah Woodward DTP Enhancement Scheme London NERC DTP 2023
Eleanor Tinsley DTP Enhancement Scheme – Summer 2023 London NERC DTP £750 2023
Stephen Long Early Career Scientist Travel Fund International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) 2019
Claire Marie Routledge European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) Scholarship to Urbino Summerschool of Paleoclimatology European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) £1200 2019
Liam Fitzpatrick Field Research for Conservation Saint Louis Zoo £7531 2017
Liam Fitzpatrick Field Research for Conservation Saint Louis Zoo £7909 2019
Alexandra McGoran Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust Small Grant Scheme Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable trust £1000 2019
Adam Cotterill GRSG Student Award The Geological Remote Sensing Group 2020
Alice CarterChampion INQUA 2019 Travel Fund QRA £280 2019
Alice CarterChampion INQUA congress bursary INQUA £370 2019
Liam Fitzpatrick International Travel and Fieldwork Grant British Society for Parasitology £1500 2018
Kelly Gunnell International Waters Network Graduate Fellowship International Waters Network – University of British Colombia £2000
Alice CarterChampion INTIMATE conference support EGU Galileo £470 2018
Emeline Favreau Junior Scientist Conference Grants The Genetics Society £150
Emeline Favreau Junior Scientist Conference Grants The Genetics Society £624.20
Olly van Biervliet Matthew Good Foundation (raised by OvB for Tropical Biology Association during internship) Matthew Good Foundation £10000 2020
Alice CarterChampion Mead Travel Fund Department of Geography, UCL £370 2018
Cecile Porchier Mead Travel Fund UCL Geography £735 2019
Maria Zicos Natural Environment Isotope Facility – grant number 2281.0420 Natural Environment Research Council £17412 2020
Cecile Porchier NEIF 2411.0321 NERC – NEIF £24150 2021
Alex Clark NEIF Cosmogenic Nuclide Grant National Environmental Isotope Facility £31787 2023
Cecile Porchier New Research Worker Award Quaternary Research Association £1000 2020
Liam Fitzpatrick Postgraduate Research Fund Queen Mary, University of London £2000 2018
Eugenie (Charley) Yen QMUL Centre for Public Engagement Large Grant QMUL Centre for Public Engagement £10000 2021
Ewan Shilland Quaternary Research Association New Research Workers Award Quaternary Research Association £1200 2021
Johanna Rehbein Queen Mary Impact Fund Queen Mary University of London £6000 2023
Reagan Pearce Research Scholarship The Anglo-Danish Society £2500 2022
Kate Laxton Reservoirs and Fluxes – Expedition to Ol Doinyo Lengai Deep Carbon Observatory £16000 2019
Charlie Hackforth RGS-IBG Postgraduate Research Award Royal Geographic Society £1250 2022
Laura Kor SSPP Small Bursary Grant King’s College London £250 2021
Joe Sumesar-Rai Tim Newling Fieldwork Fund Birkbeck, University of London 2019
Emeline Favreau Travel Grant The Royal Society of Biology £500
Emeline Favreau Travel Grant North West Section of IUSSI £1000
Stephen Long Travel Grant Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) 2018
Kate Laxton UCL-ROME Partnership Cities partnerships Programme £5000 2019


Student Course Name Host Year
Hannah Woodward Climate Modelling Summer School NCAS 2023
Ushemegbe Rita Ekhareafo Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching Council of Australian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching 2023
Alex Clark Wester Ross Field Meeting Quaternary Research Association 2023
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Communicating Research to Industry Vitae UK 2023
Alex Clark Data Management British Geological Survey 2022
Jessica Savage InStil Royal Holloway University of London 2022
Aidan Byrne Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute 2022
Friso De Graaf Networking For Researchers Queen Mary University of London 2022
Jack Dignan Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Research and Engineering International Community (SPHERIC) Training Day University of Catania/INGV Catania 2022
Luis Moliner Cachazo Taxonomy of major groups of benthic macroinvertebrates and their use in monitoring aquatic ecosystem Society for Freshwater Science (Africa Chapter) 2022
Friso De Graaf Speed Reading for Researchers Queen Mary University of London 2022
Reagan Pearce Electric Fishing Training Institute of Fisheries Management 2022
Alex Clark Geochronology SUERC 2022
Jessica Savage GIS and R Spatial Analysis Centre for Hydrology and Ecology 2022
Emily Watt Arena One Teaching Associate Programme UCL 2022
Luis Moliner Cachazo CDS Academic Writing Workshop King’s College London (Centre for Doctoral Studies) 2022
Luis Moliner Cachazo Introduction to R Natural History Museum 2022
Jessica Savage Fieldwork First Aid Royal Holloway University of London 2022
Ashleigh Marshall Can we be Bias-free? ZSL 2021
Jessica Savage Fundamentals of Academic Writing Royal Holloway University of London 2021
Jack Dignan Fundamental Theory of Statistical Inference London Taught Course Centre/Imperial College London 2021
Evangelia K. Tripoliti Diamond Light Source SR School 2021 Diamond Events 2021
Jack Dignan Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Short Course University of Parma 2021
Nathanael Harwood Gotham International Summer School Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) 2021
Jack Dignan Gaussian Process and Uncertainty Quantification Summer School University of Sheffield 2021
Jessica Savage Public engagement training Institute of Zoology 2021
Ashleigh Marshall Introduction to Research Support and Integrity UCL 2021
Mira Adhikari Learning Python LinkedIn Learning 2021
Alexandra McGoran Communicating with the media Lefevre Media 2021
Harrison Ostridge Population genomics: Background, tools, and programming EMBO 2021
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Introduction to Sequencing Data and Quality Control NERC Environmental Omics Facility (NEOF) 2021
Joe Sumesar-Rai Mineralogical Society: Science Communication Workshop Mineralogical Society 2021
Guy Mercer Comparative Genomics Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics 2020
Evangelia K. Tripoliti IUCr/DGK High Pressure Summer School 2020 – Introduction to Novel Methods of Atomic and Electronic Structure Studies at High Pressures Bayreuth University, Germany 2020
Guy Mercer New Trends in Bioinformatics by ECCB ECCB 2020
Tara O'Neill Soils University of Lancaster via Future Learn 2020
Tara O'Neill Social Enterprise Royal Holloway, University of London 2020
Marie C Henniges Machine learning in Python Transmitting Science 2020
Ashleigh Marshall Introduction to Qualitative Research: Interviewing UCL 2020
Ashleigh Marshall Evidence Synthesis UK Centre for Ecology and & Hydrology (UKCEH) 2020
Liam Nash Stable Isotope Mixing Models using SIBER, SIAR, MixSIAR (SIMM06) PR Statistics 2020
Ashleigh Marshall Introduction to Meta-Analysis UCL Centre for Applied Statistics (CASC) 2020
Ashleigh Marshall Developing Activities with your Audience in Mind British Ecological Society (BES) 2020
Ashleigh Marshall Arena One: Gateway Workshop UCL 2020
Tara O'Neill Rural Entrepreneurship Open University 2020
Joe Sumesar-Rai Elsevier Researcher Academy: Publishing in Geochemistry Journals (Workshop) Elsevier 2020
Liam Fitzpatrick Species distributions models: concepts, methods, applications, and challenges University of Evora 2019
Michael J Williamson ESA Ocean Remote Sensing Workshop European Space Agency 2019
Marie C Henniges Programming in Python Codefirst Girls 2019
Marie C Henniges Introduction to Web Development Codefirst Girls 2019
Josh Pike Ice Core Analysis and Techniques Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute 2019
Ashleigh Marshall Introduction to GitHub Workshop Researc/hers Code (held at UCL) 2019
Alexandra McGoran Science Communication to a TV Audience / Writers Kings College London 2019
Ashleigh Marshall Public Engagement Training Zoological Society of London (ZSL) 2019
Ryan Payton UCL OpenFOAM Workshop 2019 UCL 2019
Emma-Louise Cooper Innsbruck: Alpine Remote Sensing Summer School Obergurgyl 2019
Ashleigh Marshall Level 3 Outdoor First Aid Training Zoological Society of London (ZSL) 2019
Rowena Hill Phylogenomics workshop Physalia courses 2019
Josh Pike Advanced techniques in sediment core analysis and core data visualisation National Oceanography Centre 2019
Emma-Louise Cooper Boscorf: Advanced Techniques in Sedimentology National Oceanography Centre 2019
Lauren Cox Nature Research Author Workshop UCL 2019
Maria Zicos Computational Molecular Evolution Wellcome Genome Campus 2019
Amanda Cooper PfCO CAA Drone Training Course Drone Pilot Academy 2019
Michael J Williamson Movebank Workshop 2019 Movebank 2019
Marie C Henniges Molecular Phylogenetics University of Cambridge 2019
Michael J Williamson PR Statistics Move02 Workshop PR Statistics 2019
Stefan Gillot Atmospheric Measurement Summer School NCAS 2019
Stephen Long Marine Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Programme (IODE) of the UN 2019
Stephen Long NERC Ocean Gliders Advanced Training Short Course University of East Anglia 2019
Joanna Tindall SUERC isotope training course SUERC 2018
Tara O'Neill Introduction to Metabolomics for the Microbiologist Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre, University of Birmingham 2018
Josh Pike INTIMATE Example Summer School 2018 INTIMATE 2018
Tara O'Neill Advanced Excel Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2018
Alice CarterChampion INTIMATE Example training school INTIMATE 2018
Tara O'Neill Earthworm Identification Angela Marmont Centre, Natural History Museum, London 2018
Liam Fitzpatrick Statistical models for wildlife population assessment and conservation University of Kent 2018
Thomas Baird Application of SEM and EPMA in the Earth Sciences Natural History Museum 2018
Thomas Baird 2nd Heavy Mineral Analysis School University Milano-Biccoca 2018
Liam Fitzpatrick Mathematical Models for Infectious Disease Dynamics Wellcome Trust 2018
Liam Fitzpatrick Public engagement in science Zoological Society of London and Grant Museum, UCL 2018
Alice CarterChampion NERC palaeoclimate modelling course University of Reading 2018
Alice CarterChampion ICAT – Ice Core Analysis Techniques Neils Bohr Institute – University of Copenhagen 2017
Alice CarterChampion MAPERS University of Leeds – NERC funded short course 2017
Alice CarterChampion NERC advanced training short coure – XRF BOSCORF, NOC Southampton 2017
Ashley Abrook Conference Organising Royal Holloway, University of London; Quaternary Research Association 2017
Stephen Long GIS Training Workshop Zoological Society of London 2017
Anna Lavelle Fine Sediment and Hydroecology Environment Agency 2017
Anna Lavelle Urban Rivers and Streams: Assets or Pollution Pathways CIWEM 2017
Anna Lavelle Introduction to the UK Water Industry CIWEM 2017
Paul Barnes Emergency First Aid at Work British Red Cross 2017
Alexander Steele COMSOL workshop COMSOL 2017
Paul Barnes Tropical Plant Families Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 2017
Mattia Ciro Mancini Postgraduates who teach in Geography King’s College London – Royal Geographical Society 2016
Alexander Steele Arena One: Gateway (Teacher Training) Training Course UCL 2016
Anna Lavelle Freshwater Bioassessment University of Stirling 2016
Anna Lavelle Consulting Skills University College London 2016
Angharad Jones Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics Transmitting Science 2016
Alexander Steele Research Integrity Training Course UCL 2016
Paul Barnes Environmental Justice (10 weeks) University of East Anglia (Online) 2016
Anna Lavelle Applying for Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy King’s College London 2016
Anna Lavelle Writing a Literature Review for the Sciences 2016
Anna Lavelle Preparing for the Upgrade from MPhil to PhD King’s College London 2016
Angharad Jones Managing and Organising your Data Royal Holloway University of London 2016
Agnese Marino How to organise and negotiate research collaborations UCL 2016
Alexander Steele Numerical Modelling in Earth Sciences Training Course Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) 2016
Agnese Marino Agent based modelling Bournemouth University 2016
Angharad Jones Organising a Conference Royal Holloway University of London 2016
Paul Barnes Indonesian Language Course (10 weeks) School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) 2016
Anna Lavelle Preparing to Teach in Higher Education King’s College London 2015
Paul Barnes Introduction to Using R for Spatial Analysis Course Liverpool University (London Campus) 2015
Angharad Jones Ethics in Geographical Research Royal Holloway University of London 2015
Angharad Jones Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Royal Holloway University of London 2015
Paul Barnes Challenges of Multidisciplinary Methods in Socio-Environment Research (CLOSER) Kings College London 2015
Angharad Jones Introduction to Scientific Programming Royal Holloway University of London 2015
Agnese Marino Environmental statistics and data analytics training 2015
Paul Barnes Interdisciplinary Studies of Evidence UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme (DSDP) 2015
Agnese Marino Statistical analysis methods for epidemiology and social sciences 2015
Anna Lavelle Electrofishing Course Institute of Fisheries Management 2015
Daniel Chadwick Electrofishing course Institute of Fisheries Management 2015
Paul Barnes Academic Writing UCL DSDP 2015
Paul Barnes UCL Arena One: Gateway Workshop UCL Arena 2015
Paul Barnes Think-Write: Planning and writing your thesis UCL DSDP 2015
Paul Barnes Introduction to Qualitative Research: In-depth Interviewing UCL DSDP 2015
Paul Barnes Reading for a PhD UCL DSDP 2015
Paul Barnes Social Science Methods: Introduction to Statistics (12 weeks) UCL DSDP 2015
Paul Barnes Generating Grant Funding UCL DSDP 2014

Engagement and other activities

Student Project Title Year
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Human-Wildlife Coexistence Community of Practice. Talk (Human-wildlife coexistence in North Korea: dominant themes of conflict, consumptive use and trade) 2024
Joshua Elves-Powell Explorers (Year 1) – Laxton Junior School, Oundle 2024
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL MSc Conservation – Guest Lecture (Key Topics in Conservation: Wildlife Trade, plus Dissertation Projects & Careers in Conservation) 2023
Eugenie (Charley) Yen QMUL Festival of Communities (2023) 2023
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Brunel x Wageningnen University Research day 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Institute of Zoology Speed Talk (What happened to big cat trade in the Republic of Korea?) 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell Biosciences Society, University of York – Seminar (Human-Carnivore Dynamics and Wildlife Trade on the Korean Peninsula) 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Predators and Primates section. Talk (Carnivores of Korea) 2023
Eugenie (Charley) Yen QMUL A Night of Science and Engineering (2023) 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell Viking – programme of 6 guest lectures in Norway (including ‘Wolves in the Woods: Living with Large Carnivores in Europe’) 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell School talk – Cranbrook School, Kent (Yr 12 & 13) 2023
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL MSc Conservation – Guest Lecture (Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK)-based methods in conservation science & Careers in Conservation) 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Accounting for Sustainability (A4S), Scaling up Solutions: tackling the nature crisis – Q&A with Joshua Powell 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Department of Geography Geosciences Seminar, University of Nottingham – Seminar (What can (local) ecological knowledge tell us about mammal populations and wildlife trade in North Korea?) 2022
Jessica Savage Refugia 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Seoul National University Wildlife Surveyor Training Program – Lecture (Applied conservation science and mixed methods approaches) 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Seoul National University Wildlife Surveyor Training Program – Lecture (Mammal population monitoring and calculating species density from field survey methods) 2022
Simon Opie Space Science Week 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Koh Sang Woo: Forever Free, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul – Scientific advisor on tiger conservation. 2022
Stuart Negus Festival of Communities 2022 2022
Eugenie (Charley) Yen QMUL Festival of Communities (2022) 2022
Luis Moliner Cachazo Pint of Science 2022 (part of the organising committee at King’s College London) 2022
Stuart Negus PPI Drone Workshop 2022 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell National Geographic Explorer Seminar – Explore: Conservation Science, with Joshua Powell 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL British Science Week 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell Human-leopard co-occurrence in human-dominated landscapes (인간 지배적 경관 속인간과 표범의 동시 발생) – presentation at The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea 2022
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL Bear Enthusiasts Activists Researchers Society (UCL BEARS) – Seminar (A discussion on moon bear conservation in South Korea) 2022
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Broadly Scientific – Organiser 2022
Eugenie (Charley) Yen Wild-Live Streaming (2021-ongoing) 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL MSc Conservation – Guest Lecture (The Wildlife Trade in Carnivores & Careers in Conservation) 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Fellows Event (Conservation Science on the Korean Peninsula) 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Careers in Geography 2021
Jessica Savage A Scientist in your Classroom 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell National Geographic Explorer Film Night – Saving Britain’s Islands 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell KPMG Wild. Talk: The Wildlife Trade in Large Carnivores 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust SDG Breakfast Chats: SDG 15 Life on Land 2021
Mira Adhikari Natural Sciences: Safeguarding our Future through Sustainability, Alternative Energy and Future Technologies 2021
Alexandra McGoran Our Broken Planet: How we got here and ways to fix is – Natural History Museum Display 2021
Reagan Pearce London NERC DTP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Student Representative 2021
Liam Nash Talking Spiders – Instagram Live for The Big Draw Festival 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Conservation Genome Resource Bank for Korean Wildlife Seminar Series, Seoul National University, South Korea. Talk: Biodiversity Conservation in the UK 2021
Alexandra McGoran Livery Schools Link Careers Day – Fishmongers Company 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Conservation Genome Resource Bank for Korean Wildlife Seminar Series, Seoul National University, South Korea. Talk: Ecology and Conservation Science 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Physical Geography Seminar Series, UCL Department of Geography. Talk: The past, present and future of big cats on the Korean Peninsula 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell Peace and Unification Research Project, Seoul National University, South Korea. Talk: Trends in the use of Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK)-based techniques in ecological research and potential application for North Korea 2021
Alexandra McGoran Port of London Authority Environment Webinar 2021
Ashleigh Marshall Meet a Scientist – British Science Week 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell “Wildlife Tracks” World Wildlife Week 2021 with The Explorers Club – South Island takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri) 2021
Joshua Elves-Powell ZSL Science and Conservation Event (Island conservation: protecting global biodiversity) 2021
Alexandra McGoran Global Science Show – SciArt event 2021
Alexandra McGoran Talk of the Thames – TEP Podcast 2021
Alexandra McGoran Linnean Society – Linnean Learning interview for Instagram 2021
Reagan Pearce London NERC DTP Students For Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell FUTURES x Instagram for European Researchers’ Night 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL MSc Conservation – Guest Lecture (Large Carnivore Research, Rangers Without Borders & Careers in Conservation) 2020
Laura Kor Kew Youth Explainers 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell Ask the Expert with the UCL School Engagement Programme 2020
Joshua Elves-Powell UCL Access and Widening Participation Office Virtual Visits – Taster Lecture Presenter for secondary schools (Conservation Science and Endangered Large Carnivores: the Amur Tiger in North-East Asia) 2020
Alexandra McGoran NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2020 2020
Evangelia K. Tripoliti Demonstrating 1st year modules: MATLAB, the earth, earth materials 2020
Alexandra McGoran WWF Young Changemakers Convention 2020
Alexandra McGoran Online NHM Nature Live 2020
Alexandra McGoran Online NHM Nature Live 2020
Alexandra McGoran Solutions to Plastic pollution 2020
Alexandra McGoran Nature live Online – Plastics in the Thames 2020
Alexandra McGoran New Scientist Live 2019 2019
Tara O'Neill Brilliant Club Scholars Programme 2019
Alexandra McGoran ERN 2019 2019
Ryan Payton European Researchers Night 2019 2019
Kate Laxton European Researchers Night 2019 2019
Emeline Favreau Science Pen Pal 2019
Alexandra McGoran NHM Patrons Open House 2019
Rowena Hill Kew Science Festival 2019
Alexandra McGoran Scientific advisor – Wombles 2019
Ashleigh Marshall #ORNITHOLODAY – Twitter takeover of the British Ornithologists’ Union (BOU) Twitter account @IBIS_journal 2019
Alexandra McGoran The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019 2019
Leila Fouda Tower Hamlets Festival of Communities 2019
Leila Fouda Pint Of Science 2019 2019
Ashleigh Marshall Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society Social Media Editor 2019
Alexandra McGoran NHM Lates – Copycats 2019
Alexandra McGoran RHUL – Business Cards 2019
Alexandra McGoran NHM Lates NERC 2018
Kate Laxton European Researchers Night 2018 2018
Alexandra McGoran European Researchers Night 2018 2018
Stephen Long Polar Fish Trade Fair, Sisimiut, Greenland 2018
Stephen Long Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018
Marie C Henniges Science Festival Kew and Wakehurst 2018
Lucy Roberts Aquatic Transitions: Tracking the nature and trajectories of change using paleolimnological approaches 2017
Joanna Tindall NHM Learning Volunteer 2016
Paul Barnes ZSL Sunset Safaris 2015 – “Talk to a scientist” 2015

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