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Additional Supervisors

Please add details of additional supervisors on your project, whether at DTP partner organisations or based at external organisations.

CASE Partnership


Include here collaborators that are not directly supervising your project, or acting as CASE partners. Informal and short-term collaborations belong here.
Detail any financial contributions by the collaborator, including bursaries, contributions to your RTSG, etc
Detail in-kind contributions such as expertise, time, equipment, access to field sites, etc

Background Reading

Please list any background reading to the project. This does not include publications resulting directly from this PhD project.

Grants and Awards


Please list any additional funding grants you have been awarded.


Please list any awards you have received (e.g. conference prizes)
Did this award come with cash a prize?

Project Outputs


Please list any publications relating to this PhD research project. Please only list here publications that you have authored. If you wish to list media coverage of your research, please include it in the News section below.
A comma-separated list of authors on the publication

Conference Talks and Posters

Please detail conferences and workshops you have attended, or where you have presented posters or talks.


Please add details of any datasets available online produced by this project.


Please add details of any media produced by this project (e.g. images, videos, radio / podcast interviews etc)

Maximum file size: 67.11MB

In the News

Please list any media coverage of your work.

Professional Development


e.g. UKRI, Royal Society, London NERC DTP


Please include any training courses you have attended.
Include training courses I have done on my student profile

Engagement & Other Activities

Please add any public, schools or other engagement activities you are part of.
Describe the project and your role within it.

Maximum file size: 67.11MB

Please upload any photos, videos or audio from the project.
I was a Student Rep
I was on the joint summer conference committee

Annual Report

Please use the space below to provide any success stories relating to your research outputs and impact.

Social Links

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