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Name PhD Title Theme Start Year
Lydia Franklinos Modelling the current and future global burden of vector-borne diseases Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Zikmund Bartonicek Environmental monitoring of medically and veterinary important snails and their trematodes Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Nancy Bird How environmentally induced adaptation and migration events have shaped the DNA of world-wide human populations Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Hugh Carter The genetic architecture of colour and the evolution of marine colour polymorphisms Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Rachel Hunt Application of computational Tsunami Hazard models to Characterise Local Tsunami sources and map high-risk Coastal Regions in eastern Indonesia Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Stefanie Kaupa TBC Pan-disciplinary [1506]
Marcin Latas TBC Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Robbie Mallett TBC Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Ashleigh Marshall TBC Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Jonathan Mille TBC Natural and Biological Hazards [1506]
Liam Nash TBC Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Ryan Payton TBC Environmental Pollution [1506]
Cecile Porchier TBC Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Lewis Revely TBC Evolution and Adaptation [1506]
Carole Roberts TBC Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes [1506]
Annalisa Sheehan TBC Environmental Pollution [1506]
Ewan Shilland TBC Environmental Pollution [1506]
Laura Sivess TBC Biodiversity and Ecology [1506]
Joseph SumesarRai TBC Past Life and Environments [1506]
Apoorva Upadhyay TBC Environmental Pollution [1506]
Amy Walsh TBC Past Life and Environments [1506]
Jack Wharton TBC Solid Earth Dynamics [1506]

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