The DTP Team

UCL is the Administrative Lead Partner of NERC DTP, with ultimate responsibility on behalf of all Partners for compliance with the DTP award agreement and for monitoring, data submission and the DTP’s training activities.

Mark Maslin

DTP Grant Holder

Mark Maslin is the Grant holder of the London NERC DTP.  

Kevin Fowler

DTP Director

Kevin Fowler is Director of The London NERC DTP. He oversees the day-to-day running of the DTP. Kevin is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at UCL. A former Royal Society URF, his primary research interests are in sexual selection and sexual antagonism. Recently he also served as a Panel Chair with NERC’s Peer Review College (Evolution portfolio).

David Thornalley

DTP Deputy Director of Training

David Thornalley is Deputy Director of The London NERC DTP. He oversees the training framework and cohort development. David is Associate Professor of Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography at UCL. His primary interests are in reconstructing Atlantic circulation and its impact on the climate system and ecosystems, on timescales spanning Ice Age cycles to decadal changes during the industrial-era.

Karina Dixon

DTP Manager

Karina Dixon is the Manager of the London NERC DTP and is responsible for managing all aspects of the DTP’s admin activities and supporting the day-to-day running of the student selection process, training programme, monitoring and communications. Karina is also responsible for the liaison with local administrators at each Partner Institution to synchronise procedures across the Partnership as well as with key staff in the Research Councils and manages all the financial aspects of the Training Partnership .

Kate Moore

DTP Co-ordinator

Kate Moore is the Co-ordinator of the London NERC DTP and supports the manager with the day-to-day running of the DTP. Her key areas of responsibility are the administration of the London NERC DTP; co-ordination of the studentship competition and processes; maintaining and updating the DTP website. Kate is also responsible for providing general student support, overseeing the organisation of the undergraduate REP scheme and liaising with external associate partners to establish CASE partnerships and internships.

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