Our students have published their work in numerous journal articles, reports, books, book chapters and blogs. See below for a full list of publications from London NERC DTP students.

Journal Publications

Author(s) Title Journal Year
Mérai Z, Graeber K, Wilhelmsson P, Ullrich KK, Arshad W, Grosche C, Tarkowská D, Turečková V, Strnad M, Rensing SA, et al. Aethionema arabicum: a novel model plant to study the light control of seed germination Journal of Experimental Botany 2019
Cantlay, J.C., Portugal, S.J. & Martin, G.R. Visual fields and foraging ecology of Blacksmith Lapwings Vanellus armatus Ibis 2019
Arshad W, Marone F, Collinson M, Leubner-Metzger G, Steinbrecher T Fracture of the dimorphic fruits of Aethionema arabicum (Brassicaceae) Botany 2019
Vandyk T.M., Wu G., Davies B., Xiao Y., Li M., Shields G., le Heron, D. Temperate glaciation on a Snowball Earth: Glaciological and palaeogeographic insights from the Cryogenian Yuermeinak Formation of NW China Precambrian Research 2019
Tomos Proffit, Carmen Martin-Ramos Oldowan/Acheulean Succession at Olduvai eLS 2019
Michael J. Williamson, Emma J. Tebbs, Terence P. Dawson and David M. P. Jacoby Satellite Remote Sensing in Shark and Ray Ecology, Conservation and Management Frontiers in Marine Science 2019
Ruzicka, F., Hill, M.S., Pennell, T.M., Flis, I., Ingleby, F.C., Mott, R., Fowler, K., Morrow, E.H. and Reuter, M., Genome-wide sexually antagonistic variants reveal long-standing constraints on sexual dimorphism in fruit flies PLOS Biology 2019
Gibb, R., Browning, E., Paul Glover-Kapfer, P., Jones, K. E. Emerging opportunities and challenges for passive acoustics in ecological assessment and monitoring Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2019
Franklinos, L. H., Jones, K. E., Redding, D. W., & Abubakar, I. The effect of global change on mosquito-borne disease The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2019
Le Heron D.P., Vandyk, T.M. A slippery slope for Cryogenian diamictites? The Depositional Record 2019
Arshad W, Sperber K, Steinbrecher T, Nichols B, Jansen V, Leubner‐Metzger G, Mummenhoff K Dispersal biophysics and adaptive significance of dimorphic diaspores in the annual Aethionema arabicum (Brassicaceae) New Phytologist 2019
Mikaël J.A. Maes, Kate E. Jones, Mireille B. Toledano, Ben Milligan Mapping synergies and trade-offs between urban ecosystems and the sustainable development goals Environmental Science & Policy 2019
Le Heron D.P., Vandyk T.M., Kuang H., Liu Y., Chen X., Wang Y., Yang Z., Sharfenberg L., Davies B., Shields G. A bird’s eye view of an Ediacaran subglacial landscape Geology 2019
Long, S., Jones, P.J.S., Zoavina, R. and Hadj-Hammou, J. Governance analysis of a community managed small-scale crab fishery in Madagascar: novel use of an empirical framework Marine Policy 2019
Xiao Y., Wu G., Vandyk T.M., You L. Geochronological and geochemical constraints on Late Cryogenian to Early Ediacaran magmatic rocks on the northern Tarim Craton: implications for tectonic setting and affinity with Gondwana International Geology Review 2019
Sam Ronan Finnegan , Nathan Joseph White , Dixon Koh , M. Florencia Camus , Kevin Fowler and Andrew Pomiankowski Meiotic drive reduces egg-to-adult viability in stalk-eyed flies Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2019
Tofaif S., Vandyk T.M., Le Heron D.P., Melvin, J Glaciers, flows, and fans: Origins of a Neoproterozoic diamictite in the Saratoga Hills, Death Valley, California Sedimentary Geology 2019
Wilhelmsson P, Chandler J, Fernandez-Pozo N, Graeber K, Ullrich K, Arshad W, Khan S, Hofberger J, Buchta K, Edger P, et al. Usability of reference-free transcriptome assemblies for detection of differential expression: a case study on Aethionema arabicum dimorphic seeds BMC Genomics 2019
Vandyk T.M., Le Heron D.P., Chew D.M., Amato J.M., Thirlwall M., Dehler C.M., Hennig J., Castonguay S.R. Knott, T., Tofaif S., Ali D.O., Manning C.J., Busfield M.E., Doepke, D., Grassineau, N. Precambrian olistoliths masquerading as sills from Death Valley, California Journal of the Geological Society 2018
Wu G., Yuan Y., Huang S., Vandyk T.M., Xiao Y., Cai Q., Luo B. The Dihedral Angle and Intersection Processes of a Conjugate Strike-Slip Fault System in the Tarim Basin, NW China Acta Geologica Sinica 2018
Kristen Steele, Sally Chadwick, Alison Debney, Matthew Gollock Variation between European eel Anguilla anguilla (L.) stocks in five marshes of the Thames Estuary (United Kingdom) Wetlands Ecology & Management 2018
Meschis, M., Roberts, G. P., Robertson, J., & Briant, R. M. The relationships between regional Quaternary uplift, deformation across active normal faults, and historical seismicity in the upper plate of subduction zones: The Capo D’Orlando Fault, NE Sicily. Tectonics 2018
Le Heron D.P., Busfield M.E., Ali D.O., Vandyk T., Tofaif S. A tale of two rift shoulders, and two ice masses: the Cryogenian glaciated margin of Death Valley, California Geological Society of London Special Publication 2018
Henriques S., Miñano J., Pérez-Zarcos L., Řezáč M., Rodríguez F., Tamajón R., Martínez-Avilés J. First records of Loureedia (Araneae, Eresidae) from Europe, with the description of a new species and a survey of the genus Revista Ibérica de Aracnología 2018
Richard Beason, Rüdiger Riesch, Julia Koricheva AURITA: an affordable, autonomous recording device for acoustic monitoring of audible and ultrasonic frequencies Bioacoustics 2018
Michael Pante, Jackson K. Njau, Blaire Hensley-Marschand, Trevor L. Keevil, Carmen Martin-Ramos, Renata F. Peters, Ignacio de la Torre The carnivorous feeding behavior of early Homo at HWK EE, Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania Journal of Human Evolution 2018
Evans, T, Kumschick, S, Şekercioğlu, ÇH, Blackburn, TM. Identifying the factors that determine the severity and type of alien bird impacts Divers Distrib 2018
Le Heron D.P., Vandyk T.M., Wu G., Li M. New perspectives on the Luoquan Glaciation (Ediacaran‐Cambrian) of North China The Depositional Record 2018
E Favreau, C Martínez-Ruiz, L Santiago Rodrigues, R L Hammond, Y Wurm Genes and genomic processes underpinning the social lives of ants Current Opinion in Insect Science 2018
Faulkner, S. C., Stevens, M. C., Romañach, S. S., Lindsey, P. A. and Comber, S. C. A spatial approach to combatting wildlife crime Conservation Biology 2018
Evans, T., Pigot, A., Kumschick, S., Şekercioğlu, Ç. H., & Blackburn, T. M. Determinants of data deficiency in the impacts of alien bird species Ecography 2018
Pracana, R. , Levantis, I. , Martínez‐Ruiz, C. , Stolle, E. , Priyam, A. and Wurm, Y. Fire Ant Social Chromosomes: Differences in Number, Sequence and Expression of Odorant Binding Proteins Evolution Letters 2017
Massara, T.M., Komesli, O.T., Sozudogru, O., Komesli, S., Katsou, E., A Mini Review of the Techno-environmental Sustainability of Biological Processes for the Treatment of High Organic Content Industrial Wastewater Streams Waste Biomass Valori 2017
Walshe, R, Chang Seng, D, Bumpus A, Auffray, J Perceptions of adaptation, resilience and climate knowledge in the Pacific. The cases of Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 2017
Le Heron D.P., Tofaif S., Vandyk T., Ali D.O. A diamictite dichotomy: Glacial conveyor belts and olistostromes in the Neoproterozoic of Death Valley Geology 2017
Dorward, L. J., Mittermeier, J. C., Sandbrook, C. and Spooner, F. Pokémon Go: Benefits, Costs, and Lessons for the Conservation Movement. Conservation Letters 2017
Le Heron D.P., Busfield M.E., Ali D.O., Al Tofaif S., Vandyk T.M. The Cryogenian record in the southern Kingston Range, California: The thickest Death Valley succession in the hunt for a GSSP Precambrian Research 2017
Massara, T.M., Malamis, S., Guisasola, A., Baeza, J.A., Noutsopoulos, C., Katsou, E., A review on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions during biological nutrient removal from municipal wastewater and sludge reject water. Sci. Total Environ 2017
Reuter, M., Camus, M. F., Hill, M. S., Ruzicka, F., & Fowler, K. Evolving Plastic Responses to External and Genetic Environments Trends in Genetics 2017
A.W. Britton, J.J. Day, C.J. Doble, B.P. Ngatunga, K.M. Kemp, C. Carbone, D.J. Murrell Terrestrial-focused protected areas are effective for conservation of freshwater fish diversity in Lake Tanganyika Biological Conservation 2017
Ramos, A., Fernández, O., Torne, M., Sánchez de la Muela, A., Muñoz, J.A., Terrinha, P., Manatschal, G. and Salas, M.C. Crustal structure of the SW Iberian passive margin: The westernmost remnant of the Ligurian Tethys Tectonophysics 2017
Faulkner SC, Verity R, Roberts D, Roy SS, Robertson PA, Stevenson MD & Le Comber SC Using geographic profiling to compare the value of sightings vs trap data in a biological invasion. Diversity and Distributions: a journal of conservation biogeography 2016
I. Candy A. Abrook F. Elliot P. Lincoln I. P. Matthews A. Palmer Oxygen isotopic evidence for high-magnitude, abrupt climatic events during the Lateglacial Interstadial in north-west Europe: analysis of a lacustrine sequence from the site of Tirinie, Scottish Highlands Journal of Quaternary Science 2016
Mancini, M.C.; Kovacs, K.; Wailes, E.; Popp, J. Addressing the Externalities from Genetically Modified Pollen Drift on a Heterogeneous Landscape Land 2016
Mothes, P. A, Yepes, H. A., Hall, M. L., Ramon, P. A., Steele, A. L. & Ruiz, M. C. The scientific-community interface over the fifteen-year eruptive episode of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador Journal of Applied Volcanology 2015
Hall, M. L, Steele, A. L., Bernard, B., Mothes, P. A., Vallejo, S. X., Douillet, G. A., Ramon, P.A., Aguaiza, S. X., Ruiz, M. C. Sequential plug formation, disintegration by vulcanian explosions, and the generation of granular pyroclastic density currents at Tungurahua volcano (2013-2014), Ecuador Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2015
Hidalgo, S., Battaglia, J., Arellano, S., Steele, A., Bernard, B., Bourquin, J., Galle, B., Arrais, S., Vasconez, F. SO2 degassing at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) between 2007 and 2013: Transition from continuous to episodic activity Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2015
Faulkner SC, Stevenson MD, Verity R, Mustari AH, Semple S, Tosh DG, Le Comber SC. Using geographic profiling to locate elusive nocturnal animals: A case study with spectral tarsiers. Journal of Zoology 2014


Author(s) Title Publication Year
Barnes, P Monitoring Monotremes: Establishing a conservation evidence base for long-beaked echidnas in Papua 2015

Books & Book Chapters

Author(s) Title Publisher Year
Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti Believe it or Snot (ISBN: 978-1529403398) Quercus 2019
Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti True or Poo? (ISBN: 978-1787475915) Quercus 2018
Dani Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso ‘Does It Fart?’ – a zoology-humour book (ISBN: 978-1786488268) Quercus 2017
Leckie, R.M., Wade, B.S., Pearson, P.N., Fraass, A.J., King, D.J., Olsson, R.K., Premoli Silva, I., Spezzaferri, S., and Berggren, W.A. Taxonomy, Biostratigraphy, and Phylogeny of Oligocene and Lower Miocene Paragloborotalia and Parasubbotina in Wade, B.S., Olsson, R.K., Pearson, P.N., Huber, B.T. and Berggren, W.A. (Eds.), Atlas of Oligocene Planktonic Foraminifera Cushman Foundation Special Publication 2017
Leif Bersweden The Orchid Hunter: A young botanist’s search for happiness (ISBN: 978-1780723341) Short Books Ltd 2017
Massara, T.M., Katsou, E., Guisasola, A., Rodriguez-Caballero, A., Pijuan, M., Baeza, J.A., Modelling of N2O emissions in a full-scale activated sludge sequencing batch reactor. in Mannina, G. Ed. Frontiers in Wastewater Treatment and Modelling. Springer 2017
Mavrogenis, S., Theodorou, P. & Walshe, R. A. Climate Change Adaptation: A Critical Approach in The Routledge Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction Including Climate Change Adaptation Routledge 2017

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