Hydroclimate-integrated Modelling System for Disaster Risk Reduction in Complex Urban Environments

Theme: Environmental Physics & Mathematical Modelling

Primary Supervisor:

Ting Sun

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL

Ting Sun's Profile Picture

Project Description:

Climate change’s impact on urbanised areas, particularly the increased frequency of hydroclimate extreme events, is a critical research gap that needs filling. Advancements in high-resolution natural-social system modelling can help analyse these threats. Future-facing climate simulations can predict risk propagation under various hydroclimate scenarios, helping inform urban development and emergency management strategies.

However, the intersection of compound hydroclimate extremes, human dynamics, and risk-informed mitigation measures remains unexplored. This project would integrate hydroclimate modelling, machine learning, and agent-based modelling to construct a state-of-the-art system to provide pioneering insights and theoretical underpinning to inform urban resilience strategies.

Policy Impact of Research:

The system to construct in this project could influence future urbanisation plans and help evaluate modifications to existing landscapes and practices, increasing climate resilience.

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