Upcoming workshop at ZSL – Early reproductive failure in birds and reptiles!

During this in-person workshop, participants will learn how to diagnose the causes of egg hatching failure in birds and reptiles, including how to examine unhatched eggs to determine whether they have been fertilised, assess sperm numbers reaching the egg, and obtain DNA from embryos that have died early for genetic analysis. We will demonstrate practical methods and discuss their potential applications, as well as providing opportunities for participants to gain hands-on experience with the techniques.

Microscopy experts from Olympus will be on hand to offer guidance and discuss equipment requirements, and there will be an opportunity to visit the London Zoo bird collection with ZSL staff and learn how these methods inform the management of zoo collections. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided, and participants will also be granted access to professionally filmed recordings of talks and demonstrations for reference after the event.

No prior knowledge of reproductive biology or microscopy is required. Participants will be facilitated by tutors with expertise in diagnosing avian and reptilian fertility issues across a wide range of species and using their findings to inform conservation management in both captive and wild populations.

Talks taking place as part of this workshop will be recorded for distribution with attendees following the event for continued learning. By attending the workshop you consent to any question you ask in any Q&A session being included in the recording.

Ticket prices

Full price = £80

Student price = £40

ZSL staff = free

Deadline: 11/09/2023

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