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Are you approaching your upgrade and could use some good advice on how to frame the value of what you do or how your research is going to make a difference? Maybe you are preparing for your VIVA and need to make an impact assessment.

Or are you perhaps nearing the end of your PhD and starting to wonder what your opportunities are after your VIVA and how best to explore and “sell” your skills- in or outside of academia?

 The SPERO workshops is on “entrepreneurial thinking” and through this lens we are working on exploring how to perceive the full spectre and inherent opportunities in your skillset. How you “sell” yourself and your ideas and how to think outside of the academic box and start thinking innovatively.

With SPERO workshops they help you realise what your particular skillsets are (your unfair advantage) and teach you how to apply them to think innovatively about your career and options. They will explore what it means to be “entrepreneurial” in an academic sense- and maybe later- how to apply them in a business sense; starting your own business or working as an consultant. But above all we will explore the real-world value and impact of your PhD and your skillset.

Basically they offer: “post PhD life-training”

They have a whole range of workshops for you starting with a small 2-hour taster:


SPERO introduction: How to think entrepreneurially about your career

This 2-hour introductory workshop will help you discover entrepreneurial skills you didn’t know you had.

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If you like that you might want to come along to SPERO 1: Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and mindset

In this one-day workshop you’ll learn how having an entrepreneurial mindset can benefit how you approach your current research and future career.

You can explore where your skills and interests can lead you and whether being an entrepreneur and start your own venture- or social venture, is something for you.

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Finally, you might know that what you want to do is to make a difference but haven’t quite found out how to go about that yet? Then we have the workshop for you!

SPERO: A practical guide to social entrepreneurship

In this one-day workshop you’ll learn what social entrepreneurship is and what’s involved in developing a social entrepreneurship venture. Using a new research-based tool, you’ll analyse social entrepreneurship case studies to help you understand the process involved in developing a social entrepreneurial project. You’ll then analyse a social problem and come up with a plan for how you could solve it using a social entrepreneurial approach.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sascha Olinsson (sascha.olinsson@ucl.ac.uk)

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