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The Research school on changing climates in the coupled earth system (CHESS) invites PhD students to apply for a summer school on cryospheric monitoring and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction that will be held in the Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway between the 17th and 22nd of September. The course will focus on combining satellite observations and UAVs to study recent glaciers and rock glaciers changes, as well as lake sediment coring and quaternary field-based mapping to reconstruct longer-term changes over palaeo timescales. Thanks to generous support from the University of Bergen academia agreement 10 fully funded spots for PhD students working on related topics are being offered.

When: 17-22 September 2023
Where: Lyngen Alps, Northern Norway
Credits: 4 ECTS
No. of spots: 10
Lecturers: Benjamin Robson (UiB), Pål Ringkjøb Nielsen (UiB), Jostein Bakke (UiB), Jan Magne Cederstrom (UiB), Kristian Vasskog (UiB), Olena Dubovyk (UiB),
Target Group: PhD students with a background in cryospheric sciences, but also students working with topics within the Earth Sciences with an interest in learning more about remote sensing and geomatics.
Course responsible: Benjamin Robson
Application Deadline: 18th May 2023 at 14.00 Norwegian time

Course description

This 6-day course will introduce PhD students to various methods relevant for studying contemporary and paleo glaciological environments and processes. We will focus on integrating close-range remote sensing techniques (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; UAVs, tablet-based GIS geomorphological mapping) with Earth Observation Data (satellite data, aerial photography, interferometry datasets), shallow seismic approaches (such as ground penetrating radar and CHIRP) along with analysis of geological archives such as lake sediments including both bathymetric surveys and sediment coring. The course will equip students with sufficient skills to collect high-quality data in the field to study how glacial landforms and landscapes have changed over a range of timescales.

This course will be held in tandem with the UiB course GEOV226: Field and Laboratory Course in Quarternary Geology, with the PhD students actively working with the master-level students from UiB. Ten spots are available for the course, which will be assigned to a mixture of  PhD students that are part of the Norwegian CHESS (Research school on changing climates in the coupled earth system) school and international PhD students. Priority will be given to students that can demonstrate that the scope of the course is related to their PhD projects.

Students will rank their preferences in methods when applying for the course. They will primarily work with their assigned methods, but if time allows, there may be the opportunity also to be introduced to additional methods.

Please see further details here.

Deadline: 18/05/2023

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