First Light Festival, 16-18 June – seeking PhD researchers

The Natural History Museum are looking for NERC DTP PhD researchers to come and discuss their research at the First Light Festival, taking place in Lowestoft June 16-18, 2023. Further details can be seen below. If you are interested in contributing, or would like to find out more, please contact Fareeda Atwan –, National Learning Programmes Developer, NHM by Tuesday 9th May.


NHM will be participating for the third year at First Light Festival in Lowestoft June 16-18, 2023. Engaging with Our Broken Planets four key themes – Food, Materials, Energy and Health – activity will aim to show why and how our relationship with the natural world needs to change.

FLF’s 2023 theme will be marking 10-years since a tidal surge from Kirkley stream, Lowestoft caused flooding affecting over 160 homes and businesses and the anniversary of the 1953 flooding. Lowestoft is a coastal location, and like many other UK coastal and rural locations, the climate crisis manifests as a dramatically increased and changeable risk of flooding. This will affect homes and livelihoods as well as water availability and sanitation across the whole country, not just areas of high flood risk. Across the globe, issues of flooding, drought, water hazard and availability will increasingly often be the most impactful result of our changing climate.

In light of the anniversary of the flooding, the festival’s theme this year will focus on topics around sustainability and addressing growing eco anxiety amongst local residents and young people. The themes highlight the importance of extending the reach and impact of our existing priority projects, Our Broken Planet and Urban Nature Project to foster discussion and dialogue through public engagement with the planetary emergency. NHM activity will bring together scientists and researchers that are working to tackle these issues and generate dialogue around how we can better understand the changing environment and advocate for local solutions, and mitigation strategies.

As there will be a focus on flooding, some key themes suggested include rewilding projects to restore our ecosystem and reduce the risk of floods; weather monitoring and how data can be used to understand the interaction between weather and human habitats; making use of monitoring tools to better understand water related hazards and mitigation strategies. However, any research that fits into the remit above would be welcome.

Deadline: 09/05/2023

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