The Brilliant Club: Tutoring Opportunities for PhD and early career researchers 2022/23

The Brilliant Club’s Researcher Development Programme offers PhD and Early Career Researchers a meaningful, paid, professional development opportunity.

Their mission is to support less advantaged pupils to have fair access to university. They do this by training PhDs and ECRs as tutors to deliver two programmes in non-selective state schools. The Scholars Programme allows researchers to share their subject expertise, delivering an academically challenging supra-curricular course; The Brilliant Tutoring Programme allows researchers to use their subject knowledge to support pupils to develop in key curriculum areas.

Researcher development opportunities:

Tutors working with The Brilliant Club will develop Vitae compatible competencies. They will:

• Gain valuable teaching and public engagement experience.
• Receive expert training and support.
• Help pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to have improved life chances.
• Deepen their knowledge of the UK education system.
• Earn from £500 per placement.


Please see further details here: TBC_TutorRecruitment_BTP+TSP_Flyer_2022-23 (5)

Apply here:




Deadline: 25/09/2022

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