Grantham Institute’s student led events: A Changing Planet Seminar and Women in STEM Seminar.

Grantham Institute’s student led events: A Changing Planet Seminar and Women in STEM Seminar.

These will be happening in person and livestreamed to an online audience as well. Both events will be followed by a chance to network at the event space.

A Changing Planet Seminar: Seasonal rainfall over Eastern Africa and the Tropics: Trends, Climate Models and Projections

Wed, May 18, 2022 4:00 PM (South Ken, Silwood, Online)

In this Changing Planet Seminar on interconnected earth systems, Dr Caroline Wainwright, Research Fellow at Grantham Institute, will focus on the tropics’ strong seasonal cycle of rainfall, with marked wet and dry seasons. These seasons are of key societal importance to populations across the global tropics, impacting sectors including agriculture, health and energy. Recent declines in seasonal rainfall across Eastern Africa are linked with decreasing food security and other challenges. Yet, future projections suggest an increase in rainfall over Eastern Africa. This discrepancy between recent trends and future projections is known as the East Africa Climate Change Paradox. Furthermore, climate models used to produce projections under future climate do not capture the correct seasonal cycle over Eastern Africa, leading to questions on the reliability of projections. This adds to the challenges around communication of future projections over the region.


Women in STEM Seminar: From forests to oceans: ecosystem responses to environmental change

Fri, May 27, 2022 4:00 PM (South Ken, Online)

The impact of human-driven environmental change is a major driver of biodiversity loss. This has profound implications for species and our ecosystems across the planet, from forests to oceans. An improved understanding of how different ecosystems interact with the climate is vital in reaching a sustainable balance between productive and healthy ecosystems. In this fourth Women in STEM seminar, we bring together three researchers who all work on different aspects of ecosystem responses to environmental change for a panel discussion.

Speakers: Chaired by Prof Anne Robertson (University of Roehampton), in conversation with Dr. Emma Cavan (Imperial College London) and Dr. Estrella Luna (University of Birmingham).

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