Regenerative agriculture: exploring the interrelationships between food-soil-plastics

This project is available from the academic year 2024/25 onwards.

Theme: Environmental Hazards & Pollution

Primary Supervisor:

Eleni Iacovidou

Life Sciences, Brunel

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Secondary Supervisor:

Olwenn Martin

Arts Sciences, UCL

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Project Description:

Essential resources such as food produced in agriculture sector, is subject to multiple interactions with soil as well as plastic components used by sector. These interactions often result to multiple inefficiencies, either in the food yield and quality, as well as on the soil condition and microplastics waste generation. To create regenerative agricultural systems we need to exploit the synergies between food-soil-plastics and investigate the potential for waste reduction and creation of value. Therefore, this study aims to analyse the potential for agricultural waste and pollution reduction by exploring the food-soil-plastic nexus and the linkages between these components, in order to identify hidden and unanticipated impacts in order to promote efficiency and regeneration in the agricultural system. Using a systems-based approach the project will look at the three systems independently to: a) evaluate the processes and stakeholders involved in the decision-making processes and structures; and then collectively to: b) illustrate how resource fluxes create linkages between these systems; and c) identify the levers of change, unintended consequences and opportunities for creating sustainable synergies under different scenarios.

Policy Impact of Research:

This study will illuminate the decision-making structures and power-relations in the food-soil-plastic nexus; and support the regenerative agricultural intervention that link food-soil-plastic cycles, to achieve a sustainable bioeconomy. It will make suggestion on improvements to reduce overall waste and pollution in agriculture, and propose sustainable resource recovery pathways.

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