Megan McGrory’s article published in Journal of Physical Chemistry

DTP student, Megan McGrory’s (Cohort 4) journal article about her research on the refractive index of polystyrene beads as a function of temperature was published, open access, this year in Environmental Pollution (2020).

Megan demonstrated a new contact-less technique for determining the refractive index of solid aerosol particles as a function of wavelength and temperature (20–234 °C) simultaneously. Megan used this technique to report the wavelength and temperate dependent refractive index of polystyrene beads. These results allow for more accurate calibration of aerosol measuring instruments, for example nephelometers. and this technique also opens the door for temperature experiments on atmospheric aerosol.

Megan McGrory, author provided.

Megan has a CASE partnership with Rutherford Appleton Laboratory .

Please see here for the full article: htps://

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