Student Jennifer Cantlay’s article published in Global Ecology and Conservation

DTP student Jennifer Cantlay’s (Cohort 4) article about her visual field and behavioural research with seaducks has recently been made available online in Global Ecology and Conservation.

Jennifer examined the visual fields of Long-tailed ducks to understand their three-dimensional view of the world, of relevance for their feeding behaviour. She then performed an experiment to trial the effectiveness of different types of LED lights as underwater deterrents to foraging in order to consider whether their application on gillnets would be a potentially beneficial seabird bycatch mitigation strategy for this species. The findings indicated that none of the LED lights acted as an effective deterrent to foraging and one white flashing light type appeared to attract ducks towards it, which led her to advise against using these LED lights on gillnets.

Jennifer has a CASE partnership with the RSPB, this research will help to inform their work with gillnet fisheries.

Please see here for the full article:

A male long-tailed duck. Jennifer Cantlay, Author provided
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