Stop, collaborate & listen: Gender equality in social data science

Join us for an evening discussion with our awesome panel of leading computational social scientists and data scientists on collaboration, equality, and skills future social scientists need to work with big data.

Collaboration has been a key theme in academia in recent years. Discipline lines have blurred as the research community adopts a more interdisciplinary approach, and the tech industry and social scientists have been trying to work closer together. Meanwhile, the unprecedented growth of large-scale social data has allowed social scientists to investigate research questions at a scale previously unimaginable, fostering the adoption of new skills and partnerships.

But if the collaborative teams and researchers working in these exciting new areas aren’t diverse, how will research findings truly reflect the society we live in?

Hear from our panellists Milena Tsvetkova, Chanuki Seresinhe, Giselle Cory and James Allen Robertson, on how they got started working with data, what exciting projects they’re part of, and what skills they think students should focus on to work with big data, both in industry and academia.

The panel, chaired by Katie Metzler, Associate VP of Product Innovation at SAGE Publishing, will address why gender equality is so important in more male dominated industries and disciplines and why a collective responsibility is key to achieving gender parity.

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Researc/hers Code is a student-run community that supports women in tech and academia. You can find out more on

Deadline: October 7, 2019
Date: October 8, 2019

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