Mapping Core-mantle boundary anisotropy with core-reflected P waves

Theme: Solid Earth Dynamics

Primary Supervisor:

Teh-Ru Alex Song

Earth Sciences, UCL

Teh-Ru Alex Song's Profile Picture

Project Description:

Core mantle boundary, separating the solid silicate mantle from the liquid iron core, serves as the focal point to the exchange of heat and mass between the mantle and core, governing the dynamics, structure and evolution of the Earth’s interior. Primary features near the core mantle boundary, or the D’’ layer, include large low velocity provinces (LLVPs) and ultra-low velocity zones (ULVZs). The dynamics and the style of mantle flow near these enigmatic domains can not be untangled without observations of seismic anisotropy and a robust understanding of deformation mechanism or rheology. This project proposes a simple, effective and high-resolution probe of the D’’ layer using novel observations of core-reflected P wave and the result of this proposed work will serve as the basis of distinguishing and validating deformation mechanism, mantle flow patterns, the nature of LLVPs and ULVZ.

Policy Impact of Research:

one key contribution of this new project is to estimate of P wave radial anisotropy in the D’’ layer.

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