The Wombles are coming back – and need your help!

The Wombles were environmental pioneers of their day – picking up litter and recycling rubbish wherever they went. In 2019, they have so many other environmental problems to contend with!

The team behind the Wombles is looking for input from natural and environmental scientists to increase the richness of the environmental storylines they weave into the episodes. Storylines that will give children and their parents a sense of what is worth protecting in nature, and that show ways of doing so – that inspire action rather than simply bread concern.

We are running a first collaborative session on 16 July 2019 in London – bringing a small group of natural scientists and the Wombles team together. You will be supported and trained by us (Kris and Lucy). We have expertise of bringing scientists and writers together to co-create great stories. In our experience, scientists have amazing stories to tell about the natural environment (even some you might not be aware of!) and creatives are experts in telling these stories. The best creative collaborations happen when those come together in ways that respect the contributions and expertise of each.

The session on 16 July will take place in central London (place TBC – near Holborn).
• 2pm-5.30pm: you will work with a small group of natural and environmental scientists to explore what is interesting about your experience from a creative, story perspective, and to explore the concept of “storytelling for action”.
• 6pm-7.30pm: collaborative session with the Wombles creative team, to share your experiences with them in fun and creative ways.

How to apply
Places are limited so if you’d like to attend please email with subject line WOMBLES [your name] and 5-10 lines describing your area of expertise, and what you are passionate about when it comes to the natural environment. If you need to come from outside London, please let us know – we have a small travel budget available.

If you want to get involved later…
The session on 16 July is a pilot session, and we will run further sessions in the autumn. If you want to be involved at a later date, please drop us a line. Beyond the creative collaborations, there will also be opportunities to become involved in developing educational materials for schools.

Benefits for you
A fun afternoon; a unique experience of public engagement and science communication; an opportunity to create impact for your research and make a difference for your area of environmental expertise.

On the day, you’ll be supported by KCL neuroscientist and science communicator Kris De Meyer and by creative facilitator Lucy Hubble-Rose. If you have any questions, please email

Deadline: July 16, 2019

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