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Joanna Tindall (Cohort 4) is currently involved in organising a field meeting as part of the micropalaeontology society’s ostracod group. This group will be looking at palaeo and modern lake systems with a variety of content led by Dave Horne from QMUL.

Although the trip is mostly intended for TMS members, this may be of interest to a few people and as there is availability they are very welcoming of new faces.

OG field meeting in Essex 6-8 September 2019.

Provisional itinerary.:

Assemble on the Friday evening (6th) or join at first locality on Saturday morning (7th).

Saturday 7th, morning: Marks Tey clay pit, Pleistocene (MIS11) lake site with exposures of post-interglacial sediments containing abundant freshwater ostracods (the Hoxnian interglacial sequence is below the floor of the pit and can be accessed only by coring). An excellent opportunity to learn at first hand about the fascinating record of late MIS11 environmental and climate change witnessed by the ostracod assemblages – currently being written up by Anna March in her PhD thesis.

Saturday 7th, afternoon: Little Cornard, another (MIS11 lacustrine site with a fascinating ostracod fauna only recently discovered and currently being investigated by Andrew Snelling, Dave Horne, Kadri Sohar and others; calcareous (tufaceous?) sediments yield freshwater ostracod assemblages that are rather different from those at Marks Tey.

Sunday 8th, morning: Stutton, a river cliff exposure of Pleistocene (MIS7) river sediments with an as-yet unpublished ostracod fauna discovered by Alan Lord and currently under investigation.

Sunday 8th, early afternoon: Tollesbury, a salt marsh site with opportunities to collect living marine/brackish water ostracods; the enigmatic Terrestricythere has been found here. The field weekend will finish here in good time for homeward journeys.

Please email Joanna ( in the first instance and let her know if you are currently a TMS Member and how you heard about the field meeting. If you would like to become a member; student membership is £20; full membership is £35 and both are available at

Deadline: September 6, 2019

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