Royal Society Writing and Media Training Courses

The 2019 dates for writing and media skills training at the Royal Society have now been released.

Communicating scientific research to non-specialist audiences is crucial for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Presenting work effectively to the public, to a political audience or even to academics working in alternative disciplines, can be challenging and is typically outside the remit of many researchers.

We offer the following three courses:

Writing about your research
This one-day course is ideal for scientists who need to convey their research to non-specialist audiences through print or online writing. This may be blog posts, news and magazine articles, press releases or social media content. The course is convened by SciConnect, and led by trainers who collectively hold experience reporting and editing for publications such as New Scientist and Nature. Next course date: 6 February 2019

Media skills training
This one-day course prepares scientists for broadcast media interviews, as well as teaching how to interrogate scientific work to develop media worthy stories. Participants will practice on-camera and radio interviews, meet with a voice coach, and learn communication techniques first hand from Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, space scientist and presenter of the BBC’s ‘Sky at Night’. Next course date: 13 February 2019

Residential communication and media skills
This two-day residential course is designed to equip scientists with the skills to engage audiences through both written and broadcast media. The first day focuses on writing skill and the second will cover broadcast interview skills, both radio and TV. The course is developed specifically for scientists and is convened by SciConnect. Next course date: 4–5 May 2019

Interested participants can register here:

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