Conservation Ecology Group meetings and events

Here are a few updates from the Conservation Ecology Species Interest Group on upcoming events and other news:

BES Annual Meeting Social: Join us on Monday 17th December from 7:30-8:30pm for our joint social with the Ecological Genetics Group.  Free drinks, nibbles and your chance to win a big prize (that might make you some great new friends!).  Venue TBC but it’ll be a short skip from the seminar rooms in the same building.

Presenting at the Annual Meeting?: If you are and would like a bit of free advertising, pop the details of your presentation/poster in this Google Sheet before 12th December and we’ll post alerts on Twitter and Facebook.

Brexit Event: Who knows what’s going to happen on this front, but there’s no question that the UK’s environment will remain. We’re putting on this event to help decode what Brexit could mean for those just embarking on their careers in conservation ecology. Dame Georgina Mace (UCL) and Prof Charlotte Burns (University of Sheffield) will be coming along to help us understand what the future might look like for our natural environment and equip us with the knowledge to take on the challenge of managing it. Come along to our event: Brexit & early-career ecologists: the risks, opportunities & what we can do on Wednesday 20th February, at Charles Darwin House in London.  Tickets are £15 and available on the Eventbrite page, where there are also more details.

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