Visiting experts wanted for CSC Summer event programme on ‘Biodiversity’

The Cambridge Science Centre if looking for presenters to be a Visiting Expert with us this Summer. We are in the process of organising our Summer programme of visiting experts to present talks and/or activities alongside our exhibition Lifeworks! The theme for our summer holiday programme is the ‘Biodiversity’, which we’re interpreting broadly as the weird and wonderful wildlife near and far, and factors that affect them. The theme will be running over a period of 6 weeks, starting from Tuesday 24th July.

Volunteering as a visiting expert can be very rewarding, and is a great way to practise presentation skills to varied audiences, as well as being a good promotional tool. While our general audiences may range from ages 3 to 83, we suggest that any presentation should be aimed at a range of about 5-10 years of age.

If you are interested please contact Jess Bartlet (jessbartlet@CAMBRIDGESCIENCECENTRE.ORG).

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