Seismic and Geophysical Study of the Dynamics of the Reunion Plume and its Plume-Ridge Interaction

Theme: Solid Earth Dynamics
Primary Supervisor:

Jason Morgan

Earth Sciences, RHUL

Project Description:

This project will help to start work on an amazing seismological and marine geophysical dataset from a 2-year amphibious seismic deployment recovered in Oct-Nov 2013, the RHUM-RUM experiment. We will combine seismic and other geophysical analysis of the upper mantle beneath the area of the RHUM-RUM experiment with 3-D geodynamic modelling of the dynamics of plume-asthenosphere-ridge interactions in this area using codetools recently developed by Morgan.

This project will be closely-linked with the work of other researchers and students on other sub-projects of the RHUM-RUM experiment, in particular at Oxford (Karin Sigloch, co-PI of the RHUM-RUM experiment), IPGP-Paris (Jerome Dyment and Christine Deplus), and Reunion (Guilhem Barruol, co-PI).

We plan for all researchers to actively interact during the team’s exploration of this rich dataset. Analysis of this novel dataset is likely to lead to a major advance in our study of mantle plumes, and their role in mantle convection.

Policy Impact of Research:

This work may lead to significant new insights into the dynamics of mantle plumes and their interaction with the lithosphere and mid-ocean ridges.

It is the second dataset of its kind (after the Hawaiian PLUME experiment), and has the potential for much better resolution.

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