The structure, dynamics and composition of the Earth’s core

This project is available from the academic year 2020/21 onwards.

Theme: Solid Earth Dynamics

Primary Supervisor:

Lidunka Vočadlo

Earth Sciences, UCL

Lidunka Vočadlo's Profile Picture

Secondary Supervisor:

Ian Wood

Earth Sciences, UCL

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Project Description:

A fundamental requirement of modelling the Earth’s core is that results from computer simulations and experimental studies of material properties should match the available seismic data. Yet results from many experiments and simulations show that there is a mismatch between mineral physics data and the seismological observations.

If we are to understand the dynamics and evolution of the Earth as a whole, we must be able to determine accurately the properties of core phases under extreme pressure/temperature conditions. In this PhD project, the student will determine the physical properties of core-forming phases with a view to better understanding the structure, dynamics and evolution of the Earth’s core.

Policy Impact of Research:

A better understanding of the evolution of our planet

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