Accurate computed transition intensities for isotopically substituted CO2 molecules

Theme: Environmental Pollution

Primary Supervisor:

Jonathan Tennyson

Physics and Astronomy, UCL

Project Description:

Accurate computed transition intensities for isotopically substituted CO2 molecules. Monitoring of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations by a variety of satellite and ground-based remote sensing experiments relies heavily on the availability of high accuracy spectroscopic data. We have recently developed a first principles quantum mechanical model which allowed us compute the intensity of CO2 transitions with unprecedented accuracy.

The studentship will work on extending this model to isotopically substituted CO2 where the laboratory data is of considerably poorer quality and considerably less complete. Isotopologues of CO2 are important for monitoring a variety of processes and sources of CO2 such identifying the geographical location of particular sources of CO2.

Policy Impact of Research:

The results of this project will be included the HITRAN database used by scientists for climate changing modelling and environmental monitoring.

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