Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves

Theme: Natural & Biological Hazards

Primary Supervisor:

Edward Johnson

Mathematics, UCL

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Secondary Supervisor:

Ian Eames

Mechanical Engineering, UCL

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Additional Supervisor(s):

Project Description:

The tremendous devastation caused by flood waves, storm surges and tsunamis can to a great extent be ascribed to the large volume of moving water associated with the waves. The waves are long and of finite amplitude.

This project will use modern theoretical analysis of weakly nonlinear equations and numerical integration of time-dependent finite amplitude equations to discuss these phenomena and relate them to experimental observations. Particular attention will be paid to evaluating and predicting the large transient forces exerted on structures during wave impact, where the effects of super-long waves does not seem to have been fully discussed.

The project will take advantage of the large-scale tsunami experiments to be carried as part of the 1.9M Euro ERC-funded Urban Waves project under Prof. Tiziana Rossetto, Department of Civil Engineering at UCL, who will accommodate specific tsunami experiments required to validate the theoretical work proposed.

Policy Impact of Research:

Exposure to coastal floods across the world is forecast to be 150 million people and £20 trillion in assets by 2070.

This research will provide guidance on forces on coastal structures precisely when there is worldwide development of building standards for extreme wave impacts (Stilwell 2009).

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