Tracing the Mediterranean Outflow Water around Iberia since the Miocene: oceanographic, sedimentary & climatic implications

Theme: Past Life & Environments

Primary Supervisor:

Francisco J Hernandez Molina

Department of Earth Sciences, RHUL

Francisco J Hernandez Molina's Profile Picture
Additional Supervisor(s):

Project Description:

The role that deep ocean circulation plays in the sedimentary evolution of continental margins remains poorly understood. To contribute to fill this gap here is proposed to study the depositional and erosional features generated by the Mediterranean Outflow Water – MOW – around the slope of Iberia in the North Atlantic, one of most interesting water masses in one of the best well suited area to the research of this topic.

This objective also addresses the topic of particular significance in the architecture and evolution of the margins, that is to recognize the poorly known interaction between the along-slope processes (contourites) with downslope processes (turbidity flows, debris flows, etc.). The work would be executed by a novel multidisciplinary approach that combines oceanographic, morphosedimentary, Late Miocene and Plio-Quaternary stratigraphy and recent tectonic studies.

Policy Impact of Research:

A broad interest to geologists, climatologists, oceanographers and petroleum geologists.

Research in the framework of the MOWER Project and IODP Expedition 339, in collaboration with other institutions from UK, Spain, Portugal & Belgium. Short stay at CSIC (Barcelona) would be expected.

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