Interdisciplinary studies of seasonal fluxes of nitrous oxide and methane in treated forest soils

Theme: Environmental Pollution

Primary Supervisor:

Kevin Clemitshaw

Department of Earth Sciences, RHUL

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Additional Supervisor(s):

Project Description:

The UK Government is committed to increasing forest woodland cover to mitigate against climate and environmental change, and provide economic and social benefits. However, N-deposition from air pollution is increasing, as is the need to utilise wood-ash produced from wood fuel combustion.

Wood-ash has potential as a fertiliser in forest systems: the Ca content raises soil pH, increases microbial activity and the potential mineralisation of N, which may alter fluxes of N2O and CH4. However, the interactions and impacts of these parameters on forest soil fluxes of N2O and CH4 are neither well understood nor quantified.

This project seeks to address this through field manipulation studies in randomised forest soil plots with different applications of N-deposition and wood-ash. Field studies will be repeated throughout the year to account for full seasonal variations; interpretation of results will be supported by laboratory work and numerical modelling simulations using LandscapeDNDC.

Policy Impact of Research:

Improved understanding of climate change and air pollution science and woodland/forest ecosystem management. Benefits to sustainable forestry through mitigation of environmental impacts of N-deposition and utilisation of wood-ash from wood fuel energy combustion.

CASE Partner:

Forest Research

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