DTP Student writes POST Brief on Environment Crime

DTP student Daniella Rabaiotti co-authored a POST Briefing on Environment Crime as part of her RCUK Policy Internship with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

Environmental Crime

Environmental crime is generally used to describe any illegal activity that harms the environment. It can also have serious human health and social impacts. This POSTnote outlines the different types of environmental crime and options for tackling them.

Key points in this POSTnote include:

  • Environmental crime undermines the ability of governments to manage their resources.
  • The two main crime types in Europe are waste and wildlife crime, which are high profit and low risk for criminals.
  • Measures to address environmental crime are under resourced in comparison to other types of crimes worldwide.
  • Preventing and prosecuting environmental crimes can be challenging because of difficulties in detection, law enforcement, and prosecution.
  • It is currently unclear whether the UK will transpose relevant EU legislation into UK law after Brexit, or simply become a signatory of the related international treaties.

Read the Full POST brief here

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