Onshore-offshore Quaternary glacial processes and correlations: Dudgeon offshore windfarm zone, Southern North Sea

Theme: Past Life & Environments

Primary Supervisor:

Bethan Davies

Department of Geography, RHUL

Bethan Davies's Profile Picture
Additional Supervisor(s):

Project Description:

The North Sea Basin has been inundated repeatedly by ice sheets from Britain and Scandinavia during the Quaternary. However, our knowledge of the dynamics of these glaciations remains poor. Understanding the rates and mechanisms of deglaciation within the North Sea Basin could provide valuable analogue data that could help understand the likely future behaviour of the West Antarctic ice Sheet.

The Dudgeon Windfarm, situated to the north of Norfolk, offers an exceptional opportunity to examine the glacigenic sequences and landforms produced during the collapse of both the Elsterian and Late Weichselian ice sheets. The project will employ a range of techniques to characterise the geological properties of the superficial sediments / uppermost bedrock and their spatial variability, allowing the reconstruction of the palaeoenvironmental and genetic evolution of the sequence, and highlight ground conditions related to formerly glaciated terrains relevant to offshore construction.

Policy Impact of Research:

Highlight ground conditions related to offshore construction

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