South East Rivers Trust

The South East Rivers Trust (SERT) is an environmental charity dedicated to achieving healthy river ecosystems across the South East of England.

Our Mission is to deliver outstanding river ecosystem enhancement through science-based action, collaboration, education and engagement. We achieve this through:
• Engaging communities and stakeholders with rivers and their catchments;
• Educating children and adults about the value of a healthy river, what it looks like and how to achieve it;
• Enhancing river ecosystems through high-quality delivery taking an Ecosystem Approach; and
• Effective partnership and facilitation with stakeholders that influence the health of rivers across the SERT area, facilitating the achievement of our common goals.

We are one of over 50 rivers trusts across the country. The rivers trust movement is described as having ‘wet feet’ because it concentrates on practical improvement works on the ground. The movement employs a wide range of technical and scientific experts who share knowledge to deliver river and catchment restoration that really works.

At SERT, we design and deliver our own river and catchment enhancement work, based on sound science and best practice, and we monitor it, often using innovative techniques, to ensure that it has delivered the right outcomes. We involve the local community and stakeholders wherever we can, to empower them to better understand their river, take ownership of it and facilitate its long term stewardship. We work closely with government departments, e.g. the Environment Agency, water companies, other Non-Governmental Organisations, businesses, local communities and a variety of universities.

Research Areas / Subjects of Interest:

River enhancement and restoration
Catchment management
Natural Flood Management
Green infrastructure
Natural capital
Aquatic biodiversity
Invasive non-native species management
Urban runoff and river pollution
Agricultural management to prevent pollution of waterbodies
Aquatic resource management
Landscape ecology
Stakeholder engagement and partnership working
Environmental education
Volunteer involvement


Please contact Bella Davies for more information.

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