Sally Faulkner tweets for Biotweeps

DTP Student Sally Faulkner volunteered for Biotweeps this week, sharing her expertise on conservation, geographic profiling and statistics. Biotweeps is a Twitter account, blog and Facebook page which features a different biologist every week. You can read more about Sally’s research on the Biotweeps blog.



“I am now a computer scientist and people send me data that they have collected whilst avoiding near death experiences in dangerous places. I use a method called geographic profiling. It is a technique commonly used in criminology to locate serial killers, arsonists and rapists. We are applying this technique to biological data sets – sources of invasive species, disease outbreaks, animal roosts (for example: small, elusive nocturnal primates) to name a few. It has also been used to locate and identify Banksy from the location of his art.”

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