Gera Troisi

Dr Gera Troisi

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, Brunel University London

Research Interests:

I am an ecotoxicologist and analytical chemist mainly researching impacts of environmental pollutants on aquatic wildlife (otters, cetaceans, seals, sea birds) and aquaculture research. I use chemical analysis and biomarkers (sex hormones, detoxification enzymes, proteins) in projects to monitor populations exposed to pollutants in the wild. These studies are supported by in vitro studies of toxic mechanisms (e.g. endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity) as these effects hamper recovery of wild populations impacted by epizootics, oil spills, over-fishing, climate change, habitat destruction. My projects involve field and lab work and working with live animals in collaborations with the RSPCA wildlife centers.

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