DTP Students Present at UCL GEE Symposium

First year DTP students Chris Doble, Sam Finnegan and Filipa Sampaio will be presenting talks on their PhD projects at the UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment’s 2016 Post-Graduate Symposium today. Chris will be explaining his project on the impact of anthropogenic disturbance on Lake Tanganyika’s benthic communities, Sam Finnegan will introduce his PhD plans to study sexual selection and meiotic drive in the Malaysian stalk-eyed fly, and Filipa will discuss her project on burrowing snake evolution.

Second year DTP students Tatsiana Barychka, Daniel Bayley, Anthony Dancer, Thomas Evans, Lisa Mogensen, Daniella Rabaiotti, Gemma Taylor and Fiona Spooner will also be presenting posters on their research.

UPDATE: Sam Finnegan won Best First Year Talk, and Daniella Rabaiotti won joint First Prize for her student poster.

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