Measurements of vehicle emissions in London

Theme: Environmental Pollution
Primary Supervisor:

David Green

Analytical and Environmental Sciences, KCL

Secondary Supervisor:

Steven Smith

Earth Sciences, RHUL

Project Description:

Vehicle exhaust pollution has had substantial press coverage recently as a result of the VW on road emission tests. However, non-exhaust emissions such as brake, tyre, road wear and resuspension contribute around 40% to the near road emissions of particles in central London and, as exhaust emissions are abated, these sources will become more important for both environmental policy development and human health impact. A newly purchased high time resolution x-ray fluorescence analyser allows a unique opportunity to investigate this source in the field. It will be combined with other state-of-the art high time resolution measurements in both mobile and fixed sites to provide an assessment of the chemical composition of PM close to roads as well as at other locations.

It is an exciting opportunity to undertake detailed field and laboratory evaluation studies using these new and emerging technologies which will form the basis of the atmospheric research networks of the future as well as the state of the art mineral analysis laboratories at Royal Holloway. Training will be provided in field and laboratory techniques at King”s and Royal Holloway as well as through programmes organised for PhD researchers on a European scale.

Policy Impact of Research:

Non-exhaust emissions are currently uncontrolled and poorly quantified; this project has the potential to develop new assessment techniques to better quantify these and other sources. Through close working relationships with local, regional and national government on regulatory and research networks, King’s is uniquely placed to help develop policies to reduce the magnitude of these sources.

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