Welcome to the London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership

The London NERC DTP is now OPEN for applications to join the programme in September 2022.

The deadline for applications is 4pm on Monday 10th January 2022.

There will be an opportunity for you to learn about some of our current students’ research together with a webinar about the DTP and the application process. Details will be posted on the London NERC DTP website shortly.

We understand that COVID-19 may be having significant impacts on the progress of our PhD students. Our DTP and NERC are working hard to minimise any detrimental effects. We are in regular contact with our students to provide the latest news and advice. Students and supervisors are free to contact the DTP team for further support.

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Megan McGrory’s article published in Journal of Physical Chemistry

DTP student, Megan McGrory’s (Cohort 4) journal article about her research on the refractive index of polystyrene beads as a function of temperature was published, open access, this year in Environmental Pollution (2020). Megan demonstrated a new contact-less technique for determining the refractive index of solid aerosol particles as a function of wavelength and temperature… Read More ›

Blog »

Bad habits of protected areas

Do we ever really think outside the box? Humans love to compartmentalise; for some reason, we feel happier when everything fits neatly into boxes that we can easily label, sort, and monitor if needs be. It happens in all aspects of life, from moral perceptions of what is right and wrong, who we get along with and who we don’t, and even aesthetics of what is beautiful and what is ugly.

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