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PhD Training in the Natural Sciences

The London NERC DTP has funded over 170 PhD students in the natural sciences.

Our aim is to attain new standards of excellence in environmental science research training, and deliver a transformative inter-disciplinary experience for PhD students in the heart of London.

Our students are trained at 8 of the World-leading research centres, which cover a huge range of environmental science research, from those driven by contemporary environmental challenges to those exploring complex questions about the evolution of planet Earth.

Please view the themes and associated PhD projects. If you are interested in applying please click here.

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Would you be able to spot the natural warning signs of an approaching tsunami?

‘Tsunami’ is a Japanese word that translates to ‘harbour wave’. Sounds pleasant enough, but unfortunately this name doesn’t emphasise the destructive potential of these hazards. When most people think of tsunamis, they picture a wall of water crashing into a coastline. So why is it that in some cases the water is seen to recede to an extensive distance before surging back onto the shore? This phenomenon is known as the Initial Withdrawal of the Ocean (IWO). Confusingly, this spectacle doesn’t take place during all tsunami events and can even occur in certain areas but not others during the same event!

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