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Tom Mitchell  /  UCL
Structural controls on fluid pathways and alteration in the seismic cycle of economic deposits
Amy Donovan  /  KCL
Spatialising the interactions between people, animals, volcanic hazard and local perceptions and res...
Seirian Sumner  /  UCL
The evolution and mechanisms of post-reproductive lifespan in the Panamanian paper wasp Polistes can...
John Ewen  /  IOZ
Conservation planning for the recovery of the critically endangered Australian Regent honey eater
Dr. George Adamson  /  KCL
Ground-truthing the assumptions of climate change impacts on small island states by cross-referencin...
Danielle Schreve  /  RHUL
The Late Pleistocene Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus, Linnaeus, 1758) of Britain and Western Europe: Pas...
Stephen Rossiter  /  QMUL
Investigating the Efficacy of Riparian Reserves for Maintaining Invertebrate Biodiversity in a Fragm...
Susan Jobling  /  Brunel
Persistent Organic Pollutants: assessing the threat to cetaceans

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