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Dr. Adrian Palmer  /  RHUL
Using annually-resolved records to assess how the Baltic Ice Lake influences North Atlantic climate ...
Julia Day  /  UCL
Anthropogenic impacts on African tropical lake benthic communities
Andrew Hirst  /  QMUL
A mechanistic approach to understanding phenology and spatial redistribution of marine organisms
Tim Blackburn  /  UCL
Space Invaders: Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Alien Species
Steve LeComber  /  QMUL
Integrating GIS approaches with Geographic Profiling as a novel conservation tool
Yannick Wurm  /  QMUL
One or multiple queens? The genetic architectures underlying convergent evolution of a fundamental s...
Andrew Pomiankowski  /  UCL
Sexual selection as a defence against meiotic drive in stalk-eyed flies
Professor Andrew Cunningham  /  IOZ
Avian malaria in the Galápagos archipelago: Vector competence, abundance, distribution and feeding p...
Ibrahim Abubakar  /  UCL
Modelling the current and future global burden of vector-borne diseases
Peter Jones  /  UCL
Protecting the ocean's meadows; increasing the protection of seagrass habitats through diversif...
Paul Upchurch  /  UCL
A multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of crocodylian phylogeny, diversity and biogeographic ...
Rob Francis  /  KCL
Mapping the role of green infrastructure in scenarios of hydrological ecosystem service provision to...

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